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  1. Hi there We are in exactly the same situation now with GE in that we owe around £900. We have been paying them £60 per month on TOP of our normal monthly payments of £530 - so in total they are getting £590 per MONTH. They are now threatening us with reposession due to the arrears that have built up. We have written them saying that we feel that £60 a month on top of our normal payments is quite sufficient but havent heard anything back from them. This was a week ago. We also asked them to perhaps add the arrears to the end of our contract term which would possibly take a further 15 months to pay off but I doubt they will go with this lol I just think GE are an horrendous company to deal with. They just do not want to help people in situations like this and even though they are getting nearly £600 per month in payments from us they want more! It just seems ludicrous that they are threatening us with action when we havent missed ANY payments throughout this year and they are also getting a further £60 per month to clear the arrears.
  2. They put on their headed notepaper : "Private Investigators, Surveillance Specialists and Genealogical Experts." I presume they word it like this to scare people into contacting them? Using Private Investigators, Surveillance etc? Reading between the lines, Im thinking they have nothing on me and/or their `client` has nothing on me or they wouldnt need `specialist` people to find out more about me?
  3. Morning all Ive just come home and gone through my letters to find one from a company called Tower Investigations Ltd. The letters starts with "We act on behalf of a client and are currently conducting an investigation in order to establish/verify information held." Now, Ive had a quick read at some of the other postings on this forum regarding this company but Im getting mixed messages. Are they simply a DCA trying it on with statute barred debts and/or unenforcable debts? Do I just ignore the letter, file it away and see what else comes? Ive been racking my brain to try and understand what they would be chasing me for as the debts I do have are all being paid as per agreements with the companies I owe money to! Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Basically, we were in arrears prior to 2011. We where then told by CiTi that Wragge and Co where being appointed to collect the arrears. We agreed on a monthly fee and stuck to that until around June/July when all the arrears where paid off. We have stayed on top of monthly payments since and today we get TWO letters dated January and June! BUT, we have had letters from CiTI even when we where dealing with Wragge and when we try to speak to someone at CiTi to ask what they are playing at they just say they cannot enter into discussions with us and we must speak to Wragge When we speak to Wragge (today as an example) we are told as far as they are aware we are NOT in arrears! So what exactly is going on and why cant CiTi be big enough to speak to us directly? My wife lost the plot with them (CiTi) today and swore at one of their muppets before slamming the phone down
  5. Morning all, its been a while since I last posted on here .. Im hoping some of you can help. Today Ive received TWO letter (Arrears Notices) from Citi Financial. One dated 31/1/11 and the other dated 30/6/11 !! Both showing arrears of over £1k. Also, this isnt the first time this year they have done this. Anyway, Ive cleared all arrears after dealing with Wragge & Co (in fact the last payment was made in July) and Ive even had a letter off Wragge confirming all arrears are now paid. But my question is this : If CiTi are sending out arrears notices dated so long ago, what does it say of their filing/systems? Are their records uptodate? Also, is there anyone I can go through to look into any of this as Im pretty sure CiTi have `messed` up my account somewhere along the lines. How can I be sure that what I `think` I owe them is what they `say` I owe them etc etc? It seems their paper work is all over the place. The other thing is, when I phone CiTi all they say is `we cant speak to you. You need to talk to Wragge`?? I had a blazing row with one of their muppets about an hour ago and I said well if you dont want anything to do with me and cant speak to me, close the account, wipe of the 14k I still owe and we are all happy Doubt that will work
  6. Morning all.. Just after some more advice if at all possible. Basically, me and the wife had an account with Halifax around 8 possibly longer years ago. We had an overdraft of £500 which they decided to stop giving us with short notice. I think at the time they hit everyone with over-drafts and asked for the money to be paid back within a week or two. Suffice to say we couldnt afford to pay it back at the time. Fast forwards to present day and Ive now got 1st Credit chasing this debt. I think its become Statute Barred. I havent contacted them yet as I thought Id see what my first steps should be. I was thinking of going down the SAR route to see exactly when or if we made any payments back to Halifax. Something tells me we never made any payments but obviously until I get the info from 1st Credit then its all hearsay. So do I write back to 1st Credit and if so are there any templates available? Perhaps a letter saying I dont acknowledge any such debt etc? Any help would, as always, be gratefully appreciated
  7. Just an update. Logged a complaint with OFT today - no one else as of yet - but 1st Credit have again called my family just before 5.00pm tonight. This time they said they where calling on behalf of 1st Credit , which they didnt do yesterday. My father again told them I dont live there. I have now used an harrassment template letter from here which Im sending out tomorrow. I just dont see what 1st Credit expect to get from contacting family members? My family know what its regarding and Im not ashamed to tell them so if 1st Credit think I will cave in and submit to all their intimidating tactics because they hope I will feel embarressed then they are going to be very disappointed lol
  8. Yep thats what Im now planning Whilst Im back here, they havent discussed what they are phoning about with my family BUT the letters they have sent do contain reference numbers/amounts etc which could easily be read by family if they accidently open them. Isnt this some form of breach under the Data Protection Act or something? Im only guessing here lol
  9. Good afternoon to one and all Just a quick question but where do I stand with 1st Credit and them contacting my mother and father regarding a debt I have with them. The story goes like this : A couple of years back me and my wife took a loan out with CITI Financial. Unforeseen circumstances meant I fell behind on a couple of payments and now they have passed on or sold on the debt to 1st Credit. They originally started to send out letters to my mothers house even though they do have my address on their account. I contacted them via email to tell them where I lived and that in future all corrospondence is to be made to my current address and any other letters or visits or telephone calls to my mothers or any other family member will be taken as harrassment. They started to communicate via email and even though we told them we are dealing with the CAB they still bombarded me with many emails per week. Now they have resorted to again, phoning my mothers house asking for me! What gives? Whilst I will willingly hold my hand up here and admit I do have a debt I dont take kindly to being bullied by these monkeys. Do I have a legitimate complaint I could use against them? As I have said, they DO have the correct details on file regarding where I live so why are they going through my family? If they think I will feel `embarressed` into contacting them via phone they are mistaken! Any help or info/advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for all the replies We have done just that and marked on the envelopes `not known at this address` and reposted them Its been a few days since the last one arrived so hopefully they may have clicked on to the fact that they will get nowhere posting to the wrong address.
  11. They are addressed to my wife but with her mums postal address.
  12. Hi bankfodder - yes I read that this morning and posted on another thread Odydog - that was the first thing we thought but after asking her she said she doesnt have any history at all with Citi (never even heard of them!). We think they have done some credit check, found out where my wife used to live (previous address) and decided to try their luck. No doubt they will start sending to my mums shortly lol
  13. Hi all. Myself and my wife are having some `issues` with First Credit. Basically, 2 weeks ago they started sending out letters to my mother in law regarding a debt we have with Citi Finance. The thing is, my wife hasn't lived at that address for going on 18 years! Also, neither First Credit OR Citi have written to us at OUR home address regarding any debt so why have they started to send them straight to my mother in laws address? We presume it is to embarress us into contacting them which isn't working as my mother in law just puts them to one side and then gives them to us when we visit lol Is this a new or old tactic by DCAs? The other thing is, arent Citi or First Credit supposed to send to us a notice of assignment so we know who we are supposedly paying the debt too? As mentioned on another thread, we dont have a telephone (only the line for broadband) so they cannot touch us that way thank goodness.
  14. Has anyone else read the news story re: Keith Harrison winning his court battle with MBNA/LINK? Here is the link (if Im allowed) : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13199797 I say well done to the guy! This story does hammer home the importance of NOT talking to these idiots over the phone and instead communicate only in writing! Oh, and try and get rid of your home phone and use mobiles instead! I only say that because I was hounded a few years back (so was the wife) and we have since got rid of home telephone and just use the line for broadband now. We only use mobiles to contact people nowadays and it works well!
  15. Im glad I decided to fight their claim. It goes to show that if you stick to your guns, take advice from the great people off here, then you CAN win against the bully boy tactics of the DCAs. Not only that, by challenging them you do find stuff out about them that does open your eyes. Things like poorly presented info they have on you, lack of documentation they have on you and other stuff. Id say to anyone who may face threatening letters and telephone calls from DCAs to challenge them and get as much info out of them as possible. Fill in the AQs the courts send out. Play the DCAs at their own game. I honestly didnt have anything to lose and `if` I had gone to court with them I would have had my say and then it would have been up to the judge. Nothing gained, nothing lost in my eyes. Anyway, chuffed about the result and I hope this is now a closed issue with Capquest.
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