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  1. Hi, We have rented a house for the last 3 years and have always paid the rent on time. However, the landlord has not been doing any repairs so we served him notice to end the tenancy. I have now discovered when he registered the deposit with the DPS, that he had not done so correctly. Basically, The tenancy agreement is in his Limited Companies name yet the deposit is in his personal name. he had also not registered both of the tenants names with the DPS, only mine. I spoken to the DPS and they confirmed the errors. I then said, well
  2. Hi, If Landlord owns a building which is split into multi tenancy and another tenant is causing issues leaving rubbish in common areas, load noise, leaving building insecure, Landlord not decorating common areas. Would this give me right to reclaim rent paid?
  3. Surely if they ban it, why do this? https://www.bmw.co.uk/finance/bmw-insurance/pdfs/bmw_alloy_wheel_repair_summary.pdf
  4. do you have written evidence that BMW ban this?
  5. BMW UK refused to do anything, its the dealer who offered to Refurbishment of all alloys again or replace two and i replace two.£787.49 inc VAT i got to pay. What really winds me up, is BMW UK give the dealer (i attached a copy in my previous post) a document saying Refurbishment is acceptable. yet they refused a warranty claim as the alloys had been Refurbished. I have been advised as the contract is between the dealer and I, i have no contract with BMW so cannot take BMW UK to court. Its not a easy case to win in court i have been told, based on the information. also i h
  6. Solicitor took a look at the case, documents and emails and said if i took court action, that i could end up with a costs order. Dealer now agreed to cover the cost of 2 alloys if i cover the other two. I needed hard evidence and the check list sent from bmw uk basically destroyed my case. Again, the consumer is the one who always pays to sort out issues which is not their fault.
  7. looks like i don't have a case unless BMW UK will give to me in writing that they don't approve the repair of alloys.
  8. The alloys were Refurbished May 2017 - I purchased the car 29/08/2017 - car first reg 01/09/2016
  9. They have an approved BMW workshop Latest response. - I actually purchased the car within 12 months of first registration. car-check.pdf
  10. Head of business response is your timeframe of a week is unreasonable and the issue has not stopped you using the vehicle for it’s primary purpose. I will wait for the outcome of the decision from BMW UK.
  11. Hi, I asked BMW UK for a copy of engineering standard that allows refurbishment from BMW. They refused and said it was a internal document. I have asked the dealer for a copy and he is avoiding it. However all BMW keep stating is the refurbishment is not a recommend way of repair. I first complained to both BMW UK and Dealer last Monday 24/04/2018 of which the dealer took pictures. I feel they have had enough time to address this. BMW UK have a open case with a Good Will payment claim requested by the dealer and is currently with them for a decision. The head of business
  12. Thanks for the reply. I spoke to bmw who phoned the dealer who refused replacement. He said he will cover the cost to repair the 3 alloys and the warranty would be 6 months and if they go again they will charge cost price to repair. The car is not even two years old. Ex demo car which looks like was not looked after. Do I have a claim as they are not of satisfactory quality and don't want refurb to be back again in 12 months same issue. Just spoken to BMW - they do not recommend dealers to repair alloys. Only a replacement is recommended. It will void the car wa
  13. Purchased a BMW 420 Convertible on a 66 plat (Purchased August 2017) with less then 5,000 miles. EX Demo Car. 7 months in to owing the car, 3 of the 4 alloys have corroded. took the car to BMW of which tells me in May 2017 (3 months before i had purchased the car, 3 of the alloys had been refurbished and only carry a 6 month warranty. It was not disclosed to me that the alloys had been refurbished. I said to them i don't expect to purchase a car less then 5k miles for over £30k to have refurbished alloys. I requested new alloys as it was not disclosed to me at point of sale. the
  14. not sure as Steve cannot remember
  15. No to all your questions. However the Jude said at the end. "Was any of the dates for Holiday" and Steve Answered No. the dates dated back almost a year ago and Steve claims he was only drilled about the sickness. The council wanted Sick notes and the doctor sent the school a letter stating they do not provide them. the court said to the council, how is steve meant to prove stickness and the council said sicknotes. the judge was annoyed with the council and found steve not guilty as submitted evidence by the council was the doctors letter and the Courts view wa
  16. total days off school 9 due to sickness 7 holiday 2
  17. Early days. I don;t want to say much more about the case. I have the info i needed which is there is no DPA breach.
  18. Brian was not contacted by the council. The council contacted the holiday company Police are due to pass to the CPS the evidence for perjury
  19. OK ill explain more Brian who books the holiday invites Steve and his son Richard on Holiday in school term time. Steve was taken to court by the council for taking his son Richard out of school. at the trial there was more dates then just the holiday being questioned and all but the holiday was due to sickness. Steve stood up in court and then said my son was ill during the dates being questioned. no mention of holiday at all by anyone. Steve was found not guilty of the offence. Richard, Steves son goes to school and tells everyone about the holiday after the tr
  20. Hi Andy, Not sure if you understood. This is not a benefit case. its person B should not have been there (school term time) and the council have obtained the booking info from the holiday company to use in a case. Person A was the lead booker and paid in full using Person A Debit Card. Person B was then listed as a guest on my booking. The Holiday company have released info which i think may be in breach of DPA and therefore the evidence obtained cannot be used for evidence.
  21. I have to be very basic in the info i give for legal reasons but wonder if i can get some advise Person A, Purchases a Holiday in Person A's Name. Person A Invites Person B to join the Holiday. Can a Council Contact the Holiday company and request booking info who was on the list if they wanted to check out person B where Person A is not subject of any involvement / investigations. can the council / under data protection obtain this info legally? Person B is under investigation by council and Person A is not in any way linked to this other then the invite to come on Holida
  22. But that's not the act the FPN's were issued under. Education act
  23. Read the judgement https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/docs/uksc-2016-0155-judgment.pdf and http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/56/part/VI/chapter/II/crossheading/school-attendance-offences-and-education-supervision-orders Regarding the FPN's I don't see 444A and 444B within http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/56/part/VI/chapter/II/crossheading/school-attendance-offences-and-education-supervision-orders
  24. By way of Letters being sent from the council even after giving them previous notice back in November last year of concerns of fraud due to The Eduction Act not giving power to issue FPNs and that if they repeatedly issued any more FPNS then action may be taken.
  25. So to put my brother in a stronger case, try and arrange a meeting to discuss in detail the level of absences and see if they will agree to drop the case by an agreement to pay the FPNs if that's the way to end this then OK, but to me that sounds like Section 2 of the fraud act yet again.. if its a meeting to discuss the level of attendance by way of discussing the issues which is causing the failed attendance fine, i would totally agree with that but to Agree to Pay the council a fee, i think is wrong.
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