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  1. Hiya DB hope you're well Not heard anything at all for many years. I think it was A CCJ I've not paid any money at all towards the debt since they won appeal. How would I find out if it's a CO?? I've done a credit file search a few yrs back and I'm sure it said I have a CCJ to HFO So if I decide to sell they wouldn't get the balance from my equity in home?? I would be satisfying the debt but renegotiate the settlement
  2. Just read what a charging order is... DEFINATELY don't have a charging order
  3. I think it's just a CCJ a charging order I believe they can force you to sell home?? Is that right??
  4. Also not looking to repurchase another house as can't get another mortgage, well not one with normal interest rates anyway! ( assumingly)
  5. Hi all Been a very long time since I posted anything ... Sorry I had a CCJ placed against my home a good few yrs ago. I originally won my case but then they appealed and won a CCJ order. Some yrs ago, Turnbull Rutherford contacted me asking if i could satisfy the CCJ and they would reduce the figure. I didn't believe them and have paid no money whatsoever. The CCJ is £4500 and TR said interest is added at 8% per annum I believe ( again I don't think interest can be added??) So I'm asking if I was to sell my property this automatically gets paid to TR doesn't it or whoever HFO services/ capital whoever they are now ( I also remember they may have lost their licence) Before I put house on market I wonder if it's possible to contact them and offer a payment to satisfy?? Can anyone guide me what I should do??? It's been on property about 5 yrs approx I think ( gosh time flies!) Thanks in advance
  6. ive just got a correspondence from them, saying the registered name of Wescot spv ltd is changing to arrow global. im unaware of any debt with wescot if im honest, then its mentioning moorcroft further down as to who to direct payment too!" very confused!
  7. Hi all havent been on here for a while. Been in same home nearly 18 yrs, small 2 bed with 3 kids. we have done our best dividing a room but smallest is 5 ft x 8 ft which for a 14 yr old is ridiculous. Outgrown well and truly . im with the one account, ive just rang them to see if we could maybe look to moving property. im not looking at borrowing any more, we looking at moving to a cheaper area but does boast a bigger property for the money. currently weve a mortgage of 79k, and the house is valued at 130-135k atm. so all good i guess. one account will not entertain me was his words as ive a CCJ on the property, acquired about 3-4 yrs ago from HFO services :/.... so now im wondering what my next thing is to do, do i go see a financial advisor (my friend told me not to bother as cant trust them) and im thinking if we dont increase the mortgage we will be paying far more elsewhere for same amount, so if we want to move we either pay more because of debt probs or sell and rent and pay even more Ive a ccj but ive a few credit card bills which are on token payments, the ccj debt of about 4k is the only attachment to our house What a mess
  8. Hi , i need some advice for my brother He had a one night stand about 8 yrs approx. Resulting in this woman getting pregnant. She found out he was living with my parents at the time. My brother bit of a lad i suppose, nice bmw bit of money at the time. He has never had contact with child, seen or anything. CSA have been persuing him for all of the 8 yrs. I know the moral things and unhappy he didnt protect himself, but it does take 2 to tango, The mother is living a life on benefits and apparently has 3 kids 3 different fathers (lucky them). My brother since has had 3 kids with his partner and has since bought his home outright. He is self employed, although he now works 3 days a week or less due to recession and construction industry. He has always refused dna testing, as much as i think he should, if im paying for a child at least know your the parent. CSA have assumed he is, so a few wks ago an ccj order of £2550 has been put on home, with a further 28k looking set to also go on separately (i dont know ins and outs of it all and dont understand the separate amounts) He's a bunny in headlights, and is thinking of changing the deed of his home into his partners name (they arent married, been together 7 yrs and have 3 kids together) His partner has in no way contributed to the mortgage, he has paid it all. Ive tried to advise that this isnt really a good idea having had my husband walk out on me of 21 yrs, i trust no one, and once the house is in his name he would have no legal right over it, and i can see him loosing that too. He has run away from this for a long time, i know that, it was never going to go away, the CSA dont care he has 3 other kids to support either. There was mention of evicting him out of house after 28 days, can they do that???... I want him to contest the dna now, as who knows she might have already been pregnant at the time, he didnt know her, it wasnt her first child, if someones quick enough to drop knickers at least protect yourself, and she says she is catholic, well catholics shouldnt have sex out of marriage???...thats no excuse in the UK, im catholic, and if i wanted to be promicuos id at least be making sure id not be getting pregnant! No excuse now, if he is father, but they hound him, hes had a good job and hes being made to pay for something he didnt have a choice in!. is it too late to do a dna now? its a 50/50 chance, they outcome wouldnt change if he is father but it has huge benefits if hes not.
  9. thanks CB... Dx again im not 100% on what happened so i need to sit down with her and get it all down, im going with her next week cant do anything this week for her, all i know is she says the bank said because her email address was used, and she also mentioned the word 'secure login' whatever that is, the bank are saying the way its been paid they had too much of her pers information so its looks like she did it etc, but they know it wasnt her, and thats what i cant get my head around if they know it wasnt her why are they making her pay?... they say its their policy, she didnt have any insurance either thats what they are saying too, that she would have been covered if it was a credit card or one of their better accounts, but she has a basic account, it makes my blood run cold as i dont think my card is covered and i often used it to pay for online purchases :/
  10. ive texted her to see what she says, all i know is hsbc know its fraud, i dont know if they traced anything, but they say its their policy not to pay this fraud as her email address and passwords were used, i was assuming it was from the 'verified by visa' thing when you can also change the password if you had forgot it etc, im not 100% as it isnt my account, just trying to help her as she has got no where and im finding it awful to she her stressed
  11. no she never used it online even, it was a brand new card she hadnt made many transactions with it, but specifically remembers the one over the phone, that isnt hard i expect phoning details over phone, you are hoping they dont write down your number amd keep for their own use but again back to having no proof :/
  12. Hi all, im posting on behalf of my sister in law. She had a transaction go through for £700 approx to western union. She didnt make this transaction it was made online according to hsbc records etc. Her card was cancelled etc, and investigations took place, in the mean time another £500 went to a airline company for a flight from bulgaria to poland i believe, again she honestly did not make this transaction, its unbelievable once but twice just a joke. So she was left with no money, this was taken straight from her xmas savings of child benefit and tax credits. HSBC did little to help, showing her the phone in their establishment to call a foreign call centre, she has had nothing but stress with 3 kids under 5 having to try sort this out on her own. She has even contacted to police, who gave her an incident number, she gave this to HSBC and they finally credited her account a few wks ago pending further investigations. She in the meantime emptied account and set up another account elsewhere, now hsbc have taken the funds back again refusing to accept this isnt her doing, she now has threats of baliffs!!!.... We dont know what to do, they are saying 'secure login' was used when making these fraudulent purchases meaning she had to have told someone her email address etc, and think maybe someone had changed passwords but i dont know if this is possible???.. .it was a brand new card, and the only thing we can think is she had used it to pay over the phone to Cosatto (a baby furniture company) she had previously been emailing them, they required her to ring for a part, they took her card details over phone etc, had her address to send to etc, we dont know what to do now, it isnt fair she has this bill now to pay which isnt her purchases, would anyone advise seeing a solicitor, she has been told to contact the financial ombudsmen and thats it
  13. ahhhhh thankyou guys and dolls, sorry didnt come back was sooo busy this weekend and stressed to max will sort account out today hubby dont get paid next until 25th aug, but i do have both my child benefit and tax credit go in so hope they dont stop that tomoz they have ordered hubby an electron card, but like i said to him i dont think an electron account allows a £1500 od, so annoyed i got a CCJ as lost a case against hfo capital, i had previously won too, but they appealed and i lost it, been sooo stupid sooo soo stupid, didnt honestly think it even affects a bank account, i just feel like selling my home and renting, but even our £400 pm mortgage we dont struggle on but living costs are just ridiculous, and renting costs are extortionate i imagine... we dont live an extravangant life, well having 2 cars seems to be a luxury nowadays and we just thinking we might have to sell one as its just soooo expensive omg am i just whinging or is it really hurting... the cost of living now?
  14. Got too much control over money you have worked hard for! UPDATE!...as i have a CCJ they wont allow us a 'debit' card, they are ordering hubby an electron card...not happy tho they didnt inform us kick a person when ur down so BEWARE anyone with CCJ's impending!
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