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  1. I will thanks for all your help guys. Lessons learned.
  2. You are right, the PCIex4 its in the desktop, and is supported by my asus maximus formula mb. It's my age its getting to me. I'm going to ask for the money in cash as apposed to a voucher given the trouble I had spending it and the expense of sorting the problem myself.
  3. Acer triton 500, i7 8750H, 16gb ddr4 ram, 512gb NVMe ssd, RTX 2070 q max gpu, 144hz full HD display The description stated the laptop had 2xNVMe 512gb in raid config. In the title it said only 1x512gb What happened was I was docking between 3 different laptopsreading the specs and eventually settled on this one because of storage
  4. I purchased a Sabrent PCIe x4 NVMe 1tb from amazon, i bought it after not being able to spend the voucher on laptops direct and had it in a enclosure. I Fitted it on the laptop yesterday when I realised I screwed up. Its lightning fast on the laptop, i also bought one for my desktop cloned windows from my sata ssd. All working good. So do I just accept the voucher, i think I have no option now.
  5. Now here I am extremely knowledgeable. I have been building/fixing pc's for nearly 20 years now. There are two solid state drive slots on this laptop, no need to copy anything, and you can clone/copy Windows 10 especially with new ssd's Microsoft does not mind so much anymore, usually it does when change major parts like the motherboard but even that can be achieved if your clever enough. And on a laptop installing ssd's depending on the device can be a skilled job many new laptops are no longer designed with little port holes you open and simply slot a new drive/memory in. This laptop required a skilled hand. Much like cars got with small tight engine bays, mobile phones with sealed units and no more removable batteries. I may now longer be a skilled consumer activist like I once was, but I'm a good nurse, an excellent therapist, and I'm the local computer nerd. Once again thank you for all your help and advice.
  6. Thank you for your help guys much appreciated I'll come here next time I have a problem.
  7. It's a gaming laptop, theses can cost a much as £3000 this laptop retails brand new roughly £2000. Yes I did accept the offer of a voucher that was wrong on my part, I guess as you get older the fight for your rights gets weaker. But i did say in following emails I felt I had accepted the offer without understanding what my rights were. 5 years ago I would have used all my rights in full but I've been a bit dumb. Guess I'll have to suck it up. Is there no way I can reverse it and go back to the original problem, I've been on nights working as a nurse and it's been very difficult I've had limited time to complain can i not cite not knowing my rights. I'm gutted. Our perhaps please for a good will gesture.
  8. Just to be clear I tried to use the voucher initlally to purchase a NVMe SSD, the next day when |I tried again the NVMe had gone up in price by thirty pounds, which eventually I had to buy from Amazon for 160 with the ssd enclosure because opening this laptop to put one in although you can do that it's a skilled job and I did not want to void my limited warranty and statutory rights.
  9. 15th May Ordered laptop then Made Laptops direct aware I believed the laptop has the wrong storage quoted in the description after reading the title. 16th May recieved the laptop and conformed this and made an intial complaint 20th May Laptops direct responded to complaint with a standard email and stated 2-5 days to resolve the issue 22nd May I'm really sorry for the issues you've experienced with your order and for any inconvenience you've suffered from this. I would be happy to offer a £40.00 refund or £50.00 voucher if you wish to keep your item. The voucher can be used across all of our brands, which you can view here www.buyitdirect.co.uk, and it doesn’t have an expiry date so you can use it whenever you fancy! This has been mis-advertised on our website so we are unable to supply the correct GB. 24th May received the voucher 27th May attempted to spend the voucher could not enter code on website despite online tutorial which is still on their website despite them saying they do not have discount codes or vouchers. Second complaint raised confirmation of complaint received. 4th June third complaint made for no response, escalated to head of customer service. 9th June, a further £30 voucher given confirmation they do not take vouchers online and this had to be done over the phone or on live chat. 11th June Ordered Drone from drones direct a sister company of Laptops direct, received notification delivery would not be made next day despite being advised next delivery would happen. 12th June Cancelled order advised I would receive full refund £259 into my bank account within 5 days and the voucher would be refunded within 2 days. 23rd June Raised another complaint to James Rigg the director (the website says you can complain directly to him if your not satisfied), I received my refund into my bank but did not receive the refund from my vouchers. 24th June. Received an email from James Rigg's address from the customer relations manager saying they were sorry it was unacceptable for me to have these issues, plaese allow us 2-3 days to speak without accounts team and have the voucher raised again. 24th June. Replied declining the voucher and stated I wish to take further advice as I felt the issue was not being resolved.
  10. LaptopsDirect I sent an email to their customer enquiry desk prior to receiving the laptop then I confirmed that the laptop was mis advertised, I saved a cache version of the webpage, I already knew it was an error because as soon as I saw the error on the website I checked the model number before I received the item. Laptops direct accepted they had mis advertised the item I discussed all this via email and have all my emails including there responses. In the second complaint in in every complaint afterwards I expressed the thought that I had accepted the first offer without thinking and I actually realised how much it was going to cost to get the laptop to the storage I wanted and after reflecting upon it I did not feel this was an appropriate offer.
  11. Sorry missing information. I ordered the laptop on 27th May, After 11 days waiting for the refund of the £80 voucher I found myself making a further complaint and as a result I refused the offer of £80 voucher because they believe the problem was adequately dealt with they said I should allow them a further 2-3 days to process the voucher.
  12. Hi All, I bought a laptop from an online retailer and spent a little over £1600, this was a refurbished laptop but was described as in perfect condition with no obvious faults, the only problem was it did not come with the original extra's manuals ect.. After ordering the laptop I realised that the reason I had bought the laptop (the storage) was different in the title then in the description. To cut a long short in the title of the webpage it described the laptop as having 512gb storage whereas in the description it described the laptop as having 1gb of storage. I raised this with the supplier as the laptop was in transit before it arrived. They emailed me back fairly quickly and later agreed that they had indeed mis advertised the item and offered my £40 in cash or £50 voucher to spend on there site. Foolishly I accepted the voucher hoping to replace the storage and buy a SSD to replace the one that was not as sold. Little did I know these things are not easy to fit into a laptop and I would possible void the limited warranty I had, not to mention that an equivalent SSD with the same spec would have cost me in excess of £100. But I had accepted the offer and soldiered on and accepted that I would have to foot the larger part of the bill to put this right. The rest of the tail becomes a bit drawn out but to make this a little simpler. I was not told I could not spend the voucher online and needed to call a representative to use the voucher despite there being a tutorial on their website showing you how to apply voucher and discount codes, I work nights as a nurse and found it difficult to do this, they failed to respond to this complaint so I complained again and was given the option £20 in cash or a £30 voucher to add to the £50 I already had. I then ordered a drone after 4 weeks I had already ordered the replacement SSD for my laptop as I could not wait to start using the laptop as intended. I ordered it next day delivery and was advised at 11pm that night it would not be delivered, I had to cancel due to being at work for the next 4 days and would be unable to accept delivery, I was refunded the money I paid extra and was advised I would receive an email with the voucher After 4 complaints I don't think I cant take anymore, I have refused to accept the £80 saying I wanted to take further advice. Is there anything I can do about this.
  13. That does not explain why there are no signs whatsoever of depression to the box, there would be some kind of creasing ripple or depression on the box. Furthermore the box has not been dropped, the item is very light and the depression on the outer box could not have been caused by dropping unless this was from a significant height. A scratch from scissors is not going to be a clean cut it is likely to be jagged and ripped effect in my view.
  14. This is the box the item was shipped in https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8mNRX7WfRosSVFJSUZHanVWMUU This is the box that was shipped, see the inconsistency https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8mNRX7WfRosSTR4WGphTVZUTFk
  15. Hi all, I sold a very expensive figurine on eBay and sent the item to the seller very well packed first class next day. Two days later the seller requested a full refund stating the item had been damaged in transit. I requested photos of the damage which showed the packing box (shipper) squashed on one corner, the box inside with the figurine inside appeared to have a cut along the corner running up the side of the box. When I received the item back the damage to the box of the figurine appeared inconsistent with the damage shown to the box that housed the figurine. What I mean bear with me on this, The shipping box was squashed on one corner, however the figurines box had no sign of being squashed and looked like it had been cut. The figurine box was wrapped in bubble wrap at least 5 or 6 times and I am guessing when the buyer tried to remove the bubble wrap say with scissors he has cut the box. Do I have any right to claim the buyer has damaged the item and will eBay see the obvious inconsistency? I have the photos he originally sent as do eBay!
  16. Hi all, Some years ago around 2005 I had two separate debts with CSA one for my son and one for my daughter both owed to the state not the mothers. After a long period of illness I have managed to get myself back on track and my finances are now pretty much resolved. Back in 2005 my daughter and her mother moved abroad to a non e.u country, I then received a letter showing my daughters account as 0.00 on the statement and they then stopped taking money from my benefit for this account. After 6 weeks I realised that my daughter was not on holiday and that they had in fact moved abroad, at this point I thought that because she had moved to another country they were no longer chasing for this debt. In their letter they are saying they did this because they were unable to contact me, but they were sending me letters and taking money from my benefit and still taking money for my sons account. My sons debt continued as normal and I paid this off just a few months ago, however the CSA have sent a letter saying I must now pay £1509, stating I received a letter telling me this debt was simply suspended and that I had to pay it because I was under the CSA rules after 2001(not sure what this meant), I'm pretty sure I was under rules prior to 2001 because both my children were born before 2001 (99. 95). Everything around that time is pretty foggy as I was unwell but I know for sure I never received a letter explaining why the statement showed £0 and it was at the same time as my daughter leaving for another country. What can I do, I'm sure they are trying it on.
  17. Hi All, I recently completed a degree and prior to completion managed to get a job with a large organisation that will remain un-named. I was due to start a taster day 3 months later prior to a enhanced disclosure being completed when I was struck down with a chest infection. A few days later I received a phone call from the said organisations manager stating they would no longer be pursuing my application. The reason given was they felt that there were stronger candidates citing references as a reason for this despite them having these references for as much as 1 month prior to this. In addition I had since turned down another job for which I had a contract ready to sign to take this job in the organisation I longed to work for. So I shook it off and continued to search for another job. I managed to get an interview after much grovelling with the company that originally offered me a contract and was offered a job and as it happens applied for another job with the said organisation in another department. I was offered a job once again by the organisation that turned me down and decided that this time I would wait till I got a contract to sign before making a decision which job I would take. I can do this because by the time my enhanced disclosure and clearance to work arrives it will be January so I still have the option to choose either job. The problem is since being successful in the interview and being offered the job on November 10th I have heard nothing, I have sent an email to human resources on the 19th asking about the outcome and I have called twice before being redirected to the manager of the department who I emailed on Monday but I have still heard nothing. I know my enhanced disclosure is clean as I have one from the other company who have offered me a contract, and I know my references are good because I contacted them first to ask permission and they all stated that they would be giving my a glowing reference. I am certain this relates to them getting a reference from someone that I did not give permmission for them to obtain, this person would not have been fair I believe and although it would not be a bad reference they may cite weaknesses that might stop me from getting the position, either this or it is someone I have worked with before who took as dislike to me or another student who may also not have liked me. These are just theories to be honest because except for one person who I would never have given permission o gain a reference I cannot think who would cause the organisation to completly blank me out. Nor do I expect this from such a profession let alone the organisation. Is there anything I can do about this? Can they just be ignorant after offering me a job twice? Can I ask for a subject access request in order to rule out references as a cause?
  18. Writing letter now, Thanks
  19. I bought a couple of football shirts from Amazon, they were pretty cheap at £14.99 but I thought it must be right its Amazon right! I ordered and received a order confirmation stating the item was not in stock but would be dispatched as soon as they had more stock. I got an email a few days later stating that an error had been made with the pricing and that the items ordered would be cancelled, they went on to say as a gesture they would honour the price of one item and cancel the other. So I thought well at least I get one, since I bought these shirts for my boys I thought I'll go into town and pick one up from another reputable store so my boys are not fighting over who gets the shirt, this cost me £44. Yesterday I got an email saying and I quote "Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order ". So now I am £44 down and I'm going to have to pay a further £44 to get the shirt for my other son. Is there anything I can do here, the item was a third away kit could I not request they supply a another shirt from the same team??
  20. Idon't knowhow much it should be but £600 cannot be right I never borrowed that much.
  21. This is the DWP second letter.
  22. Hi all, I received a letter out of the blue requesting repayment of a social fund loan I thought had been paid off. The debt must date back to before 2003 and it was being taken from my benefit at the time I was ill. I am currently at University and have no income other than a bursary which pays off my bus fares and gives me a small income to use for food whilst on placement. That said my partner is working and we have joint claim for tax credits which I am worried they will try take money from. My partner is refusing to pay towards the debt and I have very little money to offer even though I don't believe the debt is as large as they say it is. What can I do.
  23. What approach would you take, I originally wanted to supply a definition of fit for purpose then raise the point of the charging cradle stating it was not fit for purpose and providing the relevant legislation. Is the sales of goods act more relevant? P.S does that mean you the same problem
  24. Hi all, About 3 weeks ago I pre ordered purchased a brand new Samsung Gear Live watch from Google Play Store. Whilst waiting for the watch to arrive I noticed some of the people that had received the pre release watch at the Google I/0 conference had reported the charging cradle that snaps onto the back of the watch was damaging the plastic on the back of the watch meaning they were no longer able to charge the watch. With this in mind I have tried to be very careful with the watch removing the cradle from the rear of the watch with care. Unfortunately however the watch has succumb to this fault and the charging cradle has broken the plastic on the rear of the watch meaning I am unable to charge the watch. Below is an example of the problem which is well known. http://www.sammobile.com/2014/07/07/samsung-gear-live-charging-mechanism-reportedly-getting-damaged-easily/ I contacted Google play and they have offered me a new replacement watch, after some persuasion, however, I am far from confident that this will not happen again, I asked Google that I would happy to accept a new watch if they could offer a different way of charging that did not require snapping cradle on to the back of e device risking it breaking again. I have requested a full refund, my argument is the charging cradle is not fit for purpose as it breaks the device. Do I have a case in consumer law here?
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