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  1. im going to keep paying lloyds per court order telephone calls have started now
  2. another letter we do not appear to have received any contact from you in relation to our previous letter we have now taken over the administration of the repayment account on behalf of lloyds bank plc (they said that in the last letter ) we understand that you previously had a plan in place and we can confirm that we are happy to continue with this arrangement( yeah right) please contact us in the next 7days so we can confirm the repayment details and discuss your prefered method of payments we must point out that we are committed to attempting to help you re-establish y
  3. thanks yes thank you hope you are well to
  4. well another letter arrives today from moocroft:-) we acknowledge receipt of your recent payment against the above debt which we note was made direct to our client, we would refer you to our recent letter which informed you that we are now responsible for the collection of your account and would therefore ask you to contactact us within 7days of the receipt of this letter with an offer of payment it is inportant that all future payments are made directtly to us in order that we can ensure that your account is adminsterted correctly this will assist in ensuring that no f
  5. hi andy i am ok thanks i now it looks as if its starting all over again
  6. well it as arrived letter from moorcroft telling me to get in touch cancell all standing orders the account will be managed by moorcroft and not lloyds they want a new payment plan
  7. i have had one too mr martin has been a very busy man
  8. hi all need a little bit of advice again on this above received a letter supposed to be from lloyds bank saying they have passed this account on to Moorcroft this was taken to court in sept 2009 which they won i have been paying instalments ever since and asking for the full amount can they do this?
  9. hi just received a letter today here goes:| We have finished our investigations This letter is to let you now we have finised our investigations into your complaint and to tell you your decision i would like to assure you that we,ve looked in to your complaint very carefully:-) About your complaint your complaint was in summary you have been reveiwing your credit history with the credit history with theCRA you have noticed an entry placed by barclayloan on the xx november 2001 you would like to now why this is still being reported on your credit file it defaulted on july 200
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