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  1. thank you I just asked them to remove my number from the system I will look at my credit report later not sure what if anything it is in relation too
  2. Hi has anybody heard of a debt collection agengy called Tenron? they have left several messages on my voice mail, I have advised them to stop
  3. Thanks to everybody for their advice I am sending this letter off to this company today should I start it with the following "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company" I am using the CCA template on the site also - I am sure that this debt may be statue barred as I cannot recall any sort of payment in the last six years as I had totally forgotten about the account - I am worried that they "May" use th postal order for payment against the account to start the clock ticking again, do I make the postal order payable to them or just leave it blank? kind Regards
  4. ok, thank you for your help and advice
  5. thanks very much - I have sent them recorded delivery in the past but as long as I get the proof that should be fine shall I fax the letter to them or just rely on post?
  6. I have had dealings with Crapquest in the past - good luck with this
  7. thanks for your help - I've got a few health issues at the moment so could just do without all this at the moment I will do a CCA request to them and get it sent recorded delivery tomorrow any idea on the letter template to use for CCA?
  8. Oh just seen that the default date is 29/11/2010 - it says when I click on the question mark that the" debt has been sold to an organisation that is not a member of our information sharing scheme. We will keep the record in the original lenders name and mark as closed" it gives a start date of 1/1/2011 so presume this is when debt was sold? Not sure what to do for the best to be honest the credit limit on the monument card was 400 so not sure it's nearly doubled :/
  9. What is a dca entry? It went into default 49 - 69 months ago
  10. Yes I used to have a monument card years ago and it did go into default however I stopped hearing from the and I don't recall owing that amount of money - with it saying settled on my credit record I'm very confused What should I do?
  11. and it is not showing up on Noddle at all
  12. thank you for the link to free credit report it is much appreciated
  13. sorry its not equafax but experiean - any how an amount of 754.00 is shown as "satisfield" and was owed to Raphael bank on 1/6/2014 this year however i have no knowledge of this at all this is very strange
  14. thanks for the replies my credit file from equafax is not showing this at all - it is showing it as a settled account?
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