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  1. We had an overdraft with TSB and keept going over it by small and they would charge £90, which would cause us to go over the overdraft again and get more charges and it just all got out of control, they currently stat that we owe them £609 on an over draft, this is all bank charges through. I have sent them about 6 letters about this, 2 threating court action which they gave me a standard reply back to about waiting the outcome of a case and the rest just ignored, telling them that we where waiting for the outcome of this case, they shouldn't keep adding £215 a month in charges, etc...but the
  2. Hi, my girlfriend took out a loan for £2,000 before we where going out about 2 years a go now. They would not give her the loan unless she took out insurance at a cost of £500!!! and Her orginal payments where £65 a month which she struggled to keep up with as she is on a low income. So she went in for a chat with the bank manager and they agreed she could only afford £50 a month and told someone would phone her about this...They did and offered her a Manager Loan, but she HAD to pay £85 a month they would not take anything less even through they knew she could not afford this. She keept mi
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