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  1. victoria please note i was merely replying to poster .if i wanted to start a thread i would of thanks
  2. hi i have had the same sort of letter from the names u mention,there is no address on the letter to reply to just a phone number and a email address.i think my debt may have been split into 2 different companies as well
  3. does anyone know if welcome finance has gone into administration, thanks
  4. hope everyone who have had or are still having problems with the crooks are getting sorted regards nasrcity
  5. hi all well just to update and thank everyone for the help im now all settled in a council house and feeling so much better its all over. if i had known what i know now i would never have worried my head off like i did . free from all the stress. have the council welfare officer to help and good luck to u sonic i just read u are happier now as well thank u all once again
  6. hi all 1st trading standards have now writen to them so far phone calls have stopped but i sent by recordered delivery and have proof they have recieved it afor a request for a cca now there time limit is up so i think im right in sending a default to them now . if so where can i find a template for a default can anyone advise
  7. hi sonic im in courton 9th june . i have filled in my pappers and sent them back i have also registered with the local council as my solicotor reckons cos i cant show i can pay anythink back the judge will most likey award in kensington favour but when the council woam come to see me last week the person b4 me was alsop with kensington she said the more i hear abt this company the more i dislike them she told me she has 20 cases all with mortgages with this pratts. oi dont blame u not paying them this month is this the first time that they have taken u to court perhpas we could compere with what they sned and say to us be interesting anyway good luck if u need to talk please do it does help and they are so good on here with there support good luck nasrcity
  8. also have another visit to see solictor on 7th may to see what my options will be
  9. hi annaya thanks u give me some good idea to go on thanks for that
  10. yes my solictor will be there i will just be glad when its all over do u know how long after the hearing things happen regards nasrcity
  11. just to let u all know i have a hearing date for 9th june . so we will see what happens then regards nasrcity
  12. hi annya i dont have any money left in the house time that kensington have finished with it. and no i cant make any payments on the mortgage due to lack of income so its a council house for us but really im not worried as long as we have a roof over our head and my illness does become any worse . at the end of the day i just want to try and get a near to normal life as poss the house is only bricks and mortar if u u can see what im getting at regards nasrcity
  13. just received a letter from there solictors today stating possession proceedings have commenced with a statement of account regards nasrcity
  14. hi annaya thanks for ur reply . i spoke with my solictor last week and she told me she has writen to the council.stating she not will accept i am intentionally homless due to my illness . i have now gained a doctors letter stating what my illness is have given this to the solictor and she said they have no choice but to rehouse me under the condition i have. and yes i have 2 years bank statements showing i could pay the mortgage.even for the 1 st months of my illness cos my husband still had to work . which we had to pay a care agency to come in 3 times a day while my husband was working .under all the pressure of rent rises for the business and me being ill he had to close the business down . and from then onwards we couldnt pay the mortgage . we went on income support and recieved a letter stating . there rulings are they cant pay any interest on the mortgage untill i have bben claiming income support for 39 weeks {sep08 ] which will be too late for me . nasrcity
  15. hi last thursday it was passed to there solictors how long does this take before i get the papers have a lady from tth council coming to see me at home tomorrow thanks for u help im grateful too u
  16. hi all thanks for all ur help car has now gone back and just waiting to hear if we have to pay anythink[shortfall]
  17. hi all update well no cca YET plus calls have restarted 3-5 per day plus debt is now over 300 with there charges . trading standards have writen to them and the solictor but they just ignor them so when they phone we just put the phone down on them. any also paying them a token payment but they want more which we cant doanyone any more info would be of help thanks narcity
  18. just a update now awaiting date for court hearing. does anyone know what happens then do u get a date to be evicted or what
  19. nasrcity


    thanks shell for ur support
  20. nasrcity


    thank you will do
  21. nasrcity


    hi all just need some help here i hadmy own business up too dec 07 . i was taken ill in sep07 . i have a few small debts but nothing major apart from mortgage and secured loan. now i have been to my solictor who has told me i will lose my house as there is no way to pay my mortgage at all on income support [£7.73 per week becuase i have the pension] and have small pension which totals £92.80 per week for my self and my husband to live on . now its sunday and have these ppl including lloyds tsb phoning me .when i tell them i cant pay they start to put the pressure on. now do i go bankrupt b4 the house is taken back or wait until its been taken back please i need some help here
  22. yes i have used the template . i have had a letter every day this week with the same old crap we need u to sign this b4 we can deal with anythink . i alsop told one lot who phoned me i must inform u the call is being recorded for my proof of this call they put the phone down how funny they have names like geogre and mark . i must say they are very pushy and dont listen to what u have to say . so i also say if u dont want to listen to me i will end this call now put the phone down and they have phone straight away so thats when they are getting the silent treatment
  23. hi we have also had a letter from cap 1 wanting us to sign it i so they can copy and paste it we are not falling for that they have started there phone calls yet again so monday morning back on the phone to the solictor . the women who phoned us i think was indian and said ok i will phone again next week . so what im gonna do is just give the silent treatment on the phone
  24. hi all just to let u know just had kensington on phone told them i have been to solictors yesterday . the girl didt seem to pleased . my arrears now according to them are nearly £1900 and all beware if they phone u after 5pm they will charge u £3.00 for every time they ring u also added to your account so i told them well phone b4 5pm them . she said its in the t&c they can phone between 8am - 8-30pm . i then told her if u phone me after 5pm i will refuse the call and ask u to phone next day b4 5pm so at end of feb i owed 796 then if u add the 548 on for march mortgage so it looks like they have charged me 566 in there charges so all beware regarding there after 5pm phone calls nasrcity
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