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  1. Have trouble finding threads that are of interest again. Any problem?
  2. Hi Shazza50, Going by the information posted on this site there is no time limit on PPI claims, so worth a try as you have nothing to lose. Good luck, Bosun.
  3. Hi, Update, well after a long battle, MBNA finally coughed up to both claims for PPI refund but only repaid the actual premiums of £2000 & £700. Sent a letter off to them pointing out that I should be entitled to the interest paid on the PPI amounts, they wrote back stating that what we had received was all we were entitled to. Sent off a complaint to the FOS who wrote back saying that MBNA had made the same statement to them and they were unsure if they could do anything. Unfortunately I was taken quite ill and over the last 2 years have had 3 operations for colonic cancer
  4. Hi jacchris, Just came accross this thread, my wife also was charged for PPI from before 1999 but as she retired in 1996 it was as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. Anyway, I only realised in 2009, (yep I know), and have since complained to Shop Direct, who replied with the usual ' not my problem' and latterly to the FOS. As Shop Direct were not part of the Dispute Resolution Service until November 2004 and the policy was 'sold' before that, the FOS's hands are a bit tied but they are able to chase the Insurance provider which is, in this case and likely to be in yours, Avi
  5. Hi, Just type the URL's into your browser. For some reason links from here sometimes include '/forum/', don't know why. Regards...
  6. Hi Smoothound, Is it possible that the they have reduced the outstanding balance on your account to zero and forwarded to you what was left over? Have a look at what you estimated what was due, remove what the balance remaining on your account then add what you received. Some estimates are a bit high, ppi + interest + compond + simple, so be realistic. Regards...
  7. Hi, My situation was slightly different in that I still had an outstanding balance so they they just reduced it but, if I were in your shoes I would get a letter thanking them for the 'part payment' but pointing out that you do not believe that they have refunded all of the refund to which you are entitled and bank the cheque. In your letter, give them a period of time in which you expect to receive a response, 28 days is not unreasonable, before you take the matter further. Hopefully, you will receive a 'Final Response'. If you do or not does not matter, you have given them a chance
  8. If they had included calculations, etc, it would not have matched up with what they sent you. So they don't. Simples...
  9. Hi Smoothound, See post 121 above, unfortunately had to have a couple of operations since that was posted so have not got around to starting court proceedings yet, but my situation is the same as yours. Initially went the FOS route but all I got was some dozy bug(person)ger on the other end of the 'phone saying, 'well MBNA believe they have refunded you the PPI plus interest' for over a year. This was in spite of my copying all the statements and providing a speradsheet to show they could not have. Court is the only route left I feel. As dx said, get the calcs from the FOS site and u
  10. Hi Martin, Just subbing. Also have a problem getting anything out of Citi, even the FOS have taken two years! Regards, Bosun.
  11. Hi, MBNA have not bothered to respond to my Letter before Action, which was sent recorded fortunately. This was sent over 28 days ago so they have had enough time to respond but why they haven't I don't know. Next stop is the N1 form into our local courts for my cliam, and claimonline for my other halves. Smoothound, sorry to highjack your thread. Will start another of my own detailing the steps I'm taking in the hope that it will be of some assistance to others. Regards, Bosun.
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