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  1. ill have to go , point is i dont know if anyone else has done this when i fill out my form i do it at the time how i feel and they supposed to ask you what you supposed to have put on your form , ive gone a lot worse , especially my memory i wish i could be "normal" wake up without thinking of reasons to get up and then sweating mainly all day and night (side effect from tablet) then panic attacks i can cope with small ones i had a stalker hiding in my attic for a few days about 16 years ago never thought it affected me but i believe now with the way i behave when im ou
  2. its to renew my PIP i had a medical last year when it turned from DLA to PIP now they want another one
  3. hi everybody , im so confused capita have asked me to go to a medical 40 miles away , especially when they know im aggraphobic . i have seen somewhere on the web that capita normally do home visits but i was sent a letter to attend this place , i cancelled once because i had a really bad panic attack , they told me i HAVE to attend the second one they booked for wednesday ? can i say anything to them ? im terrible with one to one situations the thought im going to embarrass myself makes me feel panicky , am i likely to fail by going ? and what will
  4. hi shifnal , my carer also had the same letter , and even though is stated on the letter at home or jobcenter , this lady knocked our door twice while family were down and my carer had been told his nan had died , this lady didnt care , so i rang her and her phone was so i left a voicemail to say how rude she was etc , so he had to go into the jobcenter by 9.30pm the following morning he said he was asked a lot of questions but it was due to him trying a work trial to see if he could juggle caring with a part time job they reckon they didnt recieve the letter off him
  5. Hi I was hoping someone can help me , I'm so furious my cousin who is my carer , he ended up becoming my carer because my auntie thought he was hanging about with the wrong sort , . So he moved 300 miles to live with me , it was supposed to be for 6 months but it's worked very well and it's been 2 years now , He had a letter from DWP saying we need to visit at your house or u can come into the job centre He rang up to say his nana had died and his perants were on the way down to collect him for funeral etc , She still knocked the door twice !!, Asked me if
  6. HERE IS MY ORIGINAL EMAIL I SENT : THE ONE THAT CREDIT4CARS RIPPED ME OFF WITH , Firstly I find it very strange how your your company director "John Aldred Webster" was first Director for C4C Ltd On 1st October 2012 and Resigned on 31st March 2016 Director For Avelo On 24th June 2015 And Resigned On 2nd March This man has been a director for a LOT of finance companies and all the same time This Has Got me questioning how shady C4C ltd Being taken on by Avelo , And it's NOT just me who thinks this way , I've got a solicitor going through my contract papers with
  7. Hi All As a customer of the former credit4cars i came across this : its about the director of the company John Alfred Webstar I Find it very weird how the Director for credit4cars ltd was also registered at "Avelo" who have taken over Credit4cars ltd Debt , he was first Director for C4C Ltd On 1st October 2012 and Resigned on 31st March 2016 Director For Avelo On 24th Jume 2015 And Resigned On 2nd March This man has been a director for a LOT of finance companies and all the same time This Has Got me questioning how shady C4C ltd Being taken on by Avelo H
  8. Dr Fox i hear you and i feel it too , i went to buy a jeep and they wouldnt even insure me !! never ever had that before ive been driving 20+ years ! ive now got a 2007 citroen C4 Leob 1.6 16v and im paying £68 a month and i had to pay £180 deposit and i was lucky to get that because on the comparison site the top cheapest quotes were for "Telematics" !! there is no way im driving with a box on my car like ive just passed my test and am ages 17 ! , all this cos of my accident that wasnt my fault , ive asked why are people getting penalised for someone else,s error a
  9. Kayzer soze, I managed to get the insurance company (third parties) to put the cheque in my name and not my finance , I told them that I would end up with no car as I didn't have the funds to fix it , The woman I spoke to was lovely and she agreed and said that she had to advise me that I had to deal with the finance company myself , I accepted the offer of £2250 and to keep the car , I found out the assessor lied about what needed doing it's a LOT MORE , So I've decided to buy a car , I don't know what to do with my car from the finance company but I'
  10. Thank You Uncle Bulgaria I truly do appreciate you taking the time to reply Thank you
  11. The car assessor rang me today and first asked me "have you given any perception to the value of your car" I said to him that I was waiting to see what he said first and he replied "Well if you keep the car and repair it yourself the reason why it wouldnt be economic to repair it ourselves as we have to go down a specific route where as you could fix it quite easily" So if you keep the car and also £2,250 does that sound okay to you" I must have made him repeat what he said just incase I misheard , He said "by you keeping the car you could fix it for a small sum
  12. I haven't said about how I might have been wearing my seatbelt under my arm because I still don't know if I was At the accident I was a mess freaking out (my partner died in an accident so my mind went on a rolledcoaster ) I dont always drive with the seatbelt under my arm it's just somthing I could have done because at the time I'd had a rash on my upper body and the seatbelt was irritating it , Somthing isn't right as it's been 8 days and my arm , shoulder and leg still no change , the other person who was in the vehicle is doing okay now , When I went to hospital they told
  13. Hi all Anyone with advice I'd be very grateful Last Friday (week ago) a woman just carried on driving at a roundabout and hit my car passengers side and it spun my car facing the other way , She admitted straight away to the police that she was at fault and fair play her insurance contacted me the following day and arranged me a courtesy car and my car to be fixed , I left my car at the car hire place where I had to pick up the courtesy car , I rang the car assessment man who was checking the damage and he told me he was sorry but his report was that my car is to b
  14. Hi Everyone , i was hoping for some advice , after looking through documentation it seems i was REALLY naive when i took out the credit for my car , i had finance on 10.12.2014 for a renault megane 2007 1.9 DCI To cut it short they charged me £2,350 for the car and the loan amount by credit for cars was £5500 !! i was paying £150 a month , ive paid £2,300 off it , but with all the numerous problems ive had to pay for with the car from the start i stopped paying last month last payment i made was on 17th june and i had to pay via "[email protected]
  15. Thank You Ever So much Mr.P and Honeybee Also thank you so much for all the help you have given me I can truly say you have put a smile of my face today
  16. He does get carers allowance of £60 weekly (monday) amd they put him on income support of just £26 a week he gets £52 fortnightly , I have even tried applying for credit to pay for one monthly for him but every where I tried said you have to be in full paid employment , I don't know what to do , it's just the fact that because we are in a village wit 1 shop he walks 6 miles to the post office hes gone ages and him having a scooter he would be back sooner so that means more time for himself , Plus his girlfriend and him can't see each other much as neither have transport
  17. i Feel strong about this as im 40 and my auntie sent her eldest son aged 22 years old to live with me im in wales and he was in england to help and also she was worried he was mixing with the wrong crowd , i cannot thank him enough he does EVERYTHING from shopping to cleaning and cooking , his career is on hold and all he wants is a scooter so he can get around quicker as i moved 40 miles away and he moved with me , it literally is so hard for him i have to see him an hour later sweating and he suffers with a bad lung , everytime i try and save you can guarantee i get a bill especi
  18. i cant find it anywhere so i must have binned it , i remember it saying "Looking At Your Personal Independance Payment Again" Do you think it is because i moved house ? ive only been here 3-4 weeks and im at my peak stress levels surviving on no cooker because the house is electric only no carpet in living room my asthma getting worse everyday my eyes are red raw from my allergies my mother with her cancer etc etc , this was the last thing i needed right now plus ive read somewhere that hardly no one passes it , if your claiming for for the same c
  19. Hi All i dont understand : DWP sent me a letter saying "Looking At Your Personal Independance Payment Again" i only just had a medical (doctor came out to see me) last year when my DLA tranfered over to PIP ? and it stated they wouldnt be doing it again until 2017 !! has anyone else had this , i cant believe ive got to fill in this form again ive only just moved house , coping with my mother and cancer , finding out i have the gene and having non stop blood work done this was the last thing i needed any help id be REALLY grateful for thanks x
  20. And Ripples Thank You for your reply I truely appreciate it thanks again
  21. Yes I moved to a smaller property as I was only using 2 bedrooms and I lived in a 3 bedroom , I'd been living there 16 years too afraid to do anything , you see "Oldcogger" I don't want a pity party but I'm not one of these people who just moan at whatever I possibly can , I grew up with an alcoholic mother who wanted to leave us 4 kids to be with a man in england , I had to get her friend to try and talk her OUT of it , my childhood ended when i was 12 years old , I took care of my 3 brothers so they wouldn't go into care , I went through abuse , the list goes on , my husband was a v
  22. Hi I'm in Wales though , I know England do it I feel so bad for my carer he sold his beloved playstation console to carpet the bedrooms , my auntie sent him down from England because she thought he was getting involved with the wrong crowd , he's only 22 and he dragged this carpet he bought all by himself , I'm feeling so guilty as this I was hoping for a new start as I lived neat abusive family , And everything is going wrong , he's put 1200 miles extra on his car when I know it needs servicing That's just going back n forth to the house , it's 87 miles in total going there and b
  23. Hi I'm hoping someone may have some advice for me , I've recently moved into a smaller council property I had a 3 bedroom but only needed a 2 bedroom , they found me a house transfer , My housing officer said they would help with removals etc She was only a temp When I rang them asking for help i was told "no and that I should apply for a budgeting loan from the social fund" I explained to the man that I had only 2 days to move and he said "sorry nothing we can do" I've spent ALL my bill money just moving here as it's 40 miles away , I still have stuff at the ol
  24. Hi all My dentist left a year ago and One that has replaced her is just awful , first of all , all the work my last dentist said she was going to do has gone with my dentist , I went to see the dentist 6 months ago and she put some temporary filler in one tooth and told me to make an appointment to have my back tooth taken out , 3 times they cancelled on me , When I finally went she looked and said okay I'll refer you to have it taken out , I said "I thought you were going to do it" she said "I won't be able to because of the state on it , it might crack into pieces" I asked how lo
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