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  1. Thanks Me too the system notes say - S78 sent to recon as no F&RS on the credit agreement I see what you are saying oldrogue plus the extra copy of the financial and related conditions they sent are not the same as the ones send by MBNA. Do I have anything to fear now from any enforcement action?
  2. yes DX it does match the agreement in the SAR. I don't know why they sent two copies, one had some references from link on it written on. hope it all comes through OK
  3. Hi Oleg it is a copy of the application form on one page of A4 with some terms and conditions (I cannot read) on another page. They look like they were on a different part of the original application form. They have sent another page with these terms and conditions in a more clear format but they are obviously not from the original application form. They go on to sent photocopies on A4 of 7 pages of terms and conditions and 8 pages of further terms and conditions from a later time, but I would figure there have been more than one additional set of terms and conditions sent out in all that time. The agreement is signed by me only. Angry cat I'm not sure if the have sent all of the different terms and conditions from over the years, there must have been more than just one additional agreement during this time, after all don't they send terms and conditions with each new card? Thanks for explaining the statement of account thing.
  4. Link have responded with a copy of the agreement and terms and conditions. along with a number of other pages of terms and conditions that I suppose are changes that have been made over the years along with a statement of account saying the outstanding balance is payable immediately.
  5. OK thanks for your help with this DX.
  6. OK I have had a go using the instructions. I've attached their acceptance of my offer from last year and the default notice they issued at the same time. Plus the recent offer of a settlement. Apart from this I received statements and a notice of sum in arrears every 2 months which detailed the amounts I had missed and the amounts I had paid.
  7. Thanks for having a look at it. DX. Do you think its worth writing in to reiterate the fact I am making a payment or maybe offer an increased payment to try and avoid the possibility of court action?
  8. this might be a bit better
  9. Took me ages to get rid of all the information that could identify me.
  10. I got a final notice yesterday telling me its their final letter before legal action commences and its my final opportunity to discuss settlement of the account by a lump sum payment or instalments.
  11. It was 30% approx. the girl on the phone said. I know what you mean about the partial settlement but I figured they are just discounting the costs of dealing with me to get a quick end to the matters. Surely an agreement from late 2011 will have been done properly.
  12. Thanks Yes I am paying by Standing Order and I do have a copy of the default notice. My main worry though is a potential CCJ does the fact I am making payments by Standing Order make a CCJ less likely. The woman on the phone said they would offer a partial settlement and then go for a CCJ if I didn't take it up. I have been given a partial settlement offer. Is it possible to defend a CCJ if they have the paperwork correct at their end?
  13. Hi Bazooka-Boo £36 was charged in penalty fees. I sent an I & E in July 2014 and they accepted my offer of £6 per month. They defaulted at the same time and gave me until 30 July 2014 to get account back in order.
  14. I got the SAR request back from MBNA Having had a look through there are a few penalty charges from way back. They sold the debt to link a couple of weeks before the letter to me, advising me of this was dated. They also sent me a copy of the credit agreement unfortunately.
  15. I do have all the statements and the agreement. Not the one I signed but a customer copy. There is no PPI and no penalty charges (at least until I started missing payments last year). Is it worth sending an SAR
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