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  1. Bad hyperlink, I'll try again. http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcosts/Pages/nhs-low-income-scheme.aspx
  2. I read somewhere else that you can request to be switched to ESA(IR) but they will only do this reluctantly and discourage you from doing so. WARNING, ESA(IR) is a "means tested" benefit so they will take into account your partner's income which they will deem as sufficient for you both to live on and your ESA payments will cease (although your National Insurance contributions will continue to be paid for). If it's help with healthcare costs and free prescriptions you're interested in, you may be entitled to some help if you and your partner's joint disposable income falls below the thr
  3. Old news but thanks anyway, I have no illusions regarding this unapologetic expenses scrounging Tory attack dog's complete lack of integrity. I know he's lower than a snake's belly, nonetheless I couldn't let slip the chance to see him wriggle and slither like a specimen of the suborder of reptile he epitomises. He (when he was Shadow Home Secretary) already had some "form" when it comes to misusing inapplicable statistics to mislead the public and was publicly rebuked by Sir Michael Scholar, chairman of the UK Statistics Authority. If it hadn't been for the 'rethink' forum guidelines (re. co
  4. I expect that he'll do the typical politician obfuscation thing + ignoring the toughest questions + repeating from the DWP doublespeak hymn sheet (the one wherein sanctions are called "support" and workfare is called "back-to-work help"). For what it's worth, I've added my questions and added my 2 cents worth, I expect I'll be ignored but I can still send it to him at Parliament and subsequently complain to No. 10 if I don't get a reply. After that lot fails I can try getting the Green Party M.P. to ask him my question in Parliament, and failing that I'll explore complaining to the European Co
  5. I think this could be fun!! From: http://yesministerltd.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/rethinks-opportunity-to-speak-with-chris-grayling/ Thursday 10 February sees your chance to grill a Government Minister about welfare reform Many people affected by mental health issues are worried about the Government’s proposed changes to the welfare system. The benefits that millions currently receive are to be radically overhauled over the next few years. But thanks to the amazing work of Rethink campaigners, anyone concerned about these changes now has the chance to hold Chris Gr
  6. Hi Kicking Us Off ESA, further to my previous post, I thought that this video may be informative: I'll be back on CAG asap but my current focus is upon defying this un-elected excuse for a government re. benefits "reforms" and cuts which affect us. There's a good and competent team shaping up where I am now supporting. Re. ESA/Atos, Kaliya has done a vid: 75% of Incapacity Benefit Claimants are NOT being found fit for work
  7. All of the following sites, amongst their interests and activities, are intent on fighting ESA/Atos by campaigning and protesting: There's the militant no-to-welfare-abolition group opposing the government reforms and cuts in welfare, it combines many existing UK groups into a unified front. You have to sign up to this Google Group and after a few days you'll start receiving news about campaigns and demos via email: http://groups.google.com/group/no-to-welfare-abolition?hl=en The Broken of Britain web-site (a word play of Cameron & Co's "Broken Britain") was set up following a "
  8. These links are to the DWP advice: 'Permitted Work' - working while claiming Incapacity Benefit Permitted Work' - working while claiming Employment and Support Allowance
  9. OOPS! Sorry, I seem to have strayed
  10. I've only seen the suggestion on issuing vouchers being proposed by some of the bigotted morons commenting on the Daily Heil on-line. I'm addicted to nicotine and take great offense that the morons wish to deprive me of my only remaining vice on the grounds that those who can afford to smoke are receiving too much in benefits. I agree that the £15 a week I spend on rolling 'baccy is a lot, however considering that around 12 out of the 15 £s is excise and VAT going back to the government this makes the cost to the taxpayer of subsidising my "habit" fairly insignificant.
  11. The forum board up-graded software really sucks! Flexible New Deal (see: an account of a real person's experience of a New Deal boot camp), the replacement schemes under the con/dems "work programme" and the possibility of doing "work for your benefits" could occupy you for 30-40 hours mon-fri, apart from that I believe that there are JSA rules whereby a claimant becomes ineligible if they are attending college. Part of the JS Agreement is "being available for work", going to college is incompatible - sorry, but by their rules it might be bye bye benefits! While I was writing this MikeyD has
  12. Thanks for your comment. Over the past year I've seen many ppl on the forums setting up yet another web site or FB group (i.e. splintering) when what is really needed is consolidation and a figurehead who has media clout and contacts, I was forlornly hoping for someone famous to come along who could raise our media profile (e.g. like "comely" Ms. Lumley did for the Gurkhas), I think Rhydian might be the one. I was pleased to note the very many commentators after the article who were offering to come along to street protests, for this is what is needed - we cannot allow ourselves to be simply
  13. This is what I thought but didn't dare to say, the move to JSA means that you'll be obliged by the rules to leave college or lose your benefits. There may be a way around this e.g. the Open University. About 10 years ago I got accepted by the OU and the course fees were covered by a bursary award from them because I was on a qualifying benefit.
  14. The CSR may well turn out to be "the last straw" catalyst and have the effect of spurring into mass action under a single united banner all the many interested separate groups and sites for the ill, the disabled and their carers. In Thursday's guardian Rhydian James (who is a frequently published feature writer supporting our rights in the guardian and himself disabled) wrote a call to action type article which I recommend. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/oct/21/disability-welfare-cuts-impact Building on the massive response to his article yesterday Rhydian has decided
  15. duplication of the post above due to buggy forum software (hanging) failing to confirm successful post.
  16. Hi chedworth98, your smi will continue but you'll have to inform them of your change in circumstances i.e. being moved from I.S. for lone parents onto JSA. I think that there is bad news on this because you'll have to sign the "jobseeker's agreement" and this requires you to be available for work, furthermore, after a period on JSA they can oblige you to participate in some sort of "work programme" which may clash with your college attendance.
  17. My multi-millionaire former landlord (private sector) will be so pleased to see that his winter fuel allowance hasn't been scrapped. What with the 2-3 foreign holidays he takes every year the extra spending money will really help. "We're all in this together" - my foot!
  18. Well said Fuzzgin. I'm reminded here of other somewhat indefinable and therefore "woolly" words and phrases that advertisers and spin doctors constantly use. E.g. "common sense" (whatever the person who says it thinks is best - there is no real consensus) The usage of such words and phrases seems to me like the verbalised equivalent of the loo roll puppy being used to make our minds associate the advertised product with feelings of warmth, cosiness and comfort etc. whereas what they're really selling is a sh1twipe. In many ways rather like the spending review!
  19. Carer Watch has received this.... they will be airing at 6pm TONIGHT so please contact Tom if you want to have your say. ************************************************* I would love to hear from anyone who is claiming the Employment Support Allowance ESA -- especially anyone who fancies being interviewed from Tom Symonds BBC UK Affairs Correspondent [email="tom.symonds@bbc.co.uk"]tom.symonds@bbc.co.uk[/email] tom.simmons + bbc email suffix (in case the cagbot stikes out the full email).
  20. Here's a few on-line benefits calculators. http://loanranger.no-ip.org/penury/index.php/web-links/47-benefits-calculators.html
  21. Re. IB/ESA abroad, the best person to ask is cloe who lives in Spain if we want to get a handle on the practicalities. She has some seriously high powered lawyers on-board and has been (by her advocates) advised to keep quiet (to prevent prejudice undermining the judicial process) Her I.B. was refused but is probably going to be restored, so I.B. looks safe, ESA is still an unknown. Maybe you'll have to apply for the French version out of work sickness/disability benefit?
  22. Hi duxbury, your case is a perfect example of how the short sightedness of the cuts will actually cost more. Bernie259 and I are following this via a new thread, please post there because this is a bigger issue than first thought, have a look at my comment re. ECHR intervention to overturn this stupid new cut in mortgage interest benefit. Main thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?279895-interest-payments-reduced-by-dwp-can-the-action-group-assist-with-mass-complaint-to-the-goverment%283-Viewing%29-nbsp
  23. I'm glad to see this raised as an issue, the con/dems shortsighted policy can only lead to increasing the costs taken up by other agencies i.e. councils, social services and the NHS. Where's the sense in making someone unable to afford their adapted home and force them to move and have the council etc. pay again to adapt their new home? Under the European Convention on Human Rights it impinges on government to carry out an impact assessment re. the disabled and to ensure that changes in the law do not deprive the disabled of the income required to maintain their survival. HMG has failed on b
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