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  1. car just dropped off at garage, Manager was helpful and is going to do various pressure tests on it today wont know tomorrow until he calls me, so fingers crossed
  2. Thankyou so much for your advice, hopefully can get this resolved one way or the other - seeing Manager on Tuesday am so will see what he suggests
  3. it might be a twenty year design, but that is not the issue, the car has a 1.6 engine on a 54 plate 51 thousand on the clock one owner, with service history. You at least expect it to last longer than a week without a problem
  4. I bought a Rover 45 on 27th April from a garage, since then its been back 5 times the AC is broken so I have no blowers, the rear electric window is not working, and its just been in for a believed water leak, have been to collect it tonight and have been told that no leaks can be found although I need to refill with approx. 3 pints of water each time I use it. It appears it could be the head gasket or something to do with the pistons, and have been advised its a very expensive job, what rights do I have please? Iam due to see the Manager on Tuesday can I ask for a exchange car? or
  5. Vic totally agree with you! The no phone calls thing is only once they get a hold it can pull you down really quickly you sound like a strong person though! Keep us updated and have a Blessed day x
  6. Also have you considered writing to Barclays Complaints Dept? Just a thought when I contacted my OC direct regarding a DCA they apologised and gave me 500 quid and promised that said DCA would be dealt with - have heard nothing more since Still paying them though but by SO
  7. Vic just been doing a little research for you Resolvecall are based in Glasgow as is Scotcall so part of the same I think on a 0141 number if you google either or - you will get the information. As for the jacket zip a dee do dah! You can probably have one made up on Ebay Hence no chat no calls writing only
  8. Vic did you speak with them and find out exactly what they wanted? Just wondering if they had any paperwork at all?
  9. LOL just had a google of resolvecall Hmmm "Leading edge Intelligence Gathering" So find the required paperwork and pass it on I would use the word but feel "Donkeys and Holes" is far more appealing I wonder how legit these peeps are and if the PM knows the kind of clowns that claim assist the Goverment - Interesting
  10. Vic glad to see that the soldiers are working did you actually have a doorstep call? or are you been cheeky
  11. Do not speak to these peeps you want everything in writing - you want to send a letter asking for CCA they are nasty peeps and be prepared to have at least 8 calls a day from them
  12. check who the loans are with and how old they are - plus what is the amount of your debt once we have that info then the advice will roll in Keep Smiling
  13. First off do not take anymore loans whatever you do! If you are struggling now this will just get worse - once you are on a DMP and are making payments - that is it end of as for the company passing the debt over I suspect it is more than 6 years old which could make it statute barred
  14. Hi Vic Glad that things are ok - as I said hang in there and use the time for research - as for your littl ratty experience you can borrow my cat - having said that little bugger brings them in, so maybe not such a good idea lol Keep Smiling x
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