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  1. Is there no way that I can object to it? I notice a "Set Aside Applications entered electronically" at the bottom of the MCOL page (although I can't see how one is entered on the site).
  2. I get the feeling that I'm sunk on this one then - ho hum.
  3. Checking on MCOL there's now a new entry - DQ sent to you on 09/09/2021 DQ filed by claimant on 09/09/2021 Both of which are way after the 33 day limit.
  4. So should I hold fire and wait for that, or is there something that should be looking into? I have to say, all these various forms/actions/timings are somewhat confusing to the lay person (even having read up the cases on here).
  5. One thing I find a little odd - MCOL lists the acknowledgement being received on the 29th of June and that the defence was received on the 26th of July. I've read that they have 33 days to decide whether to go ahead, which would be something like the 29th of this month - next Monday - is that correct? I only got the stuff back from them yesterday. Sorry about the memory bit! Years ago (despite being ex IT myself) I used to set everything up as printed in filing cabinets - especially as credit agreements were actually signed with a pen on paper! Now with you being able to just "click", it makes the whole thing rather "nebulous" - and trying to remember what I clicked on 3+ years nigh on impossible. I may have to go back to printing everything out...
  6. Yes, I've been reading through them - that's why I asked about mediation (that was one of the examples)
  7. So.... What should I do? Do I go for the mediation?
  8. I've only got the one PDF editor (I normally do everything in DOCX) - I opened it up again and it wouldn't let me undo the changes, so I thought that it was OK - hopefully this one's better. What do you use to redact stuff then? There was a default notice from Vanquis - way back when - they included it in the bumph (I've included a copy). As for signing - I have no memory, but I guess that it must have been online. Original default.pdf
  9. Right - I've received a fairly weighty missive from Overdales... With pages of transactions... Apart from that, there's a missive from Vanquis from when everything went belly up for me... A standard agreement (as you would get if you just enquired about a card) with an overprint at the bottom of the last page with my name printed on it docs1 .pdf
  10. Nope - the email from this morning is the only communication that we've had.
  11. Just had the following land in my email: We've not had any phones ring (so they may have an incorrect number for us) - it's taken them almost a month just to acknowledge the SAR...
  12. 3 days to go then - what do I do if I don't hear anything?
  13. OK, so - the CAB suggested that I put in one of their standard letters demanding that they adjust my bill as, by OFGEM's rules, they can't bill for anything older than a year (to stop exactly this - estimated bill piling up a huge outstanding balance). So far I've not heard a peep from them - not even an acknowledgement that they've received either of the letters. Do I go to OFGEM now?
  14. Ah, OK - I've only received the acknowledgement of the defence this morning (posted on the 26th).
  15. Well, I don't know what's happening - I've been checking MCOL daily - the last thing on it is my defence. It seems like nothing's happened at all.
  16. Well, the SAR is off - signed for etc. Interestingly I haven't had a new bill, as yet, but my account balance has suddenly jumped to £2,300....
  17. I did it on their web site - I got an estimated bill - they'd ignored the reading. Their own people came out and read it - I got an estimated bill - they'd ignored the reading. I rang them and got the operator to update the reading (three times!) - I got an estimated bill - not only had they ignored the reading, they reset it to an estimated value! The last time they set it to a much lower figure that I never gave them, but shows on the bill as the current reading!
  18. I either have someone knock on the door or a get a letter asking me to submit a reading - which I do through their web site (so I am signed up). The problem is that they've been ignoring the reading and coming out with an estimate!
  19. I'm actually thinking of going through to the ombudsman about this - is that the way to go?
  20. OK, bit of an odd one here - and I'm at my wits end, frankly. We have a standard meter - once in a while someone comes round to read it - other times they ask me for a reading, which I supply. Oddly, though, whenever a bill arrived, the reading was always "estimated". The last time I received a request for a reading, back in June, I submitted the new reading - I was then contacted by the meter reading company who said that the reading was outside of the expected range - could I please take a photograph of the meter just to make sure. I took the photo and sent it to them to confirm that my reading was correct, which they confirmed and said that they'd submit to SSE. The bill comes through and, guess what? Yup - it's estimated! At this point I start to think that something's not right and compare the estimated reading (80822) against the reading that I'd taken (92676) - a difference of 11,854! Now I'm thinking "wow - that could be a couple of hundred quid that I owe them" and attempt to work out what the difference is - based on 17.93p per kWh, that's an outstanding amount of £2,125.42! What the hell?? Anyhow - on the 1st of July I contact them and tell them that I already submitted a reading - and what's this estimated 80822 reading about?? They apologise and take a new reading from me (92808) and assure me that it has now been recorded. A few days go by and I get another email saying that my bill is now ready - I go and have a look at it - yup, you guessed it, it's estimated! So, on the 16th of July, I call them again - I'm now starting to get a bit wound up by this - why are they doing this? Is it because it's likely that they'd have to write off the extra? I tell the person on the phone that I have already submitted two readings - neither of which are anywhere near what's on the bill and both of which have been ignored. The operator is, once again, extremely apologetic and asks me to give her another reading (92972 this time) and that an amended bill will be produced within the next 3 to 5 working days. On Friday 23rd I receive an email saying that my new bill is ready... This time it says that the bill is based on the reading that I gave them! But the reading is 81656! I've *NEVER* given them that number! They're closed over the weekend so, first thing this morning I'm on the phone to them - they tell me that I phoned in that reading on the 22nd (I didn't) plus, even if I had, the new bill takes 3 to 5 working days - this one came out the next damn day! Someone there has just entered some random number and said that it's the reading that I gave them! What do I do? There's no way in hell that I can afford to pay £2,000+ extra - and, I may add, doesn't entering random numbers as readings count as some sort of fraud?
  21. Thanks Andy - where would I find a example of PAP non-compliance? Ignore - just seen that you did it!
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