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  1. Sorry, that last bit was supposed to say UNavailable for work!
  2. Thanks for your reply. One of my friends has suggested I'd be better off saying I am ill as apparently that's allowed a couple of times, but having ill kids isn't unless you are single!??? I want to tell the truth but I don't want to get my allowance stopped for something completely beyond my control. If he's poorly for a few days, will they class me as I available for work and stop my money being paid? It's all such a minefield!
  3. I'm really worried! I've just had it confirmed I have been awarded contribution based JSA. My first signing on appointment is on Friday but it looks like my son has chicken pox! This will mean I am unable to make my appointment as my partner is away this week and my family live over 2 hours away. I could ask a friend but I don't think she's had it and also has her own young children. What should I do? Will I be penalised for this?
  4. Thanks ever so much to you both for the advice. I have written a letter and will let you know how it goes. TW
  5. Hi I am hoping someone on here can advise me. We paid AXA commercial insurance for a couple of years for our 1 van business. Also allowed on the policy were our two family cars. In November 2011 - our employee had an accident in our van. The van was very badly damaged and took so long for this to be sorted out with the insurers that our business had to cease trading - which was a very difficult and stressful time for us. Because we had to cease trading AXA cancelled our insurance policy completely even though we were happy to continue paying the premiums for the rest of the year, as both of our family cars needed cover. Axa refused to transfer the policy to a more suitable one instead. At very short notice (2 days) we had to run around finding quotes and obtaining insurance for our family cars. I called AXA and was assured that there was nothing to pay on the policy as it was cancelled. Our AXA sales rep also advised us in an email to cancel our direct debit so ensure no more payments would be taken and that the matter was now being dealt with by the office. We heard nothing until yesterday when my husband received a phone call from a collections company chasing for over 2k that AXA wanted to cover the premiums for the rest of the year because a claim was made on the policy. I have looked through my policy documents and the small print and no where does it state that if the insurer cancel the policy then the full payment will need to be made. It does however say this is the case if we cancel the policy - which we did not. What I find frustrating is that we checked at the time that nothing was owed. No one has contacted us in the meantime. We were happy to continue paying our premiums until the end of the year if they had just provided cover for our 2 private vehicles. Can anyone offer any advise on if they are entitled to the rest of the policy payments considering they cancelled the policy? Thanks in advance. TW
  6. Hello again, Ive bitten the bullet and rang for a claim pack, they just took a few details and said they will pop one in the post. No mention of old claims or anything so far. I will see how it goes - if they do start chasing me again for the overpayment I will have to start a dispute and keep going until its resolved as there is no way I am going to be able to afford it! I will let you know how it goes. xx
  7. Hi Worried76 How did you get on? Did they say anything when you rang up? Xx
  8. Good luck, I hope it's all ok. Let me know how you get on. I'm going to call on Monday. I'm so worried about it starting them off chasing for that old overpayment but like you I'm pretty desperate so need to bite the bullet! Fingers crossed for both of us xxxxx
  9. Hi Worried 76 I'm in the same situation as you. Tax credits chased me for an overpayment but not heard anything in about 2 years. I now need to make a joint claim but am terrified that as soon as I give my NI number then they will get after me again! Just wondering if you called them and how you are getting on. Xxx
  10. Hi I hope someone may be able to help me or offer me advise. Until recently I ran a mobile tyre fitting business that was not profitable and so I ceased trading. I had business insurance for my Van and as part of the policy the insurer added the family car to the policy - even though they were clear that it was not used for business. I recently contacted them to advise them that I was no longer trading and to ask that they remove the Employers liability, from the policy but explained we would be keeping the the Van and still required cover for the moment for the other car and so until further notice we would be happy to continue paying the monthly premium for the policy. This is the email response I have just received: As your policy provides cover for the business which has now ceased trading, this has the effect of rendering the policy in-valid as the business that it is protecting is no longer operating and consequently the policy cannot continue. I am aware that the policy is providing cover for your private vehicles and the van and regrettably these will now have to be insured elsewhere immediately as I am advised that AXA cannot continue and I am not able to provide cover for individual vehicles. Can they do this? With IMMEDIATE affect? I have gone through my policy documents and can find no reference to and clause regarding the cessation of trading, the only cancellation clause I can find that could apply to this situation is that any cancellation by AXA will be given with 21 days notice. I am concerned as my partner is currently out and effectively driving without insurance! Is anyone able to advise me?
  11. Can anyone help/advise? SHould I post in a different forum? My post in Debt self help has no replies either.
  12. Hi there - Ive posted this in the debt self help forum but thought someone here may know the answers as well.... I am thinking of starting a dmp with PayPlan but have a couple of questions. I have a couple of debts that are quite old now - just under 6 years and I am no longer being chased for payment on them. I understand that these debts are unenforcable after 6 years. So should I declare them as part of my dmp ? I also have a credit card that although is personal I use exclusively for business travel and pay it off when my expenses are paid - it is completely up to date. Do I need to declare this as part of my DMP? Any advise appreciated. TW
  13. Hello I have a CCJ against me that is about a year old. So far it has not been enforced. I cannot afford to pay the full amount but may be able to pay some of it in part. Is it possible to offer a settlement figure and get the CCJ marked as satisfied? Or is it too late for this? Many thanks for your help.
  14. Hi there I am thinking of starting a DMP with PayPlan but have a couple of questions. I have a couple of debts that are quite old now - just under 6 years and I am no longer being chased for payment on them. I understand that these debts are unenforcable after 6 years. So should I declare them as part of my DMP? I also have a credit card that although is personal I use exclusively for business travel and pay it off when my expenses are paid - it is completely up to date. Do I need to declare this as part of my DMP? Any advise appreciated. TW
  15. Hi Guys I have a number of debts about 4 years old that seem to have gone very quiet. I understand that after a debt is 6 years old you can no longer be chased for payment? What happens at that point? Does it stay on your credit file as unpaid forever? Or will it drop off six years after the last payment was made against it? Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. Brilliant - Thank you. I have written the letters, lets see what happens.
  17. Oh yes they are also saying they will visit me at home!
  18. I am going to start trying to deal with my debts myself and open a thread for each one seperately. I really want to get on top of all this. Firstly - I keep getting letters from Credit Security who seem to be working on behalf of Aktiv Kapital? They are chasing a debt of £500 from HSBC. I dont recall ever having an HSBC account and they seem unable to provide any details. I spoke to them on the phone a looooong time ago and the calls and letters seemed to stop (assumed file was closed) but now they are chasing again. No idea what this relates to, when I spoke to them on the phone about a year ago they did not have any details other than it was a bank aco****. Any ideas on how I should deal with this?
  19. OK, so now I have had some great advise and help on here so far that has empowered me to try and take conrol of the mess that is my finances! I have so many DCAs after me I was not sure what was owed to who and what the original debt was for. In some cases Im still no wiser. He is the result of my trawling my credit reports: Catalogue £458 (Not sure which DCA is chasing it) Lloyds Overdraft Old account £192 Lloyds Loan £822 Santander £875 (think these are mainly bank charges?! from old account?) MEM £678 (Payday Loan?) Halifax Overdraft (Old account) £300 (May inc some charges) Lowell (Suspect payday loan but not sure) £313 Cabot (no idea what for) £649 Aktiv Kapital £517 not heard from them in a while as was disputing amount Mackenzie Hall £762 Gothia - ?? No ideas, Pay loan? £673 Tesco Finance Credit Card £3,614 These are the main debts and the ones who are chasing me. I also appear to have a CCJ! No idea who or where that came from. Never even receieved paperwork for it? Looking at this mess does anyone have any idea where I should go from here? CCA them all? What about electronic agreements, as most of this would have been online? Any ideas on how to start this, no doubt very long, Journey would be gratfully receieved.
  20. Thanks again for all of your help and understanding. I have gone through all of my credit reports and it is not good. For the moment I have decided to leave the ones that are not chasing - some of them have not chased for 3 years or longer and deal with what is currently in my face! Im going to post my debt details on the Debt Management and Debt Self Help forum and see what I can do from there. I feel so much better just writing about this and starting to do stuff to make it right. Thanks again so much.
  21. Hi Again There were already links with my current address its just my creditexpert account had not been updated by me for quite sometime and so was not showing the records currently at that address. They all know its where I live. Thanks again for the advice on telling my partner. I will give it much thought - it just may take a few days to pluck up the courage. I also want to know exactly what the damage is before I approach him, so am making sure I have all the details.
  22. Thanks so much for all your responses. I have just applied for my credit report (Thanks Rebel11 - great idea) It will take 24 hours as my current address was not listed, even though Ive lived there a few years but I have just added it. I will then see what the damage is. I hear what you are saying about telling my partner. I will certainly mull it over for a bit. I am completely terrified of losing him over this, no matter how unlikely that probably is, even him losing respect for me would be very hard to swallow. I will not run anymore but try and face the facts. Ive taken the first step my applying for the credit report. Ive also just signed up for a CAG email address as that may help when emailing and contacting creditors. What should I do about debts I have not heard from in a while? SHould I leave them and just deal with the debts that are chasing me? Thanks again so much for your help and understanding. I beat myself up about this every day.
  23. Hi There Im not sure if this is the right place to post. Im in a complete pickle and have no idea where to start to get my finances back on track. I am a proper ostrich with my head well and truly in the sand. It all started a while back when I split with a partner and found out I was pregnant. At that time we had a number of debts which even though we were married seemed to be in my name. So when we split I tried to do an IVA which failed after 4 years and I was made bankrupt. That was back in 2003/4. So I had a clean slate but I was also a single parent trying to make ends meet. I worked full time and did my best but very quickly debts began to build up again. Over a period of 6 years I am now back to square 1. In fact I dont even know who I owe money to and why anymore. I have so many letters come to the house and so many phonecalls. Debt collectors have started calling my neighbours because I have ignored them for so long. Debts have been passed around to so many different collectors and the original debt owners names seem to change too - its just a NIGHTMARE! To add to my problems I now live with my partner in his house which is in his name only. We do not have joint finances and he has no idea about the extent of this problem. I just do not know what to do. My partner has just started a new business and as a result is really not making any money and so I am now supporting us both. Which leaves very little left to pay creditors. Whom to be honest I am not paying anything to at the moment and some I have not paid for some time. SOme have just goneaway and disappeared and others such as Payday loan companys and one credit card debt are on me constantly. Can anyone offer help on where I can start dealing with this? Before anyone says to tell my partner I CANNOT and WILLNOT. I am terrified of losing him and I feel that he will feel betrayed and lose all respect for me. He has always been so good with money and saved and worked hard for what he has and so seeing my situation will just freak him out. This really is not an option for me. I truely do not know how to work out what I owe, Ive been scared running so long I want to now face the music but dont know how. Can anyone out there help me get my head straight? Im so ashamed.
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