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  1. So an update...thanks for your help and PMs....the tracing service was not able to find my contact he had moved from the address in 2009..... Not really sure where else to turn now....
  2. Thanks ashmk So quick update; The name is spot on, he is definelty my guy, though when i did a land registery check on the address it is owned by someone else, perhaps he rents. I finally managed to get my act together on WHOIS, and noted the company that does the web design is in the same area as my man. I am inclined to contact the web hoster and see if i can plead with his "genuine" side and get a affirmative on my mans address/location. Failing that it is a bit of a punt, but i think i ought to stake him out as suggested or just register the claim against him. I am luck
  3. Bankfodder - sorry the URL was slightly incorrect on the first address: http://sikhphotographer.com. I just registed on the WhoIS database, but am not getting a result showing any address in Birmingham, have i got the wrong search option? This could arguable be spot on, as that is where he is based and his bank account is registered at a branch. To an earlier post, the name Francis rings a BIG bell - initials F R Dickson Once i get this address piece resolved, i will do as you suggest. Thanks
  4. OK; well i thought i would punt that out there, "Sales of Goods Act it is". Now to find someone i can enlist to help me track him down! Anyone??? can you point me in the right direction Sequenci?
  5. His name, i've got that from my dealing and also his bank details - NAME, MIDDLE NAME, SURNAME...his holding branch address...Account Number/Sort Code etc. website - no address, home telephone number always busy....email addresses not working anymore (other than a personal hotmail) and i have tried to trace the owner of the websites but they are registered to hosting companies. www.sikhphotographer.co.uk www.shaadibride.co.uk What can i do with companies house? I don't know his company name. Can i go to the bank? Police? Surely this is theft/fraud/non delivery of goods et
  6. Quick summary..... Got married on 3rd Jul'10 - hired a video/photo guy. Sikh marriage, so specialist video/photo guy. Took him nearly 4 months to deliver photos/video; average quality, missed out key shots, chunks missing from the DVD video and totally inappropriatte songs dubbed over religous ceremony...he even spelt my name in 3 different ways on the video!!?!?! and photos on the DVDs!!! Contacted him, told me he would sort it....2 months later...nada..nothing. He is now ignoring my calls and emails. Thought i would issue court claim, then realized his contract does n
  7. Get onto Trading Standards...i have a complaint and reference number allready logged with them, and will call to update them on these blaggarts!
  8. interesting, i paid exactly the same (£39.95) through a local company. anyway that is why i have legal cover, so just handed it all over to them to deal with
  9. interesting - i recently wrote this outfit saying pay me back - the email trail is below - lets see what happens. Will also contact bank etc. Hello, Thank you for your email. I believe Your terms and conditions would actually constitute a breach of UTTCR 1999 and breach of distance selling regulations so while I will accept your partial offer of refund, I reserve the right to commence legal proceedings for these admin fees. Please advise of how the refund will be processed ASAP and if you need any further details from me. From: Contact Us Sent: 30 Septemb
  10. Just emailed Martin Lewis and the http://www.econsumer.gov lets see if we can kick the crap out of this guy
  11. I know Paul - i called Trading Standards again today who gave me the "send a letter". I found out who ran there domain http://who.is/whois/express-epc.co.uk/ its a company called www.fasthosts.co.uk very reputable and very "T&C" orientated, they would go crazy to hear about this and am in the process of writing there customer service department an email saying - do you realize you are letting a [problem] artist run a business from your servers. Its a good start in making life totally difficult for this idiot, who calls himself "Savi". Savi in how to break the law or just Sav
  12. these are guys are a bunch of cowboys - they now have "contact details" on there website, but surprise surpise an answerphone with "we don't take calls email us" and then an email address that never responds....
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