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  1. Fair enough but what I like to know where can I challenge this because I am not happy and believe to hard done by.
  2. Adjudicator decision was based on that Council have displayed the correct sign which is questionable on it own. Not that I didn't challenged correctly or any thing else. Nor I had the information at that time that my neighbour PCN appeal has been allowed. If I had that information with me before the adjudicator was going to review my case maybe outcome would have been different. Anyway my issue or advice I am trying to receive is that Law should be equal when circumstances are same I emphasis again "when circumstances are same" outcome of any decision should be same as well.
  3. None of the above applies because when we both left our car in suspended bays in question, suspension started at 18.30 on the day in question and PCN were issued to my car at 1834 and my neighbour car at 1835. We both did came across the PCN next morning about the same time and decided to challenge for same reason. That's what makes matter worse and I feel hard done by, maybe one or 2 things we may have different to each other but most of the point were same, main thing which need to be focus on is Council phoned or wrote to PATAS couple of days before the case was suppose to appear in
  4. I don't know if this sound right but my point is If council issue 2 PCN same time, same date and for same reason on cars parked next to each other however don't contest one and other get full penalised I thought justice system need to equal to everyone. I have provided the proof and letter from the claimant whom PCN have been cancelled. Why can't Adjudicator and Council can accept and either cancel both or neither. Maybe I am wrong but I believe law should be same for every one.
  5. Need Urgent help regarding my case about PCN issued while Parking bay was suspended. I have used this forum and found relavent information which I sent to Local Authority. I received rejection letter and sent again appeal to Local Authority with further evidence. Rejection letter was issued by Local Authority and few days later Notice to owner without any form of appeal process. Wrote again and received appeal documents and sent to PATAS with lots of information and even letter from Department of Transport confirming Local Authority didn't have applied for Traffic Sign to Suspen
  6. I wrote to GE Money regarding my loans ppi which have been settled. I got reply stating that because I took out loan from broker (Freedom Finance Plc) I should contact the broker regarding, Forced to buy the ppi otherwise wont get loan Was not given full detailed information In need for urgent advice who is legally responsible or liable for miss sold ppi, broker or lender. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for such great forum which help thousands of people. I have problem and I need help regarding Creation finance PPI. I have written to them asking to refund the whole amount I have paid over the 10 years period for Adam card Payment Protection. They written back saying that I was sold correctly. I had chance to cancel but I didn’t cancel. Even ask me not to write to them regarding this matter and for further inquiry I should contact FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service). FOS has wrote to me after I complained to them, that in this matter they can’t help me and I should contact Finance &
  8. I am fighting that it’s wrong to blocked two big bay (approximately over 15 car parking) for either one or two trucks/vans in the morning or at any time. I think it’s not right to accept this restriction just because it’s been placed there by council. My common sense tells me that these bay needs to be amended so part of it can be Restricted for Loading/Unloading and part of it for paying customer. Surely council can benefit from extra revenue and people like me who like to shop first thing in the morning can benefit from convenient parking especially with children.
  9. I was issued pcn on Saturday morning, because I parked in Loading/unloading bay from Mon to Sat between 07:00 till 10:00. I have been going Green Street for very long time and as far I can remember those were parking bay. When they were changed I don't know however in my recent visits to Green St (East London) I have been noticing that only one or two mini trucks or vans come to deliver the goods. I believe, to restrict two bays (one with capacity of 5 or 6 cars and second with 10 or 12 cars) is unfair and that should be change to part of restricted for Lording/Unloading and part of should b
  10. Thanks for the reply and will be further grateful if can be shown the way to take it further. I have looked in the templates but haven't found anything suitable so bit of help needed here. Thanks
  11. I requested MBNA to pay me over £900 in charges and I have been offered £340 as goodwill. Just wondering, should I accept that or decline and ask for full money. I will be really grateful for any help. Thanks
  12. _____________________________________________________________ I parked there around 08:54 and was back in car 08.59 also there is more than enough space in between barriers and my car for childrens and parents to enter school without causing obstruction. No I don't park at zigzag, I have maybe parked couple times in my dropping and picking my children in last 5 years. I am one of those parents who go and wait outside the school 20 minutes early so can park. I haven't park there since than and got no intention of doing, also PCN hasn't been cancled either.
  13. ____________________________________________________________ Sorry every thing gone is above my head. First of all thanks for the reply and your time, second if you can explain in plain english for me I will be grateful. Thanks
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