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  1. That doesnt seem to work. I use the search cag button but the results are all elsewhere on the web. It doesnt seem to search this forum, it searches the entire web.
  2. Read up where though? I have struggled to find any real info on this.
  3. Letters are from Cabot Financial threatening to involve a solicitor to get a ccj.
  4. My credit file is clean. I have a good credit rating.
  5. They say its a santanda bank account but I have no idea what this is. I have no recollection of any debt with them.
  6. Hi, They have been sending these letters to me for about 5 years. Whats a pap pack? The recent letter says that because I have not paid anything they will refer the debt to a solicitor to get a CCJ.
  7. Hi Folks, Cabots have been chasing me for years about a debt. I do not remember owing any money to santander but they say I owe £1200. I once wrote to them asking for proof of this debt but they did not respond. The debt has moved backwards and forwards between Cabots and a few other companies now Cabots have sent a letter saying they will instruct a solicitor to get a CCJ against me. What is my best course of action with this? They never give any account number details - just a balance of £1200!! Many thanks.
  8. Hi and thanks again for your reply. Yes I agree that section 2.18 indicates they do not need to send a signed acopy but they still do have to send a copy of the agreement (signed or not). The document I've posted above is just an application form - not a credit agreement and in any case it is totaly illegible (its very blurred). The othe thread I mentioned was a about a year ago. Thanks again.
  9. Sorry for the delay inmy response.. I am a little confused, the wording to me seems to say that they have to supply a copy of the agreement. Also I have previosuly made another thread on this forum about another debt. On that thread I posted a picture of a near identical document to the one above and everyone here told me they were in default of the CCA.
  10. Thanks very much - yes, that does seem to say they have to provide a copy of the agreement which the above document is not. Also they have not provided any T&C's.
  11. Hi, Thanks for the advice. My CCA request asked for a 'true copy of the credit agreement'. The above document seems to be just a simple application form so I assume they are in default. I will do as you say and send the letter as you have suggested but I wonder if I should once again give them 7 days before I complain to the fos? I have already given the 7 days in my last 2 letters, so would it not be better to simply go ahead and make the comlaint? Thanks again. Just in case you cant use the link to view the document above I'll post it directly here...
  12. Today I receiced a letter from HFO. They have not mentioned the £1.00 payment. In reply to my CCA they have provided me with this.....not what I asked for!! http://i1030.photobucket.com/albums/y367/Julian123123123/latest.jpg
  13. Hi, thanks for the help. Sorry I didn't reply to your question earlier. My last payment was mid 2007. Thanks again.
  14. No reply from them. What should I do now? Many thanks for your advice.
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