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  1. Its not membership, its the down payment on the apartment with rest of balance going through bank details,,they told us twice that this is non-refundable, If worst come to worst and we have lost this, as long as we have ground to stand on that the agreement can be cancel and we dont have to pay anything else to these people....Amkicking ourselves for falling for this on our 1st family holiday......Still see the 2 white women taliking to other new familes arriving.
  2. Need a quick answer, in spain on holiday and have done supid thing, made payment to timeshare which is non-refundable...have been speaking to other people, now have cold feet meant to meet RCI again this eveing for finial paper work...Is there any way of going about getting a nonrefundable payment refunded????
  3. hello haven't been on site inwhile..but am getting sick of these charges with halifax..going tbe charge 56.00 now @ end of march..can't afford to pay off ovedraft or move bank Q.1 my bank charges reclaiming stage was at going to sedto smal claims..is there anpoint now.
  4. yes ub...is ulster bank.account isup to date.house valued @ 110,000 mortgage now 55,000 with 17 years lefted.been on benefits about a year now.
  5. Hello Not sure if i'm in right place....My husband has losted his job..and are now on benefits...we have our mortgage with UB...of which our interest is now up to 4%...know halifax has lower dis.fixed rate.....Question is would we be able to move our mortage now we are on benefits????any advice would be grateful
  6. hi all really getting sick of halifax:-x, Had D/D due on 10th may (Sun) had money in on 11th, on my online account shows money going in and D/D going out and all within my overdraft now received a letter for £35 fee, rang Halifax requesting it to be wavier spoke to Ian "nothing we can do" am in 3rd stage of small claim but would rather not be charged this..as ti might take all time to get it back? For the hardship forms does it take a long time, and do you get all of the claim on these forms? any tips or suggestion thanks
  7. hello hope someone can help me Have 3 separte questions Q.1 Have had some £12.00 fees charged to my topshop cards am at the stage of sending small claims form.. but am now questioning weather I will get these fees refunded?? ( last time I claimed from ge money it was the higher fees 20/25) Q.2 Have a personal Loan with Halifax have been charged late payment fees ... at the small claims stages as well... Is there a stay on PL applications?? Q.3 At the stage of SC again with 2 bank accounts is it better to send the small claims form away and wait for the stay to be lifted Many thanks
  8. I would really apprecite any advice or information anyone has on this form!!
  9. hello all Could someone please explain to me the what a "Indentily form" (not sure if thats rite way to spell it) BT has charged my d/d a/c £70.00 in error ..when I request that is be refunded BT told me that I would have to go the UB to fill out a "indentily form"...went to my UB manager who refused to fill out "indentily form" saying it was a BT error ...this form seem to be the quickly way customer has of getting money back.. Has anyone any knowledge of how this form works..or is UB liable to fill form out .. Would appreciate any information as I want to get in contact with UB today again. many thanks.:?
  10. Hi eddie If you haven't received your materials yet I would send a recorded letter asap..and refuse your materials...making sure you get a copy of the courier's signuature that you have refused them.. Also if you happened to live in N-Ireland, no college will accept a outside body...which lead to my "breech of contract" hope you get things sorted!
  11. hello I have just discovered that there is £140.00 of charges on our Halifax PL ...can I reclaim these charges and if so is it the same way to go about it as the current a/c charges......are loan companies refunded charges or are they putting "stay" on them at the court stage???? be grateful for any advice
  12. hi Could someone point me in the right direction....I am looking for a template letter for " breach of contract"..failing to provide a service they ofering.. Would much apprect. My wee man
  13. breech of contact?? the course cost £1300.00. when the lay from hlc visited my home and I signed the agreement, she informed me that I could sit the exams in my local college which is only 9 miles away( and I don't drive). Now after investiagting with my local college they don't take in exterior students, When I spoke to the AAt board they told me that the only place in N-Ireland is in Belfast.... I rang the college in Belfast and they informed me that they had stopped taking in exterior students under AAT over a yaer ago. Where do I go from here? will I still be liable to pay for this course under the agreement??? Any advise be grateful. confused student
  14. hi Wondering if some one could give me some advice I renewed my hubby van insurance in june with open&Direct..where to send propsal form to be filled in and signed no form came sented out "dup" (to them, org to us) my husdand signed it(which he didn't realise he had to fill in all the details, that they already asked on the phone) So letter came back and on that same day we made full payment by debit card of balance the form was sent in the post...now on the 8th we received letter saying insurance was cancelled on the 29th July (so my husband was driving about for 10 days with no insurance) and the we were only entitled to 197.00 back out of 295.00 for cover from 23rd june to 29th july. Can they really charge that amount for a month..the refun has still not went back onto our card yet. Can insuance company get away with this?????? (we now have van insured under another company whose proposal form was all filled out and only needed to be signed)
  15. hi Hope someone can give me some advice? Back in feb 08 I decided to take a course through Home Learning College signed the agreement payed dep and materials were to be sent within 7 days...7 days came and went ..so I decided to cancel the course via email and letter( have no proof of letter and HLC tell me they have no record of it )...anyway by late March started to receive telephone calls from HLC about arrears(still no materials)when enquired arears what for? HLC told me materials had been sent throgh DHL and that they were signed for(which I know I never signed for anything) requested proof of signuatre from DHL...they have no record of this Received letter from APEX Credit Ltd which HLC have handed payment over to them. I have now received materials at end of June almost 4 months later HLC will not take payment direct form me I am perpared to make S/O ot HLC now for the materails Would like to know How to go about gettting my name off this Apex list? will it blacklist my name?? Or has HLC ths right to done this?? Have threaten them about going to my Solictor and Watchdog about there services and additude.
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