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  1. Hi, we have a capital one cc and we where maxed out on it last year and so set up a direct debit and have basically left it since then. I went onto the online account yesterday (as we are now in a position to pay a lot of the card off) and discovered that without using the card we have gone "overlimit" every month since feb. Nobody has told us these £12 charges where being added every month we recieved no calls no letters nothing! as a consequence after paying £55 every month and not using the card we are now over limit? even though the direct debit is set up as minimum payment which
  2. Hi thanks for that, i tried to post a message but it wont let me as im suspended. Seems to me like im blocked from resolving anything until i pay money i dont owe
  3. Hi all I would appreciate some advice on what to do about ebay after they suspended my account ill paste everything below on the email conversation ive been having with them: 1st email: from me If you check the paypal history and contact the buyer of the iphone you will see the item did not sell through ebay! Paypal witheld the funds and was unwilling to send £280 worth of goods without getting paid for them, so i contacted the buyer and we agreed a refund after paypal refused to release the funds. The item then sold on Leicester Gumtree at another date. I recieved no money
  4. I too would like to know the answer to this. I have just read my agreement with a magnifying glass and i see nothing on there regarding the company not trading and as it's a HP agreement with a company that no longer exsists surely that's the end of the agreement and we can give the car back should we choose to? Surely a hire agreement with a company that no longer trades isnt possible?
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