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  1. I started uni in 98 so its post, cheers people i've sent cca and a sar off anyway, so its all covered i think!
  2. Can anyone confirm if a sar alone is enough to put any arrears in dispute? do i have to tell them in writing i dispute this debt? (the arrears that is)
  3. Right deep breath people, i'll try keep it short! BUT PLEASE HELP ME!: I have problems proving my income therefore have problems with the slc accepting my deferment, which often means i have arrears & charges etc etc. In the past i have foolishly repaid these arrears and any inclusive charges with out question. DOH! But after reading various threads on here, i am heartened, but also quite confused. I have scattered correspondence from slc, and the various guises they come in, scotcall, dlc (and like a muppet i poo'd my pants not knowing they were the same company and paid them!) etc etc. I have statements that only seem to include certain charges, i'm sure i have paid back more charges than they have listed me so far, my arrears seem to cross 2 sections of deferment making things more confusing!! so......... Am I right in thinking the best starting point is for a cca request and a s.a.r so i can try and get a reasonable starting point to figure out what is/isn't owed? and am i correct in thinking they cannot enforce any action while this is in dispute? the stuff i have says i owe them 924 quid, 120 of which is charges, ? but i reckon there are more charges than that to come off (PROB PAID TWICE AS MUCH IN PREV ARREARS AGREEMENTS!), plus i can back date it for 3 months can i not? which is another 202 quid off! makes it about 600 quid at the most! :-? I will grugdingly admit that my arrears are prob half my fault and so i will have to pay them back, but not with the charges on, surely not and anyone know if there is a time limit on paying them back? they want it paid in like 6 months at 70 quid a month or something stupid like that!!. I have also noted that as soon as you dont tow the line they get very grumpy and very rude, almost bordering on abuse! (i'd love to meet one so i could give em a mighty big slap!!!!) Told ya it was short! lol HELP HELP HELP! muchos gracias!!
  4. krysus, noomill. i did the same, only they reckoned my deferrment was incomplete because i am an ice cream man and get paid all cash, (so i can only get a letter off my employer stating my income). Anyway, last time they hammered me for arrears and like a (edit) i paid em because i didn't know any better. this time scotgill have sent me a letter saying they are coming round unless its resolved!. After reading noomill's thread i'm gonna get a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and kick ass. (i hope!) BUT, does anyone know if my previous payment of arrears last time counts against me??? Just a quickie to say after reading threads on this site i feel less of a victim so thnx to all who have given advice on the slc!
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