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  1. Hi All New Poster so hope I have put this in the right place. Can anyone help me understand my rights. I took out a loan with First Plus in July 2005 for 42000. PPI was added putting my borrowing upto 52000. In March 2008 I went to First Plus complaining about PPI and then they went to Central Capital who apparently sold me the PPI. They offered me 5000 and then as a full and final settlement offered me £7500 which I accepted. Now with the new Barclays acceptance of PPI I am wondering if I am entitled to more (The missing £2500 from the original difference) plus all the
  2. Hi thanks for your help. It was taken out years ago (possibly around 2002) - I really don't have the paper work to verify.
  3. Hi Sorry yet another Lloyds CCA question. I have been reading for about 2 weeks on and off about what to do with Lloyds - I am getting myself more confused I have a platinum Credit Care with a current balance of 14800 currently on arrangement of £88 per month with frozen interest. Doesn't need much imagination to work out how long this will take to pay off! I sent them a CCA request and after about 4 weeks got a reply with a copy of their current terms/a copy of my latest credit card statement. The letter bascially says that there is no requirment under the CCA to provide a
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