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  1. Hey jan im going to try nat west they seem to be the best i have heard. Will you keep me informed of your progress and i will do for you to with mine?? chris
  2. Thank you guys for all your help and advice means a lot it realy does better than the people on money saving expert who thought they would turn it into a argument against me Cheers guys Chris
  3. Hey Uk yeah i have thought about opening a new account to have money paid into and i have been told nat west are good and i am in the future going to use them. Thank you for your advice uk i am greatful. I also forgot to mention in my original post that i recieved a letter today telling me they are going to take out another £158 out of my account on the 4th march in charges due to the fact i have been overdrawn £11 for the past couple of weeks because my benefits were not enough to cover there last charge they took out. Theres nothing like daylight robbery
  4. Thank you for your reply and help pete and i shall draft out another letter to them tonight and get it in the post tomorrow see what else they have to say on the matter. Thank you so much Chris
  5. Please can somebody advise me on what i can do next ... I have so far rang and sent letters to hsbc about there charges and requesting a refund of them like many people i have been sent the leter your claim and complaint has been logged and stored ect ect.. I have been really ill for the past year and a bit with neurological illness and have been in receipt of incapacity benefit with not being able to work due to illness. I am struggling each month to get but i recieve £196 every 2 weeks (long term incapacity) to get by on to pay bills and rent and to live on. I recently looked
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