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  1. Sorry, that last bit was supposed to say UNavailable for work!
  2. Thanks for your reply. One of my friends has suggested I'd be better off saying I am ill as apparently that's allowed a couple of times, but having ill kids isn't unless you are single!??? I want to tell the truth but I don't want to get my allowance stopped for something completely beyond my control. If he's poorly for a few days, will they class me as I available for work and stop my money being paid? It's all such a minefield!
  3. I'm really worried! I've just had it confirmed I have been awarded contribution based JSA. My first signing on appointment is on Friday but it looks like my son has chicken pox! This will mean I am unable to make my appointment as my partner is away this week and my family live over 2 hours away. I could ask a friend but I don't think she's had it and also has her own young children. What should I do? Will I be penalised for this?
  4. Thanks ever so much to you both for the advice. I have written a letter and will let you know how it goes. TW
  5. Hi I am hoping someone on here can advise me. We paid AXA commercial insurance for a couple of years for our 1 van business. Also allowed on the policy were our two family cars. In November 2011 - our employee had an accident in our van. The van was very badly damaged and took so long for this to be sorted out with the insurers that our business had to cease trading - which was a very difficult and stressful time for us. Because we had to cease trading AXA cancelled our insurance policy completely even though we were happy to continue paying the premiums for the rest of the y
  6. Hello again, Ive bitten the bullet and rang for a claim pack, they just took a few details and said they will pop one in the post. No mention of old claims or anything so far. I will see how it goes - if they do start chasing me again for the overpayment I will have to start a dispute and keep going until its resolved as there is no way I am going to be able to afford it! I will let you know how it goes. xx
  7. Hi Worried76 How did you get on? Did they say anything when you rang up? Xx
  8. Good luck, I hope it's all ok. Let me know how you get on. I'm going to call on Monday. I'm so worried about it starting them off chasing for that old overpayment but like you I'm pretty desperate so need to bite the bullet! Fingers crossed for both of us xxxxx
  9. Hi Worried 76 I'm in the same situation as you. Tax credits chased me for an overpayment but not heard anything in about 2 years. I now need to make a joint claim but am terrified that as soon as I give my NI number then they will get after me again! Just wondering if you called them and how you are getting on. Xxx
  10. Hi I hope someone may be able to help me or offer me advise. Until recently I ran a mobile tyre fitting business that was not profitable and so I ceased trading. I had business insurance for my Van and as part of the policy the insurer added the family car to the policy - even though they were clear that it was not used for business. I recently contacted them to advise them that I was no longer trading and to ask that they remove the Employers liability, from the policy but explained we would be keeping the the Van and still required cover for the moment for the other car and so
  11. Can anyone help/advise? SHould I post in a different forum? My post in Debt self help has no replies either.
  12. Hi there - Ive posted this in the debt self help forum but thought someone here may know the answers as well.... I am thinking of starting a dmp with PayPlan but have a couple of questions. I have a couple of debts that are quite old now - just under 6 years and I am no longer being chased for payment on them. I understand that these debts are unenforcable after 6 years. So should I declare them as part of my dmp? I also have a credit card that although is personal I use exclusively for business travel and pay it off when my expenses are paid - it is completely up to date. Do I
  13. Hello I have a CCJ against me that is about a year old. So far it has not been enforced. I cannot afford to pay the full amount but may be able to pay some of it in part. Is it possible to offer a settlement figure and get the CCJ marked as satisfied? Or is it too late for this? Many thanks for your help.
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