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  1. Didn't get a call form the manager just a call from the lady I spoke with originally agreeing to a full refund. Thanks for your support.
  2. I have been around a while I am just mot the little activist I used to be and allot has changed over the years, companies are not as quick to take responsibility as they used to be. I called them and quoted the consumer act, they seemed willing to refund without further delay but llike I said they have nw lost my item, I wait see what the manager has to say.
  3. Turns out they do not have a record of my return despite me having a receipt a manager is calling me back in the next four hours
  4. Hi All, I am posting this topic on the 6th day of the 3-5 day procedure. I ordered a server for my home to store all my photos, videos ect. On Friday 7th I ordered a NAS server with two 4tb Hard Drives, one refurbished, and one brand new. I put both drives in the NAS and the server came up with a warning saying the brand new drive was failing and should be replaced immediately. I checked online to see if there was a simple solution, put the faulty drive in both server bays to eliminate a faulty socket on the server and established the drive must have been damaged/d
  5. It's nothing like what you posted in the link, I get an error message saying the number is already registered to a main user, I verified the email as soon as I registered and tried to add my number, EE have stated they are aware of the issue and a number of customers are experiencing this and they are working on a fix. But it's been the weeks now.
  6. Hi All, I joined EE on the 13th July and since then I have been unable to set up or even login to my customer account. I have been trying to add my mobile phone number to look at my bills and check my data allowance since I joined and still I am unable to do so. Now I know I have now passed my 14 day cooling off period but I am having serious doubts as they have once again told me it could be another month before this issue is resolved, is there any room to manoeuvre here as I am getting more frustrated that I cannot access my data allowance and I am
  7. I will thanks for all your help guys. Lessons learned.
  8. You are right, the PCIex4 its in the desktop, and is supported by my asus maximus formula mb. It's my age its getting to me. I'm going to ask for the money in cash as apposed to a voucher given the trouble I had spending it and the expense of sorting the problem myself.
  9. Acer triton 500, i7 8750H, 16gb ddr4 ram, 512gb NVMe ssd, RTX 2070 q max gpu, 144hz full HD display The description stated the laptop had 2xNVMe 512gb in raid config. In the title it said only 1x512gb What happened was I was docking between 3 different laptopsreading the specs and eventually settled on this one because of storage
  10. I purchased a Sabrent PCIe x4 NVMe 1tb from amazon, i bought it after not being able to spend the voucher on laptops direct and had it in a enclosure. I Fitted it on the laptop yesterday when I realised I screwed up. Its lightning fast on the laptop, i also bought one for my desktop cloned windows from my sata ssd. All working good. So do I just accept the voucher, i think I have no option now.
  11. Now here I am extremely knowledgeable. I have been building/fixing pc's for nearly 20 years now. There are two solid state drive slots on this laptop, no need to copy anything, and you can clone/copy Windows 10 especially with new ssd's Microsoft does not mind so much anymore, usually it does when change major parts like the motherboard but even that can be achieved if your clever enough. And on a laptop installing ssd's depending on the device can be a skilled job many new laptops are no longer designed with little port holes you open and simply slot a new drive/memory in. This laptop
  12. Thank you for your help guys much appreciated I'll come here next time I have a problem.
  13. It's a gaming laptop, theses can cost a much as £3000 this laptop retails brand new roughly £2000. Yes I did accept the offer of a voucher that was wrong on my part, I guess as you get older the fight for your rights gets weaker. But i did say in following emails I felt I had accepted the offer without understanding what my rights were. 5 years ago I would have used all my rights in full but I've been a bit dumb. Guess I'll have to suck it up. Is there no way I can reverse it and go back to the original problem, I've been on nights working as a nurse and it's been very diff
  14. Just to be clear I tried to use the voucher initlally to purchase a NVMe SSD, the next day when |I tried again the NVMe had gone up in price by thirty pounds, which eventually I had to buy from Amazon for 160 with the ssd enclosure because opening this laptop to put one in although you can do that it's a skilled job and I did not want to void my limited warranty and statutory rights.
  15. 15th May Ordered laptop then Made Laptops direct aware I believed the laptop has the wrong storage quoted in the description after reading the title. 16th May recieved the laptop and conformed this and made an intial complaint 20th May Laptops direct responded to complaint with a standard email and stated 2-5 days to resolve the issue 22nd May I'm really sorry for the issues you've experienced with your order and for any inconvenience you've suffered from this. I would be happy to offer a £40.00 refund or £50.00 voucher if you wish to keep your ite
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