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  1. Thanks for your reply, I actually have an 89 year lease left on 1 of 4 flats in a block. I pay a peppercorn ground rent and maintenance to a freeholder (who is very helpful and owns all four flats). Just wondered if credit cards and bank loan could charge order me if I lose my job as I know leaseholds are slightly different to freeholds. Thanks to this brilliant site I'm not panicking yet (as I know there are many avenues to go down ) just thinking long term as I know the dirty tricks brigade would try and have my home off me If I lose my job.(or contracts as I'm self employed}..
  2. Can a charging order be applied to a leasehold flat (89 years remaining ) as per freehold properties. Can it still ultimately end up in repossession..? Thanks. Not in any specific bother at mo but am now on short working week..
  3. Forgot to mention when you copy link location and paste it comes something like http epetitions no10 SKILLSTRAIN
  4. Hi Spicey sorry to butt in on your thread but found this e petition.... Good luck with your claim.. Petition to: Investigate distance learning course providers for product and financial mis selling. (after the recent bbc watchdog report Nov 2008). | Number10.gov.uk
  5. Credit Solutions Can you believe they reckon there BRITISH STANDARD ISO accredited. SO WAS THE TITANIC.....
  6. Hi everyone, I think its a great website that I have been lurking on for ages, especially the way some people are giving up lots of time an effort in the pursuit of solving problems and misery. Well done all. My problem is that I signed up to a correspondence course and believed all the hype and big ups from the Course tutor who attended my home, now known as high pressure sales rep, I signed up to a book keeping course as I thought this would help me in my new business I was setting up at the time (now going well). I was told that if the course was not suitable I could cancel at an
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