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  1. UPDATE Hi all, I looked at my credit files this am and I had a near emotional breakdown - my CCJ has fallen off! I have not had a Charging Order or anything (yet)! I couldn't help myself - I went on to the internet and applied for a bank account; you know a real one! I did not get the obligatory eff off so I called the company. They said "the forms to sign are in the post". WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try to get a proper mortgage and change my mobile phone to a new provider. Wreckless I know but I feel like the shackles are off and its time to let my hair down! Thank you for all your help and I will keep you informed of how far I get before I am thrown back in the "hole". :smile::smile:
  2. tomterm8, Thanks for the advice. How do I go about doing that?
  3. Ouch! Well I guess I'm in their hands on that one....
  4. Thanks Stebiz, good advice well received. JB
  5. Hello all, I am new to this but I have been doing some reading in the forums. Here's a strange one for you to decipher. I had Cabot track me down to my new address about a forgotten debt and they put a default on my new address with the CRAs. So I had two defaults registered for the same value at two addresses for the same debt! I have been paying them and told them this was unfair but they said it was their right. I complained to the CRAs using their dispute forms and thought nothing would happen. About 3 months later, I got another lot of credit files and all the defaults were gone! No communication. No fuss. Just gone! This happened along with the Intrum Justitia default too even though they don't bother me and I am paying them. I wonder if they relented or just got their urses kicked?!?? I am not complaining either way. I am still paying them both via Payplan by the way. JB
  6. Ronnie, Cheers mate! I did not expect such a complete reply so quickly! I will tread carefully with these guys. I think in light of what you said I will wait for two months after the CCJ is due to drop off and make sure it is gone from all CRA's and then open any accounts and get the mortgage sorted. After this, I'll approach them with an f&f offer. If they want to get nasty, at least I have what I need to get myself back to the land of the living. (I'm paranoid too after 6 years of this nonsense!) By the way, can they access my credit file without my permission to see if I have a property they can get their hands on without my permission? Thanks, JB
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and feel much less of a pariah knowing I am not alone. For years now, I have had a CCJ from Equidebt who seem to have bought a debt from the Woolwich. The CCJ will be 6 years old in a few months time and I know it will no longer be publicly reported by the Registry Trust and will therefore disappear from the CRA sites. I have been using Payplan to pay everyone else I owe and been paying Equidebt separately. The debt is £13k or so and of course a £15 per month payment means I will be paying well into the next century if I last that long. I have no details of this CCJ but the court has said even after it drops off I still must continue to make payments. My problem happened over the millenium when there was a slump in IT jobs, and even though I am not looking for sympathy, I am looking for some advice. 1. I will continue to pay but I was wondering if it was worth offering a full and final of £1500? This is all I have by the way.... 2. I have never had a mortgage and want to get one from a high street bank when the CCJ falls off. Could this be a problem since I would not have satisfied the CCJ but I would be still paying and the CCJ is no longer being reported? 3. I also want to get back to having a proper bank account with cheque book and debit card (oh the luxury!) as I have a basic account with a Solo card at the minute. Will I be able to do this if there are no other issues on my credit files after the CCJ falls off? 4. I know from reading here that the CCJ can be put back on if they really wanted to but what is the likelihood of this happening if I continue to pay the judgement amount and offer full and final settlement later on? As you can see, I don't want to avoid the debt even though I would love to call them, offer them a smaller amount and it goes away. I am more concerned about whether or not I can put that bad smell into the corner and resume some semblance of a normal life after the 6 years are up! PLEASE HELP!!!
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