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  1. Totally agree, but if that was the case there would be no need for overdrafts, small loans, nor the entry of firms like Wonga. It's not going to happen and in reality we all know that. There is no money to be made so they wil all pull out of the market.
  2. The problem witha 'regulated' short term lender going belly up is it will mean folk have to go to folk who aren't regulated.
  3. Woah. Just got a similar notice from Parking Eye. Not Huddersfield is it? Called into Aldi in the evening , but had earlier been to Home Bargains. The pics provided are so dark only the umber plate is recognisable. They state I parked up for 5 1/2 hours. I live 5 minutes away. Appeal letter going in to ask them to check the records, and if the ANPR cameras have been checked and serviced to the manufacturers schedule. I paid cash both times so no receipts or proof, but know many of the staff at Aldi.
  4. The CRA's used the argument that they only report what is given to them by creditors and do not have to do a thorough check on whether they have permission to process. This is of course bull*hit. How can you process data if no permission has been given in the first place. The EU are looking to curb their get out by insisting implied permission and a general we can process data through 'legitimate' interests cannot be used. If there is no CCA available then I would press the OC to stop processing your data and use Grace & Anor v Blackhorse Ltd [2014] and similar cases to put press
  5. Update time!! Section 10 sent to HSBC, Equifax, Experian and Call Credit regarding HSBC account only, no other data. CRA's very defensive, naturally, but confirmed HSBC had removed all mention of any accounts I had with them (CC & Current Account). HSBC have failed to reply, but as they have removed all references with the CRA's not going to pursue it with them. Checked credit files and nothing untoward showing on any of them. Noddle says I am 4/5 creditworthy!!! I am chalking this up as a success as 18 months ish before SB. 3 months until Cabot biggie (£10k) is
  6. So are we saying a court must state an agreement is unenforceable? The get out clause is that they register the default but avoid going to court in case deemed unenforceable. Would the counter claim be to state this kind of action is vexatious as the creditor has no intention of taking it to court? Looking for the arguments creditors will come up with to avoid compliance.
  7. Looks like my pursuit of HSBC may come to fruition: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?312177-HSBC-no-CCA/page12 1st Credit confirmed they returned the purchased account to HSBC because there was 'no agreement they could take legal action with'. My position is no agreement = no permission to report to CRA's, which is along the line of this judgement from the looks of it.
  8. Permission must be given for any data sharing. If there is no agreement there cannot be any permission to share. It could also be argued that the items purchased were a gift from the credit provider and by paying them they have had unfair enrichment because there was no legal agreement in place.
  9. ims21: Have a look at the links above for basic info. It is all debt unfortunately. 'low level debt' that is worth billions per annum go to this link and open either of the pdf's showing the details on one SPV managed by HSBC.http://www.hsbcnet.com/gbm/securitisation/investor-reports/turquoise.html This thread was started 4 yrs ago and is a good start for pro/con argument on securitisation: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?244131-Securitization-Discussion I am surprised no ambulance chasing compo firms have latched onto it, the debt is sold to a n
  10. The big issue around all debt is Securitisation. A minefield that has become harder to find info on in the last couple of years, the banks have deleted info that was previously available. Packaged CC and loan debt sold as a special purpose investment vehicle for institutional investors, and very wealthy individuals. The debt is sold to the special purpose investment vehicle (SPV) and managed by the OC, collections, bad debt etc. I think it is one of the reasons DCA pay minimum % for debts from a OC, they have already previously sold it on to the SPV and can't risk the boat being rocke
  11. Thank you Compared it to the most recent from HSBC, a lot has changed in 20 yrs. No mention of repurchasing, but as Brig points out it is probably contained in the debt sale contract between HSBC & whoever buys it. Old and new refer to 'You have agreed by signing this agreement' to let us etc etc. Not much help really. No doubt the debt sale contracts are a closely guarded secret. Think I will: 1 Contact the Data Controller at HSBC (again) with a S10 Objection to processing notice. 2 Contact the CRA's with the same letter 3 Contact the ICO & FCA after the r
  12. This is what I can't understand, they close the account, tell me they have nothing to do with it anymore and then it can be shipped back to them. Account closed must surely mean they cannot come back for another bite of the cherry? Worse when there is no agreement in place re selling to a 3rd party, having it back etc. Anyone have T & C's from 1996 for a Midland Bank/HSBC Visa card they can post up? I would be interested to see what their conditions of closing an account and reopening it again are.
  13. Away from the CRA questions. No agreement, sold to 1 st Credit and they have 'reassigned' it back to HSBC. How can this be done? What law covers this area? Account defaulted & closed when sold to 1st Credit, with no agreement in place, can't understand how it can then be given back.
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