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  1. Dear forum members, I am defending the eviction order for the last 4 years now. In 2007, I was 6 months late in repayments and hence Bank of Scotland acquired eviction order, which was subsequently suspended as I appealed in the court. The arrears outstanding were around £14,000 of which £6000 were the charges. About 9 consecutive payments later, I defaulted again. The bank’s solicitors applied for the eviction order again. I appealed but judge did not grant any relief. However, bank asked for £5000 before they could even think of stopping the eviction. I arranged and paid and
  2. Thanks ZillaK, I wouldn't be knowing the act, however the default notice reads "Notice is Served under Section 87(1) of Consumer Credit Act 1974. I am married with 2 dependents. I had no contact with the lender between July 2008 until I received the default notice. The rebate is mentioned as £170 only that is applied to the accumulated amount. I have made IE and Personal statement. Please advise what else can be sent to stop going them to court. Thanks
  3. Dear fellows, For sometime I could not pay back my secured loan taken from Welcome Finance. However I have tried to keep up the reduced mortgage payment on time. Needless to say that I am in financial crunch and cannot afford two payments at this time. As per the Default Notice (Dated 6th of January and received yesterday) I need to respond within 14 days and pay back the huge amount in lumpsum payment else they will apply to court for attachement of earnings and further actions. Please advise how can I respond to this letter urgently to stop them from going to court. I only hav
  4. Hello, Thanks for the replys.. However, in our case the judge has flately refused to grant any relief and ordered that the eviction will stay as it is on the due date. Court provided with three copies of appeal form which has 10 sections altogether. I have filled in the form however it aks for the sealed original order from the court. However we have not received anything as yet? I dont know if we can ask the court to provide us with the order so that we can make an appeal (without that the appeal will not be entertained I suppose, though the form does have a section where it
  5. Hello , Just an update... Today I have received a two liner letter from the county courts mentioning that " Upon hearing the solicitors (hearing date mentioned as 10/02/2009) from claiment and defendent (me) not present, it is ordered that the case be dismissed"..... Now what the heck is this... I dont even know if there was any court date and what has been dismissed. Is it just that BOS requested for an eviction order and that has been rejected or what ? Can anybody out there help me. Its started getting on my nerves now. Regards,
  6. Hello all, Thanks very much for the information. I could not make any payments for the period that I have mentioned. I made one payment for the month of February and planning on paying for the month of March at the end of February. As mentioned in my message, I have tried speaking with the bank and their solicitors but they are as adamant and stubborn as can be. They keep on demanding the outstanding amount before they can accept anything. I thought if there is a way that I can go to court and make an early request. I would appreciate your advice and guidence. R
  7. Thanks very much Sequenci - No paperwork has been received at the last known or so called the address on creditor's file (the last billing address of the Barclaycard when so called defaulted). The only papers that I have received are sent at the property address and people who are renting it at present gave the letters to me.
  8. Any respected member out there to comment and advise on this matter please? Regards LaClassy
  9. Dear all respected members - Upon arrival from a business trip after 4 months, found Interim Charging Order from some FV-1 for Barclaycard for £3600 in total including charges. No idea whatsoever how and when did I enjoy this money and did not pay back?? Now, 1. Received all this documentation at my property where I DO NOT LIVE. Its been rented out for almost 4 years now. 2. This so called FV-1 company did a land registry search and applied for CCJ in 28th November 2007. 3. Acquired interim charging order on 12th of Dec 2007 4. Actual hearing to be held on 4th of
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