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  1. Ok I will definitely give that letter a go. What is this ra files? I'm having a thick moment! Cheers dx, really appreciate the advice and help. Whats annoying me is I have proved the blatant mis-selling of PPI is the loan agreement, which surely should suffice!
  2. I'm back! Well with complaint number two, as I don't have the Loan Agreement and they state that required further info on the loan with regards to amount etc etc. I have gathered as much info on that and that is now with HFC for further investigation. But my main reason for posting is that I am having an issue with complaint one, where I have the Loan Agreement. I have provided a copy of the Loan Agreement, but they are not happy with that, they want proof of the payments via my Bank Statements. I'm struggling on that count as my old Bank (HSBC) can only go back as far as 2005, as they state they also delete their records after 6 years. So complaint one as it stands has been upheld based on the fact that they have deleted the records of my loan and I can't prove the payments. Any ideas on where I can go with this now? Really struggling, and annoyed as it's blatantly been mis-sold with the pre ticked box! Is it right that they delete records after 6 years? What about Data Protection and the like?
  3. Just popped in to my old Bank, they are sending me out copy statements from 2004 to 2006 initially. Free of charge too. Told the lady exactly what I was after - HFC Loan Direct Debit Repayments x2. She said if I need to go any further than 2006 just to pop back in and make a further request. Was suprised they offered copies free of charge.I'll work through those first, and then take it from there.
  4. Forgot to say already done FOS CQ for Loan One and there response was to request info from me as all records after 6 years were destroyed.
  5. Sounds like I've got a fight only hands with this one. I dont have any Bank Statements that far back no. I'm actually with a different Bank. Presume if I contact them they could assist me? Will the PPI payment be separate on the Bank Statement to the actual loan payment? Just wondering how else I would be able to detail a schedule of charges.
  6. Thanks for the reply dx100. I'm forwarding a copy if the Credit Agreement and covering letter for Loan One tomorrow. We will see how they respond to that and I will let you know if there is any further difficulty with this one. What's annoying me with Loan Two is that, yes it's old and I don't the Credit Agreement but yet other Banks still hold details on file for customers yet this lot at HFC are saying tough, we have nothing. Last week the smug women on the phone HFC loved saying how I wouldn't get anything re Loan Two without proof that I paid it as there was no record of my account on their system. Will see what comes back to my initial request and if not look to try SAR. Just a shame that PC World hold no details of the Credit Agreement Number for my purchase. They did, however, give me the Purchase Number and date of purchase to help me. Once again thanks for replying. Will update you as and when.
  7. Hi I would be grateful if anyone could assist me with a problem I am having with HFC Bank Ltd, in relation to two PPI Complaints. Complaint 1 - This relates to a purchase at Currys in 2004 I sent off the claim and have received a letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint. However, their letter is requesting further information from me regarding the PPI. HFC state that because it is over six years since the loan was taken out they have nothing to on file, as in line with Data Protection my records have been securely destroyed. They have requested that I forward them a copy of Credit Agreement, and a copy of Bank Statements/HFC Account Statements showing all the payments made to this account. They state that it is important that I provide proof of all payments as should they uphold my complaint, then they will base their redress calculation on proof of payments only that I have provided. Firstly, is it right that they have no details what so ever of my loan? Fortunately, I have a copy of the Credit Agreement so will be forwarding that to them with a covering letter. However, I have no Bank Statements or HFC Account Statements. Please can you advise where I stand with this and are they right to basically state that the onus is on me to prove that I paid for PPI? Complaint 2 – This relates to a purchase at PC World in 2004 I have no details regarding this loan so last week wrote off to request a copy of my Credit Agreement and enclosed a cheque for £1.00. I do believe, however, that on seeing the Credit Agreement for my purchase at Currys that the Credit Agreement will be exactly the same with an automatically ticked box for PPI. However, going off their recent correspondence into my other claim, they are obviously going to state that they have no record of the loan on file, and will leave the onus on me to provide them with the information proving I paid PPI. Please can you let me know where I stand with this one, and how I can go about making a claim if they do, as I believe they will, state that they have no details on file? Thank you in advance for any help or information you can provide. Matt
  8. Hi! Hope you can help me with this issue. I changed supplier for my Gas and Electric in November 2007. My new company has always been fine and I have not had any problems to date. However, I received my final bill from British Gas which stated I owed them over £700. I checked the meter readings and they were completely wrong. They stated that they had received the readings from my new supplier. I obviously contacted my new supplier who informed me of the readings they had supplied British Gas with. Those readings were different to what British Gas had stated on the bill. I queried this further with British Gas who stated that they could not change the readings from my say so, and asked me to contact my new supplier and get them to forward on the meter readings again and I would receive an adjusted bill. I contacted my supplier and got them to do what was requested. I then received another final bill from British Gas with the exact same readings on as the previous bill and stated that I still owed them over £700. On receipt of this bill I contacted British Gas again, and asked that they place the account on hold and stop incorrect recovery documents being sent out until they had rectified the issue. They agreed to this and stated they would sort the matter out and issue a correct bill in due course. They also placed a hold on the account and stated no further recovery documents would be issued. It has now been approximately 6 months since my last contact with British Gas. I arrived home today from a weekend away to find a Final Reminder from British Gas again, asking for the amount of £700. They have obviously not bothered to sort the matter out as they are still asking for the wrong amount. They have made no contact with me but just sent a Final Reminder. I was promised no recovery documents would be issued until the matter was sorted. Now I am willing to pay what is owed but I am not going to give them £700 when its clear I do not owe that amount. Where do I stand on this issue, as its obvious despite informing them on several occasions the final bill is wrong they are still trying to recover the £700 from me!? I am going to contact them tomorrow at some point so would be grateful if you could provide me with some advice on how to proceed with getting this matter sorted once and for all.
  9. Update - All now sorted. Got the other one taken away and got a totally different make of Fridge Freezer. I would always advise everyone to fight against Currys and i'll not buy anything from them in future. Cheers all !
  10. Well you are not going to believe this! They delivered my new Fridge Freezer Saturday and took the old one away. I gave it the once over, all looked fine. It was pretty dirty as they had used gloves to carry it in. So I singed the delivery sheet and thought thank god for that! However, I then went to clean it starting with the outside and what do I come across? Two black marks to the outside of the Freezer door and a chip to the outside of the Fridge door. I then moved round to the sides/back and found more scratches/chips/black marks. Then I goes inside the fridge and pulls everything out. I find a dint at the back of the Fridge and also damage to the plastic storage holders (cracks in them). I get into the Freezer and that is generally ok inside, although a couple of the plastic drawers are grazed badly. I am absolutely livid ! The replacement Fridge Freezer, in my opinion, is worse than the initial one I received! I got on the phone yesterday and they advised I need to ring back today as the department only work Monday - Friday. Mentioned the trouble I had last time via E-mail so asked the lady to log my call and she gave me a case reference. Where do you think I stand with this. I am inclined not to accept an exchange as 2 have not been up to standard so why would a third? This is not damage during delivery this is actually leaving the Depot/Factory in that state after supposedly going through Quality Checks! I think I am going to request a refund now and take my business elsewhere. Currys have really shown themselves up this time. They know they are replacing a damaged Fridge Freezer so what do they do? Yep send out another damaged one - Genius! I will be rining them when I get in from work today - Not E-mailing as they just fob you off, where as I won't put the phone down till I get answers. Am I in a position to be asking for compensation now for the two and a bit months I've been messed around? I can't tell you how annoyed, and upset I am at the way I have been treated by this company after spending my hard earned dosh in their store!
  11. Been a long time but here is an update……... Well do you know, I had to ring him at the end of February as we still had no reply from the Store Manager. He rang me back and apologised but stated the guy who was dealing with it in Escalations was off so he would sort it on his return or get someone else to look into it. On 10th March 08 I still had not heard anything so thought, I'd ring the Store Manager back. Was informed he was not in, asked if he was in the next day and was advised he was not. I asked to speak to another Manager so spoke to him, had to go through everything again right from the start! He said he will contact Customer Services and then get back to me. I advised him it was Escalations the other Manager was dealing with and he replied by saying that the Escalations Dept have told him to basically get lost and they would not do anything. He came back to me the same day and said that he had contacted Customer Services who have no record of any of my E-mails so could I bring them in to the Store. I said I am not willing to come up to the Store again (which is the other side of the City to where I live) and waste more money and time when I went through all of this previously with the other Manager who seen the Emails. I said I'll gladly give him the names of the people at Curry's who have replied and the dates of their replies. He said that was fine so gave him the details. He said he may even look into getting someone to come out and inspect it. I said you are the first person who has mentioned that despite me requesting on numerous occasions in my E-mails. I said at the end of the day if it doesn't get sorted then I'll get Trading Standards to take the matter forward as both them and the SOGA support what I am asking for. He informed me that he was off on the 11th but would get back to me on Wednesday 12th. Received a telephone call from a women at Curry's this morning advising that a replacement Fridge Freezer will be sent out to us on Saturday and they will collect the old one. I still can't believe it that it is going to be sorted! I am not going to settle until Saturday though and I've received the new Fridge Freezer. I do however, know what I am going to do this time - Inspect the whole of the Fridge Freezer on delivery with a magnifying glass before signing anything! I will report back when I have actually received the new Fridge Freezer but would just like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who has provided advice and assistance in this matter - gyzmo, ForestChav, and bookworm. A special mention to gyzmo though who has gone that extra mile to help. Thank You again. Oh and Forest Chav - 1-0 ! Will you catch us now!?
  12. I'll do that gyzmo, if anything just to give them an update of the situation. The impression I get from the way he is talking is that he's contacting the various departments to try and get the matter sorted. He is not making any sort of decision himself. Whether he can over rule the other departments I've no idea.
  13. Manager has rang me back. The Repair Centre will not offer an exchange! He has now taken it to the Escalations Department who will make a final decision. Said he should get back to me on Monday. The saga continues....
  14. Rang the Store Manager earlier and provided him with the Serial Number. Now just have to sit tight and wait for him to get back in touch. Fingers crossed!
  15. Well been into the Store yesterday at 5pm. Spoke to the Store Manager. He took all the particulars down, and I showed him on their in store Fridge Freezer where the damage was. He said that he would need to consult with the Repair Centre and get back to me tomorrow (which is now today). He has rang me back and has been in contact with the Repair Centre. He said that he needs me to provide him with the Serial number from the Fridge and that I am to ring him back with that. He said at this stage it looks like a replacement will be possible. I'm currently at work so can't get the serial number to him till tomorrow. I have to ring him after 12pm tomorrow when he is in and he'll take it from there.
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