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  1. I will check if my bank can give me the info. Do I have a leg to stand on regarding the rollover holiday entitlement?
  2. The trouble is, I went from weekly to monthly pay in 2012 and i'm struggling to find records going back that far.
  3. Hi all I have been employed for 3 years, initially paid weekly then moved to monthly pay after the first year. I was some weeks paid by cheque, and sometimes BACS. Since the last 14 months or so it's solely by BACS. I am paid one month in arrears. On the first week of every month I'm paid for not the month just passed, but the previous. When I moved from weekly to monthly pay I went 2 months with no money. I am entitled to 29 days holiday per annum, including 9 stat days. As I am the sole person employed in the retail side of this business apart from two part time seasonal staff in
  4. Hi All, my partner recently received a demand from the Sheriff Officers for Council tax, spread over 1998/99, for an address she formerly lived at. The house in question was a privately rented house, but she did not live there until the end of 1999, which is after the period in question. The council say the home owners have told the council my partner was living there at the time, which is incorrect. To cut short a long story, the council are saying she has to prove where she lived during that time, if she cant do that then they will press for an attachment of earnings. Problem is, s
  5. Dear me.. Do you guys not go to sleep?? Thanks guys
  6. Hello there, I'm a new poster. I have recieved a letter from a Debt recovery agency. I vaguely remember the account they are talking about, but it's around 10 years old, with no contact. I sent off the statutory letter from debtline.com about the debt being time barred, but they wrote back and asked me to call them so they could "discuss" the matter. I called, and was told since I moved house before 6 years passed, the time limitation does not count, and the debt is still collectable. I'm pretty sure they are just chancing their arm, so at which point will they give up? will they ever giv
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