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  1. Thanks Me too the system notes say - S78 sent to recon as no F&RS on the credit agreement I see what you are saying oldrogue plus the extra copy of the financial and related conditions they sent are not the same as the ones send by MBNA. Do I have anything to fear now from any enforcement action?
  2. yes DX it does match the agreement in the SAR. I don't know why they sent two copies, one had some references from link on it written on. hope it all comes through OK
  3. Hi Oleg it is a copy of the application form on one page of A4 with some terms and conditions (I cannot read) on another page. They look like they were on a different part of the original application form. They have sent another page with these terms and conditions in a more clear format but they are obviously not from the original application form. They go on to sent photocopies on A4 of 7 pages of terms and conditions and 8 pages of further terms and conditions from a later time, but I would figure there have been more than one additional set of terms and conditions sent out in all
  4. Link have responded with a copy of the agreement and terms and conditions. along with a number of other pages of terms and conditions that I suppose are changes that have been made over the years along with a statement of account saying the outstanding balance is payable immediately.
  5. OK thanks for your help with this DX.
  6. OK I have had a go using the instructions. I've attached their acceptance of my offer from last year and the default notice they issued at the same time. Plus the recent offer of a settlement. Apart from this I received statements and a notice of sum in arrears every 2 months which detailed the amounts I had missed and the amounts I had paid.
  7. Thanks for having a look at it. DX. Do you think its worth writing in to reiterate the fact I am making a payment or maybe offer an increased payment to try and avoid the possibility of court action?
  8. this might be a bit better
  9. Took me ages to get rid of all the information that could identify me.
  10. I got a final notice yesterday telling me its their final letter before legal action commences and its my final opportunity to discuss settlement of the account by a lump sum payment or instalments.
  11. It was 30% approx. the girl on the phone said. I know what you mean about the partial settlement but I figured they are just discounting the costs of dealing with me to get a quick end to the matters. Surely an agreement from late 2011 will have been done properly.
  12. Thanks Yes I am paying by Standing Order and I do have a copy of the default notice. My main worry though is a potential CCJ does the fact I am making payments by Standing Order make a CCJ less likely. The woman on the phone said they would offer a partial settlement and then go for a CCJ if I didn't take it up. I have been given a partial settlement offer. Is it possible to defend a CCJ if they have the paperwork correct at their end?
  13. Hi Bazooka-Boo £36 was charged in penalty fees. I sent an I & E in July 2014 and they accepted my offer of £6 per month. They defaulted at the same time and gave me until 30 July 2014 to get account back in order.
  14. I got the SAR request back from MBNA Having had a look through there are a few penalty charges from way back. They sold the debt to link a couple of weeks before the letter to me, advising me of this was dated. They also sent me a copy of the credit agreement unfortunately.
  15. I do have all the statements and the agreement. Not the one I signed but a customer copy. There is no PPI and no penalty charges (at least until I started missing payments last year). Is it worth sending an SAR
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