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  1. Our fleet manager operates the same policy. I have seen people turn up for work in their own shiny new cars, just take a pool car out and reverse into bollards, crack oil sumps, reverse into walls, scuff bumpers, even write one off costing 17k, then just get out, climb into their own car with no remorse whatsoever and drive safely home !! All now pay an excess if it's proven to be their fault and can still face d.p action or worse case they refuse to abide by the companies policy and are removed from driving duties affecting their employment. One guy took one fleet car to a multi storey and left the keys on the roof to nip into sayers, it wasn't there when he got back and was later found burnt out. Who can blame the company for changing its policy. Common sense does apply in all cases and I'm sure we wouldn't be charged if all reasonable care was taken. One guy had left a laptop on his back seat whilst out shopping, the window was smashed and the laptop was stolen. He was charged. Another had put it in the boot and the car was broken into and it was taken. He luckily had cctv footage to proove that he had secured it in the boot, albeit he was seen placing it there by the said thief, he wasn't charged.
  2. I was also shocked by the speed of this announcement, however on reading in the press today, the site was informed of closure as far back as 2007, by it's then owners, Cadbury's. KRAFT did say they'd try and keep it operating but looking at the figures after the takeover they came to the same decision as the former owners.
  3. Uncertain - I was just making the point that some people spoil things for all. I have had countless since ask could or should they resign or have just done it anyway leading up to any proceedings. I always now take them to the end or place it on file as resinged pending action. Yes life is indeed tough and some people just make me even tougher. He may have been just giving the lad a fair break due to his age.
  4. I really feel for the Manager who said he could resign. Not clever. I have been here as a Manager and done the same and once let three employees resign who had perfect work records and long service when they had bought some knocked off items from another member of staff outside of the workplace. They claimed they didn't know it was stolen and knowing that they may all be dismissed, I let them all resign to find other jobs with clean records and avoid the D.P process. They then tried constructive against me!! I really thought I was doing them all a favour. All they did was to educate me to never ever to allow this again, no matter how much I thought of families, mortgages, etc. Taught me a big lesson about people and their own agendas.
  5. Theft is committed as soon as the dishonest appropriation occurs. Nothing ever has to leave any store or premises before it has been stolen. Companies tend to allow SCONE to apply to ensure a full conviction in court. Suspicion-Concealment-Observed-Non-Payment-and Exit. Employers work on reasonable suspicion, they don't need the beyond reasonable doubt that a court of law requires.
  6. You can apply for yourself as no employer ever gets to see your CRB before you do anyway. They may help you apply and pay the costs, but it still arrives to you directly. You should call Disclosure Scotland on 0870 609 6006 for an application form. The cost is £23.00. I would request an enhanced, not basic, as both cost the same price but working with under 18's an enhanced is required and will show all cautions, warnings, not spent under the ROAA.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much unless the employee has firm evidence against you. I have approx 300 staff under me and have heard numerous grievances against my management team who have been at the time or before managing that persons poor performance. Now and again I also get them against me. It is their right to raise them however most only raise them against line managers when they feel threatened by their own actions! There are exceptions though. Some people do abuse their posn. I have had Race, Performance & Bullying against me over the years. I never worry as I know I have done nothing wrong and their claim is never backed up with anything of substance. Your company is just following policy as you'd expect if you'd raised one.
  8. Figee, Why did your friend bin the gift card if it was her own money? Was the exchange recorded with her details? I can't understand why she would bin something knowing that it was rightly her money and not the stores. Why would she state she was scared of getting into trouble. Did she do something wrong?
  9. Figee Apologies for sounding negative but nothing will matter if you have less than 12 months service with this company. As for GM or not they will say MAY if it's not listed as they can't list all offences but they could state The following is a non‑exhaustive list of examples of disciplinary offences which amount to Gross Misconduct:
  10. Dindal, I think that from reading from what you state the tribunal would be in favour of the employer as they will state to the panel that they tried everything reasonably possible to aid you in returning to work. They paid you to stay at home in June 07 whilst they arranged occ health then you mention that you failed to attend your assessment in July as you had another migraine? Was you not suspended at this point? You failed to return on the 6th August and they visited you on the 9th. They said your partner could phone and you could also come in late. What more can an employer possibly offer ? You then went absent just three days after returning to work for a period of 17 weeks. You also state that work collegues were now ignoring you or abrupt, they will also use this as an argument for you not returning to the workplace. Good luck in whatever avenue you may take.
  11. I have noticed that this company never informs a CRA of your repayment record. You could have a 100% payment record yet they don't inform anyone of this. Is this because by not doing so, they do not actually want to help you re-establish your record thus forcing you to remain with them?
  12. The weeks notice after 1 month would not count for acts of G.M whilst in probation. Termination within probation is immediate.
  13. Roxy, You can ask for a monitoring centre report. This will list the timings and dates of lock/unlock codes being entered. If leading up to this date the alarm reports the shop was being closed daily at 16:30hrs and not 17:00hrs as the panel reads, then surely you all knew that you were leaving 1/2 hour early each day. If not then from what you have said it will read as 17:00hrs on the alarm report and your panel when setting it would have read 17:30hrs? Except for the day in question when the report reads 16:30 vs 17:00 on your panel. Did someone change it that day ? The report can verify this.
  14. lovelybubbly, Surely your husband is now fully SIA licensed and therefore would have completed his Conflict resolution if badged? These are the training notes issued by SIA guidlines. The SAFER model helps to evaluatea potentially difficult situation, to stay in control and to chose the best response. S- Step Back - Do not rush in regardless of risk – even to help someone else Physically step back – we can see more Mentally and emotionally step back – think clearly and rationally A- Assess threat - Identify potential dangers F- Find Help - Consider what help you need. This may involve: · Call for security or police support · Seek help from other people nearby · Ask a manager or other colleague to watch · Ask a manager or other colleague to take over · Consider getting a colleague to telephone back later to check that we are OK E- Evaluate Options - What is available? · To exit · To pass control of the incident to another person · To deal with the person ourselves – and selecting an appropriate approach R- Respond - Throughout our response we need to continually assess: · The threat · Our ability to think and behave rationally · The effectiveness of our strategy I really struggle with the fact that a SECURITY Supervisor with so many years experience had just done nothing due to not having an instruction written out for him. I have never had written instructions on how to deal with seeing a violent attack in the street, but common sense would prevail and I'd be dialing 999. The company can also verbally inform a person of a change of hearing date by giving 24hrs notice, as long as the person attending agrees. The person who held the D.P is not allowed to hear the appeal, it will be their line manager and a more senior person in the business. However if he appeals, he must present some evidence that was not present or discussed in the first hearing, as most employees just appealed hoping that a different Manager would see the case differently and overturn it. You should also be aware that they can either increase or decrease the severity of the initial award. I'd suspect that a tribunal panel will put themselves in the place of the victim or their mother and not that of an experienced Supervisor claiming that he didn't know what to do? I know this isn't what you wanted to read, but I'm being realistic.
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