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  1. Thank you, Mrsfoot! It's been five days since their last letter and I'm hoping that the penny finally has dropped that this person does not live here. The letter I recieved about a week ago mentioned two weeks and some kind of threat, so I'm not holding my breath on the post having stopped. I shall certainly use your letter if there is any further communication, and thank you again. I have not heard anything from EDF Energy for a week now, not even the promised phone call. I'm disgusted that there has been no formal apology.
  2. Yes, I can see the benefits of that service. I've told EDF Energy and Buchanan Clarke Wells numerous times of the address this person is at. I really don't understand why they either don't read it or ignore it. It doesn't seem that difficult to comprehend to me. They have his name and his address but it seems no one can do anything without an account number. I find this very hard to believe. His name is a very uncommon one but I was told by EDF Energy that it would take a very long time to look through all the people with that name. Any system I've ever worked with could pull up a persons details by name or number.
  3. How awful that you had to pay to stop the mail coming. If and when EDF Energy call, as they promised they would, I shall suggest they pay for that service for me.
  4. I'm sorry you're having the same problem but also glad I'm not alone. I did recieve an email from BCW yesterday, again asking for an account number. The promised phone call from the named person at EDF Energy didn't materialise. Last time I spoke to them they had no idea what happened to all the mail I returned to them over months, so that was a futile exercise. I have looked at the Energy Watchdog complaints site but they ask for so much personal information that I'm not prepared to give out on the internet. They probably ask for an account number too. Please let me know if you find a solution and I'll do the same for you.
  5. After a long phone call with the lady at EDF Energy, who did seem to be very helpful, I was told that it could take a while to sort out because I don't have an account number. It seems returning their mail to them with "Not at this address" was the wrong thing to do. I should have opened and kept them and I certainly will keep any more that arrive. This morning I got another letter from Geoffreyparkerbourne solicitors threatening legal action and saying action will be taken to recover the debt. Buchanan Clark + Wells have not responded to my email. Another long phone call to EDF Energy later and I am assured that someone will get back to me today or tomorrow, all action has been put on hold and I won't recieve any more mail. I'm extremely distressed by this whole situation and am considering contacting BBC Watchdog if the situation isn't resolved very soon. Apart from the worry of this whole situation, I have spent hours on journeys to the post box, emailing and telephone calls over the last few months. You could say EDF have wasted my energy. I'll update with the outcome of this, whether it is a brickbat or a boquet.
  6. Update:- I've recieved an email from a named person at EDF Energy with a freephone number and have been asked to call this person tomorrow.
  7. That's a very good idea. I'll bear that in mind. I emailed BCW this morning with a cc to a named person at EDF Energy. So far no reply from BCW but the standard "If your email requires (they should change that to deserves as they seldom reply) a reply you will hear within ten days. I've also had bills for this person from mobile phone companies and credit companies but they seem to have heeded my returned mail so far.
  8. Thank you, Scousegeezer. I have informed EDF Energy with returned letters and email that this person does not live here umpteen times over the last few months. Deaf ears, blind eyes, ridiculous replies that show they haven't read (or comprehended) what I wrote. Since posting this thread I have for the first time opened a letter that arrived this morning (even though it says to be opened by addressee only). I see BCW have given an email address and I'm going to try, with little expectation, emailing them. I'll take on board what you said about the CAB and solicitor but I don't see why I should have to go that route as I have never been a customer of theirs nor has anyone who's lived in this house over the last 32 years. IF I get a reply from BCW, I'll certainly post it here. Thank you again.
  9. How on earth do I stop these people bombarding my address with mail for someone who does not live here? To cut a long story short, I let a former colleague stay at my house last summer for a few weeks when she was having difficulties. Now I am being mailed mercilessly by these companies with letters for her boyfriend who had no right to use my address. I have entered into email correspondence with EDF Energy with absolutely no solution. Their replies consist of "You are not a customer of ours" and "We have no postcode for you". Ummm, they certainly put my postcode on the letters they send here. I have returned all mail with the last address I have for this person but still the mail arrives. It seems I can't make a complaint against an energy company unless I am a customer of theirs, they request an account number. Can anyone advise me how to stop these companies using my address for what I assume are debt collection purposes? I have asked nicely and I have asked not so nicely. Thank you in advance for any replies.
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