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  1. is there any legislation covering the when due issue?
  2. is there a set time for repayment following a judgement, or, if a judgement is issued with no timeframe, is this "open ended"?
  3. also goods were defective, and tfs resused to intervene and arrange vendor to repair
  4. Hi, and thanks for your reply, basically following loads of correspondence, adjournments etc.. a judge granted damages to tfs yesterday upon an unenforceable credit agreement (subject to appeal now, of course) i was litigant in person, and the judge refused to assess the enforceability because my defence (written 18 months ago) didn't detail the enforceability. my witness statement, skeleton argument, and correspondence disclosed however did! i now have to sue the vendor, and consequently the 20k damages awarded yesterday need to be included. the judge refused to adjourn, to allow me to revise my defence. the judge assumed that TFS's appended terms and conditions applied even though no evidence demonstrated that they were associated. the hpa was unenforceable, yet the judge was not willing to revisit such an argument
  5. What happened with all this in the end, i have some big toyota gb, toyota financial services, and dealership issues
  6. what happened in the end, im building a complaint to OFT and FSA regarding TFS,
  7. jamraz

    Ambiguity in h.p.a.

    the transaction also has numerous discrepancies where the amount of credit is more than the balance on my order form, and fails to demonstrate my deposit for which i have receipts.....
  8. jamraz

    Ambiguity in h.p.a.

    have a look at this attachment i have to be careful as i am defending my case in court next week, and you never know who's looking... i have numerous issues with the purchase involved, however, the technicality of small contractual discrepancy may make life much easier in curt! HPA SNAPSHOT.pdf
  9. I have 2 identical clauses in an H.P.A. relating to ending early, they detail what payment is required to be able to settle early, and appropriately the first demonstrates calculated figures. the other, identically termed, details £0 at 1/4 term, £0 at half term, and £0 at 3/4 term. now how would this work, legislation requires fair and understandable terms, however, how would it cover such ambiguity and contradiction?
  10. Another question, have an amount of credit that is contrary to the order form and the receipt (i.e. my deposit has vanished) how does this get remedied in court, its clearly ambiguous, misleading and incomplete, detailing some form of embezzlement, so i assume the jude would have no option but to refund monies paid to date, and agree the contract is terminated (unenforceable) as a consequence?
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