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  1. Having a unit replaced under warranty surely implies it is new and therefore at zero? Anyway, having the dealer stamp the book recording the change gives you the mileage proof/continuity you feel you have not got.
  2. I had a speedometer/odometer unit (mechanical) changed under warranty a few years back. The dealer (Ford) insisted on having the Service Book so the mileage and date of change could be entered and stamped.
  3. To renew online you need "a valid UK passport". Passports run for 10 years (plus a maximum 6 month overlap period from the previous one)
  4. Last month I did a 3 yearly 'over 70' renewal completely online, allowing them to again use my passport photo. The old licence still had two months remaining. The new licence was received within 5 days, so things can work there.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion BF. I'll report back in due course.
  6. The payment was for shares I bought and held in a publicly listed (London stock exchange) Company that was taken over following an accepted 'cash only' bid. My cheque is around £10k. The shares were bought through an online stockbrokers about 13 years ago. The Share Certificate, earlier Annual Reports, etc may have been mailed to me by the previous Registrars but I had no previous contact with any the Registrars. My only contact with the Registrar was recently. First my short explanatory letter when sending back the cheque for "verification". Then, after some delay, th
  7. Not sure where to post this. Not totally a Lloyds matter, so please move to a more appropriate forum. On the takeover of a Company's shares I held, I was sent a cheque drawn on Lloyds Bank. This was shortly after I had gone abroad on an extended trip that got prolonged by a compulsory lockdown total travel ban and cancellation of all international flights for several more months as part of their Covid restrictions. By the time I eventually got home the cheque was a few days beyond its 6 month period. As printed on the cheque, I returned it (still atta
  8. I'm not up to date, but it used to be 14 days to issue a Notice of Intended Prosecution unless it was given verbally at the time of the offence. Saying it was a "manned gun type" suggests you were stopped and therefore it would have been a verbal NIP.
  9. As I read the problem, it is not about knowing what the VIN number is, but where it is because the actual VIN number cannot be found on the moped itself. It should be stamped/engraved somewhere on the main frame, usually on the right side of the steering neck/head. but can be elsewhere.
  10. Heathrow. Free drop off outside terminals. No waiting/pick up allowed except in car parks (paying, of course!). Luton. Also charges for BOTH drop off and pick up ( £4 for 10 minutes then £1/minute) close to terminal. Free for 15 minutes in the mid term car park about 8 minutes walk from the terminal building. Free for an hour and free shuttle bus further away in a long stay car park. Possibly disrupted by Covid and building works.
  11. Unfortunate tale. The greatest cost now to the OP will result from a termination of policy on record and it might be worth a try at getting that rescinded before it comes into effect. I'm not all 'up' on current motor insurance practice and how commercial and hard nosed they are in terms of future and understanding. The OP made an unwitting mistake, without first checking, at the last renewal that in reality had no bearing on the incident or OP's claims/loss record, nor any actual risk as the other driver hadn't even been spoken with let alone entered the vehicle.
  12. You can't have a dual carriage way on one side! On Street View there is no dual carriageway there, only a single carriageway with white lines separating traffic directions. Maybe things have changed since their photographs of 18 months ago. Even with two lanes in a direction it was still a single carriageway as there was no physical separation of traffic directions Others will clarify exactly what defines a dual carriageway in terms of barriers, kerbs, central reservations, signeage, etc but it's not white lines alone.
  13. You do need to check out exactly where, and what limits were there last week. OS maps and Google Street View for a mile or so in both directions along the A5 from the Halton roundabout show a single carriageway (part with 3 lanes) with derestricted signs. In one direction there are lamp posts but still with occasional derestricted signs. That I believe, means 60mph. However, Street View was photographed in the autumn of 2018. A thought - you say you are a courier. Was your vehicle subject to speed limits lower than for private cars? For example, non car based
  14. Not so. You said DVLA told you this? If so, the person is either inefficient or trying to trick you into paying unnecessary Road Tax. https://www.gov.uk/sorn-statutory-off-road-notification says - "You need to make a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) when you take a vehicle ‘off the road’ and you want to stop taxing and insuring it. Your vehicle is off the road if you don’t keep or use it on a public road, for example if it’s in a garage, on a drive or on private land." Nothing about it being YOUR garage, drive or private land.
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