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  1. Right - a little bit of background... My partner's son used to live with her (obviously) about eight years ago, went on holiday to Spain taking his mobile phone with him - he never used his phone (because he knew how expensive it would be) but was horrified to discover that data roaming charges had given him a massive bill (so you can see how old the debt is!). Being a bloody minded type, he decided that he wasn't going to pay (not something that either my partner or myself agreed with - but he was adamant that "if they think that they can charge that amount
  2. I've seen a few firms that will take on the debt collection for a percentage of the bill - we get less, but the stress is less too! I've not researched the firms, mind you - I'll do that over the next couple of days.
  3. I was thinking of handing it over to debt collection, actually - I know that there's a cost...
  4. All we've done is used a template to give him 14 days to pay the insurance bill - as soon as I get a reply, I'll post it up.
  5. Initial payments have already come in - we wouldn't have started otherwise. There's about £3,500 outstanding. The £800 was verbally agreed initially, but later correspondence from the customer shows that he's accepted the £800 for the extra work.
  6. The buildings insurance is through the building management company - if he were only a tenant of the leaseholder, then we would have been talking to the leaseholder.
  7. There's the initial insurance job - £8,284.88 - that was the original quote. A further £1,500 was added to the insurance claim to rebuild a wall - so the total would be £9,784.88. As I said - it's leasehold! He's the leaseholder...
  8. Initial estimate was £8,284.88 - another £1,500 was added on when we found that a wall needed to be rebuilt - the extras were agreed verbally, but I have a couple of emails where he has said that the extras were £800. From the insurance company's point of view, it's nothing to do with them - they just supplied the money to get the work done - after that it's down to the customer.
  9. Oh - and now he's threatening to get some other firm in to complete the snagging - and any amount over what they have had from the insurance company will be down to us.... Knowing this chap, he'll put a quote in for £10,000 to replace a chipped tile...
  10. OK - in a nutshell... Customer has a leak in the wall behind the shower in their en-suite bathroom which has leaked into another bedroom and they claim on their buildings insurance. We go in and inspect and quote for the repairs - this quote is forwarded, by the customer, to the insurance company who authorise them to go ahead with that quote. When we arrive, the customer says that they want the rest of the bathroom tiled to match - we agree and quote £800.00 for the extra tiling. The design for the tiling is varied, by the customer, to include two vertical mos
  11. I have never had to use CAG for this before, and I'm not sure if you can help as I am the creditor not the Debtor. I have been in the building and maintenance industry for many years now, and never had a customer not pay. yes I've had the odd one who asked if they could pay at the end of the month as they were a bit short of cash and I have always given them the time and in some cases knocked some money off the bill (mostly elderly or low income families) . At the moment I have a problem with a customer and I am hoping for a bit of advice on the right way to move forwa
  12. I looked at their site - seems that you have to put the pension company name in (as far as I can see).
  13. Nope - it was an "opt out" pension - I didn't actually see anything myself apart from statements once in a while - but these would have gone to my mum's address and, it seems, she didn't bother to keep them.
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