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  1. How can I get a check done to see if there are any debts secured against my sons house, I have his permission, Wifes debts secured against the house, he wants to know if there are any more.
  2. Hi Castlebest Thank you for that advice, I will get in touch with the Coventry Branch of HSBC and ask I can pick the statements up It s not my Account but if the person gives me a letter, giving me permission to pick up the statements,also ring them up and tell them my name and address, plus the letter, and my Driving licence. I will let you know how I get on. Being retired I do not mind the 75 mls round trip,gets me out of the wifes way. I closed my account with HSBC 3 years ago, I had used this account for 34 years all my wages went into this account. All my bills where on direct
  3. Hi there Castlebest Did you get my email to you, I have had emails held up at AOL for five days in the past. I am not rushing you, Just Concerned thanks elecyac
  4. Hi Castlebest Thank you, the email is on its way to you,sorry about the delay in nswering your Pm It would not let me send the Pm I think I deleted your PM ok. Thanks again for agreeing to look at the letter o see what I can claim and have a look to see if HSBC are trying to pull any strokes. All the best.............elecyac
  5. Thanks Castlebest Can I email you a copy of the letter and charges,with the personal details removed, for your advice on if that is all the charges. We have non of the old statements.Please read it, then you will see what I mean. I am going thru a rough time at the moment, I am a disabled OAP with Parkinsons Disease and last week was in hospital with diabetes. Thanks Elecyac
  6. Hi There I have just today had a list of my bank charges, how can I send a copy to you to have a look at and advise me on the best way to move forward, I would like you to see this letter and charges list. In the letter it says that the "FSA" have agreed to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with Bank Charges Complaints. The bank has not charged me for this list and have agreed to waive any fees due for production of this information. I would like your advice on his letter and your help in understanding the charges, thank you elecyac
  7. HI There I sent an email to HSBC Data Controller Friday lunchtime asking what had happened to The Subject Access Request that I had sent in on Jan 28th, Within One hour I had a reply giving me the following explanation, the numbers of people who are asking for S.A.R is 6 times the normal, the result of which means it is not possible to meet the 40 day limit.HE could not go into any details on the web for security reasons. he will follow up on Monday with a letter. I now know that they have received my S.A.R and i have the ref/no elecyac
  8. Thank you for your help, I sent the letter for my Account charges to be sent to me on Jan 28th 2008 and nor recieved a reply yet, the £10.00 cheque I sent has not been cashed. What is the new response to be, Help wanted, Thank you.elecyac
  9. The double yellow lines must be closed off at each end of the parking restriction.If not they are not legal and you cannot be booked. So if you get booked for parking on a double yellow lines check the ends are closed off, if not take a photograph.
  10. Hi there I am a newby on this website and I want some help & information. Can I get a list of bank charges 6 months after the bank closed the account.??? Thank you for any help
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