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  1. Looking at the zone map, the direct route between the places mentioned probably means he crossed the Thames via the Blackwall Tunnel. That was outside the CC Zone. Further west, Rotherhithe Tunnel and Tower Bridge are also both outside the zone. The zone starts immediately west of Tower Bridge
  2. As Bankfodder says - it depends on the terms of the contract of which "they" are in breach. Also who are the parties to this contract - you, your employer or an outside firm? If you continue paying the monthly fee under a contract extention (effectively a new short term contract) you surely should also continue to get the monthly mileage allowance. This ignores that the monthly payment was based on a new car instead of a 3 year old one. Additionally, if negotiating with them, on a numbers approach, your initial contract equaled 416 miles per month. You have 760 in hand which, at that limit, should see you through to late November before any mileage fee.
  3. How did you know this, and the precise speed, as you are not getting these letters? Also, I was not aware a City Council can issue Speeding Tickets - but maybe that's my lack of knowledge and it is not just the police who can do that.
  4. No need for a V5C reference to see the MOT history. As another poster and I have both indicated, you can see the MOT details immediately with only the Registration Number. That will give you the dates and mileages of every MOT test the car has ever been submitted for.Including whether is was a Pass of Fail and details of any advisories and "Do not drive" notices. This information, if adverse, could assist and considerably strengthen your case. All anyone needs to do this is just the registration number - nothing else. Do it now .................!!
  5. With just the Registration number anyone can check the MOT and see details of Advisories, etc online at www.check-mot.service.gov.uk With the 11 digit number on the V5C you can also see a copy of the Certificate and which MOT testing station did it.
  6. HB. Your link is not this bunch but to a different firm in Latvia. Try this one, which even has a photo of Darren. https://www.lawgistics.co.uk/
  7. I have followed this thread with deep sadness, but I am now delighted at the aparent outcome. Ellie, I have absolutely no connection with the CAG but once the car has proven itself satisfactory in use and you have a V5C 'log book' in your name, may I suggest a donation to CAG to help this valuable resource continue being available to us all.
  8. Generally, agreed. But could this be their non-confrontational way of objecting to the car regularly running its engine but not moving off, polluting the air outside their window or home?
  9. I see regular references to "road traffic accident 1988". Perhaps "Road Traffic Act 1988" was intended .
  10. Having a unit replaced under warranty surely implies it is new and therefore at zero? Anyway, having the dealer stamp the book recording the change gives you the mileage proof/continuity you feel you have not got.
  11. I had a speedometer/odometer unit (mechanical) changed under warranty a few years back. The dealer (Ford) insisted on having the Service Book so the mileage and date of change could be entered and stamped.
  12. To renew online you need "a valid UK passport". Passports run for 10 years (plus a maximum 6 month overlap period from the previous one)
  13. Last month I did a 3 yearly 'over 70' renewal completely online, allowing them to again use my passport photo. The old licence still had two months remaining. The new licence was received within 5 days, so things can work there.
  14. Thanks for your suggestion BF. I'll report back in due course.
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