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  1. Thank you Andy and MandM. Your replies are really helpful! I will let you know the outcome. ftc.
  2. Hello MandM, Thank you for your reply. Not that I recall, but will look at the paperwork tonight. It was an unsecured loan and interest had already been calculated and included in the repayments. On their statement they've listed the additional charges as 'legal disbursements'. My understanding was the same as your own! They had already charged legal fees of £300 and this was included in the balance stated in the TO. They have now sold the debt to Marlins and a new set of solicitors have said that all future payments should be made to them but I want to make sure that the balance and all payments and present and correct. I will check my paperwork and then contact the solicitors that agreed the TO. ftc.
  3. Hello MandM, Read your thread with great interest and just wanted to ask you a few things. I have entered into a TO with a well known creditor! As part of the TO I have to pay an agreed monthly sum to their solicitors until the balance has been cleared. However, it would appear that they have since added almost £500 of 'legal fees on top of the £300 that was included as part of the TO and their solicitors have not been passing on my monthly payments. The last statement I received showed that the balance had actually increased!!! Have you encountered any problems? Just curious to know if others have/are experiencing issues. Thank you. ftc.
  4. Hi bd! Sent the 'account sold whilst in dispute' letter as advised by my fellow Caggers. I'm waiting for the next set of 'life forms' to evolve enough to use a printer! I've only ever received a reconstituted copy of a CCA. ftc.
  5. Really quick update folks! 1st Credit have returned my file to Hfx. Let's see who/what crawls from the undergrowth next... Enjoy your weekends fellow Caggers! ftc.
  6. Thank you dx. Will check other cras too and then fire off complaint. ftc.
  7. Thanks for the advice all. I'm going to draft the 'account sold while in dispute' as suggested. ftc.
  8. Well Haliprats were unable to provide the correct paperwork hence my decision (combined with their continual harassment) to cease all payments. It's been years and then this - it's tough having to prepare oneself for battle all over again. ftc.
  9. Hi babydoll At least we know it's not 'personal' LOL! Will try the same approach and see if it yields positive results. Just when you start to relax and think it might be ok... ftc
  10. every cloud underdog, every cloud! Should I ignore for the time being or send them a copy of the 'in dispute' letter that was sent to haliprats way back when? ftc.
  11. Hi underdog, It's been a while! Good to hear from you. I've been in dispute with Haliprats for years now (but not quite long enough to SB...unfortunately) and therefore ceased payments. Not sure what their current game is...I've just checked Noddle and their details (default record) have disappeared. I've started receiving phone calls again, but could be anyone (as I refuse to answer)! Back to sleeping with one eye open I guess! ftc.
  12. Hi dx I've just checked via Noddle and it's now showing 2 defaults, one to Lowell and one to Marbles for the same amount showing as defaulted on the same date. ftc.
  13. Hi fellow Caggers! Another quick update. Have received a letter from Lowell Portfolio I Ltd informing me that Marbles has "...assigned all of its respective rights, title and interest...". It goes on to inform me that they will instruct Lowell Financial Ltd to contact me about paying. Do I ignore or respond? Thanks guys! ftc.
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