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  1. Don't worry Spamheed I will be keeping everything...I might even frame the letter....can't believe they caved sooo easily....even if there are other parasites out there waiting I will be ready for them, thanks to CAGgers:D
  2. I am well and truly GOBSMACKED!!!!!!!.....sent off CCA request....got letter back today stating: Thank you for your recent communication. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with the information that you have requested and in light of the information contained in your letter, I can confirm that the above account has been closed and that you will receive no further telephone calls or correspondence from us in relation to this account. ...and they will be returning the £1 fee :eek: Tell me this is not too good to be true... Anyone?
  3. Okay.... I wrote to them recently asking if they were charging interest or fees of any kind and all they sent me was about 20 pages of a spreadsheet showing what the balance was when they purchased the account and what I had paid them on what date. ..which I already knew.. .but nothing to say how they had used that payment or what interest had been charged. This is what made me so mad as they never reply to anything I ask them which is why I want to do the CCA as I feel it's time I got the upper hand. I am concerned that if I send of the CCA request say tomorrow and then send them a cheque as usual next week they might just be sneaky enough to use info off the cheque against me, but I don't want to stop paying them before I am legally allowed to as I don't want them to have any ammo against me should they actually come up with the CCA. Perhaps I should wait until after I have paid them on the 7th to sent the CCA?
  4. Hello all, I have been paying Cabot for the past 6 years but found out recently that of the £600+ I have paid them the oustanding balance has only been reduced by £99:mad: ....then I found this place:D I am going to send a CCA request in the next couple of days but my question is should I continue to pay them my monthly installments until they actually default...after 12+2 days presumably....or do I stop paying them as soon as I've sent the CCA request as I am putting the account in dispute? I am due to pay them next on the 7th Feb.
  5. I am preparing to send my letter requesting CCA from Outstanding Services (Credit Control) Ltd (part of Intrum Justitia) but on all letters I have from them the correspondence address is a P.O. box address in Harlow. I am worried that if I send it registered it will not be signed for, s o do I send it to their registered address in Warkwickshire.. .or does someone has the full address in Harlow? eta. sorry, meant to say "recorded delivery...not registered...I presume this is the best way to send it. p.s am also sending one to Cabot...but will post about that over in the Cabot forum.
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