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  1. thank you, but Im not holding out much hope that they wont try and make me responsible by saying I admit to the debt as I have already made an initial payment....wish I hadnt panicked! ....nothing ventured though!
  2. Thanks Postggj when I spoke to the Council they advised me to write to them giving them permission to look into the file archives so that they could find this info (?) I asked for copies of what they had at the moment and that I didnt think it was unreasonable to be requesting breakdowns etc of what I am supposed to owe. And another thing, even although they themselves acan tell me from their screens that they know for the third period of supposed arrears that I wasnt in the house at that time they still want a letter from my landlord stating same! It doesnt matter to them that they have copies of all my Tenancy Agreements dating back to when i Moved out etc. Even although I hae made an initial payment to BCW can I still write to them stating that I am now disputing their and the Councils claims?
  3. I too have had dealings with BCW and my problem is not being able to physically go to their Glasgow Office and pay! I do not have a credit card, no switch card and cannot afford postal orders and they refuse to send out girobank slips in order that may make the payment at my local bank...the woman i spoke with was the rudest, most unhelpful being and refused to give me their banking details in order that I may pay by net banking. Did you have any luck with their details and if so could you give them to me in private post mira666?
  4. Local Council Tax office have employed services of debt collectors Buchanan Clark and Wells to harras me for outstanding amounts from previous property from 99-2000 /2001 -2002 and have included months when I was actually in my new property! This is the first I am hearing about these 'supposed' debts and it only came to light because I was seemingly due a refund! Scare tactics of BCW ensured that I made an intial payment until 'things' could be sorted out re the Council but now they are threatening to arrest my bank account and despite the Council saying they would contact them and work it out, BCW tell me its too late and they will take action anyway! Read somewhere that BCW are not registered with the Data Protection Act so they are not legally allowed to have data (?) and also read that the debt might ave been dead but as I have made a payment I have all but owned up to the debt? Help!
  5. Hi, recently got a substantial refund from SP for my prepayment meter. Decided to switch Cos and went with British Gas for both gas and electricity supply..all going well so far, then I received a stinking letter from a debt collection agency on behalf of SP telling me that I owed them £142 as I was in debt! Folowed quickly by one which said I owed £122!! Wrote to them telling them how on earth can I be in debt when a) Im not your customer b) you have just given me a refund and c) I PAY FOR MY ELECTRICITY AS I USE IT! British Gas assured me that they would tell SP that I had moved over to them, I told SP the same thing when I decided i was going to do it and I sent them back their little purple pay as you go key, ( which they told me when I used it I wouldnt ever have to let another meter reader in again as they could do it all from the readings from machine in my top up outlet when I purchased electricity), and assumed they DID know all this as they sent me a 'why dont you stay with us' letter. have contacted energy watch and the ombudsman and several other contact names from SP and have Cc'd them all the same letters. Threatening calls from the debt agency have stopped since Friday so will see what happens now!
  6. Hi, I had a home visit recently and like you and your b/f panicked a bit! Neednt have worried though as the person carrying out the visit was friendly and explained fully that they were only there to review my housing benefit as this was part of a new system for people who are disabled/unable to visit their offices with their documents etc. Person who saw me didnt even want to look around, so dont worry, if need be so long as you can proive that you are his g/f who isnt a permanent on site carer then they will accept that. BTW they use digital cameras to 'photocopy your documents!
  7. Hi, if a debt is over 6 years old and no contact re this specific debt has been made, is that still a 'dead debt'? Having huge problems with BCW re council tax demands for a previous property from 1999 - 2001. Long story, however the council seem ok about dealing and investigating it ( have been told that they need a letter from me in order to open their files!) but BCW have been extremely rude and tell me that they will take me to court anyway.
  8. Thanks again Billy...checked online over the weekend re the banding and allowances and yes seems that at the moment Im receiving £72 a week under 'benefit' but could be receiving £95 per week under LHA...go figure! Also was interested to read the case studies in the Gov propaganda. No matter what youre rent is ( on a 4 week or calander monthly basis re your lease) they will pay you X amount every week according to their 'scale' and if you get more than youre actual rent is...get this...you are ALLOWED to keep it!!! no joke! Where on earth does this make sense? Half the population struggle to make up their rent under the housing benefit scheme whilst the other half are quite entitled to look for cheap and cheerful accomodation, make a claim and JACKPOT get some extra spending money into the bargain! Beggers belief! Yes I know its not that simple..but sheesh....! Lisel
  9. thanks for that Billy! thought I was perhaps being called out for something!! I know everyone has a long story..I'll keep mine short! Was refused Incapacity benefit after a medical assesment ( Dr was Russian apparently and got most of what I said wrong including my age!) Anyway, went to appeal and accepted Income Support at reduced rate. Informed the local housing benefit team re the change to my income and was told that it wouldnt make an ounce of difference to my circumstances ( which is odd as they always seem to want to know!) Anyway, appeal was fought and won ( thank you welfare benefits officer!) so again I informed local housing benefit team re the change back to my original income...all the time providing everything they asked for, I.D, bank statements, lease etc etc, despite it only being a three month interval. Now, a mere 5 months later, seems I am having to do it all over again...which is why I was worried about the visit and if it was a 'normal' incident or not! during all the to-ing and fro-ing i was assured that my claim had never been broken as my housing benefit never stopped. Yes have checked the banding and the allowances for a property of my size in my area and it would seem that I would be getting the initial amount I was getting if I was to receive the LHA, instead of which I receive over £100 less a month ( 4 weekly actually) presently. Will sit tight and let you know the outcome of their visit (scheduled for Thurs 17th :-|) wish me luck ( and thanks again - going to bed a bit calmer!) regards Lisel Renting privately yes, and no not an association.
  10. Ooops....sorry...I'm not in receipt of DVLA!!! but rather of DLA!
  11. Hi there, completely sympathise with your plight and hope that it all turns out ok for you..some people have nothing better to do than to snoop and tell tale on others and mostly i find to cover up and take the heat off themselves! Nosey neighbours..who'da thunk it eh? Question of my own to add so if anyone has ideas? I have been claiming housing benefit for 6 years, always filled in the yearly review forms, provided the necessary info they always asked for and have never broken my claim. On Friday I received a letter saying that Benefit Officers were 'in the area' and would come and 'help' me fill in a review form for my housing benefit. Since I have never had their help before, and I havent requested it..and mores to the point, dont have neighbours to tell tales, I just wondered if being visited like this is normal? Also have recieved letters stating that the housing benefit scheme was now going to be called Local Housing Allowance and that new claims would be classed under this. As I have said my claim has never been broken and Im told ( depite the fact that I would be better off in this new scheme!) that I should dispute the benefits team in trying to class me as a new claim! I also get incapacity benefit and DVLA and in the past year the Rent Officer ( who has never visited the property!!) has 'decided' that a) i get too much money and b) the proeprty I am renting is suddenly too big for me....now apart from losing my cat, my property hasnt grown another room and i certainly havent increased my earnings! Any ideas on why these people are suddenly comging to see me and whats the best way to deal with them?
  12. lol thanks! its a steep learning curve i suspect!
  13. Just thought I'd say 'hi' to everyone and that im looking forward to browsing around and hopefully adding my own thoughts and help.
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