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  1. A valid contribution to the thread is a matter of opinion, not a fact, which is something you are implying Mr. Pimpernel. I'm sure candystand and bantam army disagree with that comment. Also I do reiterate the same arguments and the same points, you are correct, but because nobody seems to have a counterargument of any substance other than childish responses (for example, the repeated use of "troll") repeating points is a must to try and get through to some of the "thicker" forum members. However, i have realised that this doesnt work. Unfortunately the only way to talk to many of the people on here is to insult them, just as they insult me, as, this is all they deserve. In response to the comment about my job, this has nothing to do with you. However, I am highly intrigued to what your job is? Do you have one, or, do i judge correctly from the platinum account status that you spend all day giving out "advice" on this forum? I'm sure you will all be happy to hear that I am currently on holiday in America. The weather is good, and the sun is shining.
  2. i dont have time for spelling things correctly on here... i have a job, i actually work, therefore i only really give 2 minutes of my day to reply to you stupid idiots
  3. it wasnt an apology my little munchkin. I was merely pointing out that you have no power over the lagalities of this forum.
  4. Dont worry about being called a trool bantamarmy, i have renamed everyone on here who does not agree with us 'little munchkins' two can play at that game, ey? childish i know but they enjoy name calling
  5. sorry do you own this forum? thought not... so that again is a load of bull****
  6. that guy in the paper turned over £30 million a year, but his family still ended up dead because of his dodgy dealings. no matter what you earn, no matter who you are, if you are a fine dodger you are nothing in my eyes. pay your way. and that last bit is ridiculous, and complettely different to parking in a car park. what an idiot you are
  7. hello candystand!! i like you... dont be put off by the bunch of debt avoiding scratters, i see you have received a welcome as warm as mine! its actually quite comical how they feel obliged not to pay for their mistakes. These people make me sick, you give them a service which they dont neccessarily have a right to have, they **** up and then complain about it. UNBELIEVABLE!! they obviously cant afford to pay their debts using my money they receive through benefits... but yes my fellow troll, ignore the little muchkins and fight for the cause.
  8. and, because i'm a troll, i'm going to call you all my little munchkins
  9. i dont see how gordon brown would be interested to be honest? as for getting a life... ive got a very nice one ta why dont you get a life and stop complaining? (Y) am off t bed anyway got work in the morning good night everyone xx
  10. the keyword there someone, that has nothing to do with me parking on your drive jeeeeeeeeez lol!!
  11. haha! if there are "so many trolls on here" then doesnt that tell you something. not everyone who is right works for a DCA... for example, me stop boring me please trying to tell me im something which i am not now run along and smash up some more cars...
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