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  1. I see that nearly a million and half people signed this about Cummings.will it amount to much thoughthough.https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-dominic-cummings-must-be-sacked
  2. Thank you for you kind words in your email's,when i needed help you put my mind at rest with your advice.
  3. I have just made a small donation and will make other donations when i can,Thank you for all the good you do for people.
  4. What doom and gloom are you talking about,i just linked you to and article in newspaper,What rubbish have i spewed out.You should look around and see the rubbish those papers you linked to spew out.
  5. Good article to read here. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jan/26/independence-day-will-expose-brexit-as-ruse-to-free-an-imaginary-nation
  6. It might be worth a read If you can find the conversation that John Le Carre (David Cornwell) had with the Guardian news paper and his views on brexit.
  7. The only civil disorder there will be i what the media whips up,they have started already by the drip.drip headlines about how many migrants are trying to get into the Country.
  8. With the free gifts from these phone and tv contracts i have had,i have usually had to wait and claim them after having paid a number of months of the contract.I do not know if yours is the same sort of contract.
  9. Is it the Amber home loans that belonged to Skipton building society,they sold that on in February 2017 i think.
  10. try here you might find what you are looking for. http://t-m-b.co.uk/pdf/mortgage-conditions-2004.pdf
  11. Unlike you i did not shovel any advice at the poster,I merly asked as to why they wanted her name and address.It's you that wants to read what people write.and not what you think they do,now point to any advice her gave them.,thought not.
  12. I know you will get some great advice from the people on here that know about these things,listen to what they tell you and you will no go far wrong.I hope you get it sorted out soon.I do not give my name and addess to any shop i buy things from for the very reasons that you state. barns66
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