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  1. Hi, I am new to the forum and hope you are able to help me. Having moved to France some 16 months ago & notifying my 2 debtors in the UK that I was unable to continue to make the payments. I wonder if you know if they are able to enforce the debts? I owe £1800 on my visa - I left UK owing £1200 but have incurred charges. I owe £6,500 on my unsecured loan - this figure has not increased! I have always made payments on time & wrote to them 9 months ago to advise I was unable to make the monthly payments. I offered a full & final settlement figure but it was refused by both parties. In fact A & L who I have my loan with I contacted them before I stopped making payments to ask if I could pay it off via full & final settlement, I offered £3k (a family member offered to help), they said, because I had not yet defaulted on my loan, they would not accept the offer. They said I had to wait until I had received 2 x default notices and then action could be taken... I was shocked at that but I guess that's the law! I really need help as to what to do next... I get constant letters, telephone calls at silly times of the day/weekend/night... and it's a nightmare!! Obviously, because I no longer live in the UK I am now classed as a French Resident (but still a UK citizen).. Some people say that for such a small amount owed I will be left alone, others say they will send the Bailiffs etc... I do own a house (joint with my husband), we just about manage to make the monthly payments & enough to live, but, none spare... both companies have had budget sheets! Any advice, help offered would be great. Thanks FF XXXXXXXX:p
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