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  1. Thanks for the reply Nottslad So e-on will not just turn up after 9.30 at my home when they have the warrant and break in thats all I'm worried about? If they tell me when they are coming I will arange to be in I don't have a problem with them fitting it infact I want them to. Thanks
  2. Hi, E-ON are arranging to issue a warrant through the magistrates court to fit prepayments for both Gas and Electric. I've just spoke to at someone E-on about agreeing to have them fitted and he went through everything sorted out a payment plan of £5.00 a week of each checked to see if it was ok and everything was fine. He then said he would put me through to someone else to arrange a date and time to have them fitted. After about 5 mins of me waiting on the phone he came back on and said they can't stop the warrant going ahead as its to late ( its due to go to court on the 29th Nov). He then said all I need to do was wait until after they have been to court and someone will get in touch with me about having the meters fitted and as I have already agreed to this I won't get charged the £230 court fee. Now I'm worried that they will get the warrant and break into my home to fit the meters. I'm not in all day due to work and I rent private so the Landlord will not be happy. Is this normal practice? I can't understand why they need to go to court and if I'm not been charged they are wasting their own money. I don't know if this helps but I did agree to have meters fitted in March by e-mail to which they replied and said someone would be in touch by post with a date they would be fitted, but after that I never heard anything else, but letters from e-on started coming in addressed to someone else at my address. I also had a couple of answer phone messages asking for this person. Also the amount owing is not just from this address its from a previous address also which I left 2 and half years ago. Thanks in advance
  3. I would really love it if there was something I could get back from them they really made our lives hell with all the verbal abuse and threats they made. Even though it was a long time ago its still plays on my mind a lot and we have only just finished paying back the father in law. I will get o/h to get the agreement down tonight and I will post it up here tomorrow when. Thanks
  4. I don't have a scanner at home but I can get this done at work tomorrow and post it then. I will have to fetch the paperwork from out the loft tonight as I stored everything away I didn't think I would need it again. Thanks for the quick reply
  5. I had a lot of hassle from Go-Debt about 3 years ago after handing back a car to ycc. They scared me that much with threats of bankrupcy (we owned our home at the time) I ended up borrowing £4000 of my father in law to pay them up. My deposit was taken of the insurance and not of the value of the car also. Is it to late to do anything about this now? I still have every piece of paperwork. Or should I just leave it alone Thanks
  6. sorry to butt in but I had a lot of hassle from Go-Debt about 3 years ago after handing back a car to ycc. They scared me that much with threats of bankrupcy (we owned our home at the time) I ended up borrowing £4000 of my father in law to pay them up. My deposit was taken of the insurance and not of the value of the car also. Is it to late to do anything about this now? I still have every piece of paperwork. Or should I just leave it alone
  7. ok will do thanks, so shall I not set up any payment plans until I get replies.
  8. Its a credit card debt had nothing from the original (Aqua) just received letter from Cabot this morning with a letter from Aqua attached explaining that it has been assigned to Cabot
  9. hi Cabot has just bought my cc debt which I have found out about today so I have been on their website to try and set up a payment plan as I owe the money and would like to pay it off. But I have just noticed the welcome letter they have sent me has the amount I owe but according to their site this has now risen by over £6.00 in just 5 days can they do this? The debt is not over 6 years old. Thanks in advance
  10. hi, Well I emailed e-on at the beginning of march and agreed to have pre payment meters fitted, they replied 2 days later saying this was fine and they would right to me with the dates they would be fitted. Since then something strange has happened to my account. My gas and electric has been seperated they was on one bill before, I have had the gas refunded and only the electric account is showing and the gas has now been changed into someone elses name but still at my address.I have also had a message left on my phone asking for this person to get in contact. Also I had have not heard anything more about the prepayment meters. Does anyone know what is happening here? I can set up a regular s/o but not sure if to do this yet.
  11. Nottslad, If I was to agree to have prepayment meters fitted would e-on imform my landlord? I am privately renting. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for the imformation I don't have a bill sent the account is online and I can't find bank details there, Also I have spoke to them before but they will only give me a payment card to make payments and they won't budge on the £65.00 per week. They are now threatning disconnection as I rent privatly so can't have a prepayment fitted. I was thinking if I could somehow set up a s/o they would be getting a payment even if it is not the amount they want, but at least I would be showing that I am not refusing to pay. Most of the debt is from a previous property.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get hold of an account number and sortcode so I can set up a standing order with eon? They are giving me a lot of hassle and are demanding £65 a week to clear a debt which I can't afford but they won't listen. Thanks in advance
  14. its 12 years since he signed his contract and to be honest I can't find it now, but I do remember he was employed to work 40 hours a week Is there anywhere I can find this out in writing I have tried looking on net but can't seem to get a exact answer?
  15. Hi can anyone help my o/h works as a frabricator and has worked for the same company for 12 years. Because of the credit crunch etc there hasn't been much work for the last year but now it seems to be getting worse. He is contracted to work 40 hours a week but since nov he's lucky to get in 15 hours, he goes in at 8am and come 11am they are sending him home. this dosn't happen to all the workers in the factory just the same 6 or 7, it has even been noted that he has been sent home and others have got overtime in,(but this hasn't happened a lot). is this legal? it seems unfair to me. he has asked for redundency but they just laughed and he darn't say to much incase they find a way of getting rid of him.
  16. Thanks for the replies I'm going to do what you have all suggested and I will get back to you. The anti virus that is installed is mcafee which is free with our bt contract also I don't no if this helps but the laptop has been restarted by reinstalling windows twice this didn't help. Thanks again I will let you no how I get on
  17. Hi hope I have posted in the correct bit. In march 09 I bought my daughter a laptop from Currys costing £320 for her Birthday. I didn't take out extra cover but the laptop came with a years gaurentee Around September time the laptop started to drop connection sometimes after 1 hour sometimes after 10 min and sometimes it would be ok.The only way to reconnect is to restart the computer as once dropped it won't find the wireless again. i have a bt hub. Anyway I rang tecguys up they had laptop in and sent it back saying nothing wrong with it must be the hub that is faulty. From the hub I run another laptop plus bt vision no problem also when my daughters friends come round they use the bt hub no problem it is only my daughters laptop that loses connection. I have also rang bt who have checked everything and the signal is excellent. But techguys won't accept this and say they wont replace the laptop because they can't find a fault. I have also tried the laptop with a dongle away from the house and it dropped signal on that. Any ideas what to do next guys I'm pulling my hair out here and going round in circles also its getting close to the gaurentee running out? Thanks in advance
  18. How many default notices can welcome send you for the same debt? I have had 3
  19. I have had a reply about getting the warrant set aside and the company won't agree to it. I know have to attend court on the 2nd nov for a hearing This is all because of one missed payment of £80.00 from 5 months ago why they couldn't just write to me and ask for the money i don't know. I have kept up with the rest of the payments but a couple have been a little late if the payment date was changed this would not be a problem. I can make up the outstanding payment next week so eveything will be upto date before the hearing will this make a difference, would this stop the hearing? I can't attend the hearing because of work commitments I am on the verdge of being promoted and can't risk it, but I was thinking of sending a letter in to explain things, Would this be enough? Can anyone give me any advice please?
  20. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their advice especialy dustbin. I set up the standing order with the council then emailed them telling them what I had done and why. They have today replied saying they had withdrawn the bailiffs and accepted the offer, not that had much choice. I also e-mailed the bailiffs and explained what I had done. I feel 100% better know and don't have to hide all day incase they turn up but I wouldn't have done it with out the great advice on here. Anyway i'm off to do some cleaning now as I was to scared to do it before incase they knocked I might even turn the music on Thanks Again x
  21. i've set up the standing order i'm thinking of e-mailing the council to let them know what I have done and that I have done it because the bailiffs won't accept my offer of £200 a month. Do you think they will stop the action if I do?
  22. I've found the bank details for the council so if I set up a standing order now to start next friday on a weekly scheme, this is best for us, how can I stop the baliffs until then? Shall I e-mail them and tell them I have set up a s/o with council. They have not added any charges at the min because they haven't called yet. I know the council won't agree to me setting one up as I have spoke to them before so it is a waste of time telling them
  23. Yes they did send me a letter but I had clear the last one up first didn't realise about the standing order I will have look now as I set this up on line Thanks
  24. Thanks for the advice No they have never been in the house it has only just been passed to them this week. I think I pay on-line to the council direct but as I have just given the baliff yesterday £300 to clear up the last one I don't have any spare money until next Friday and I think they will call before then. I am rubbish with confrontation so will find it hard to ignore them plus my daughter mostly gets home before me so she may open the door.
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