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  1. I'm sorry but they persisted very hard to get me to pay, they sent nasty threatning letters, even when I had a representative from citizens advice confronting them with my case it made no difference. Citizens Advice could only advice me to take it to court or declair myself bankrupt as a last resort. It was only when I contacted the Ombudsman that they advised me to complain to my local MP. I will put my case on your site.
  2. Thanks Tigstheterror I suspected things were not quite right, the whole issue just made me very angry. The fact that they said they had no record of any conributions and secondly they got in touch with me about this matter 12 years later. They tried to dissmiss the fact that I still had payslips with deductions and it was only by getting in touch with my local MP that they considered my payments. I try to think how the situation would be if I didn't have my wage slips and it scares the hell out of me. The money they asked for was way below the amount I actually paid so I owe nothing and they have closed my account down. But be sure I have asked for it writing so if they contact me again I can show them the letter.
  3. I sent an email to Julian Brazier MP, he has offered to look at my case.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have written a letter to the local MP explaining the situation. But I don't hold much hope for this, the last time I got in touch with an MP about the CSA the reply was a cold shoulder and advised to swallow the bitter pill. I will keep you posted if I get a reply.
  5. Thats a big fine!!! I can't decide if the CSA has lost my records on their system or if my old boss has done a runner. The last anyone heard of him was that he moved to Holland in 2001. He does seem to have dissapeared off the face of the earth. I have contacted 9 old work collegues and nobody has a contact number.
  6. I have just had a written reply back from the CSA. I sent them some copies of my payslips which show CSA deductions. They agree that my payslips say there are CSA deductions but after looking through their payment screens they confirm that they have not recieved any of the amounts specified. They also advise me that when a Deduction from Earnings is in place it is my responsibility to ensure that payments have been recieved to the agency therefore the payment amount specified remains payable. My son is 24 years old now.
  7. Thanks for you advice aktiv This has all been said over the phone so I have just sent them a letter with all the info that I have (contribution dates and company address) plus more copies of my payslips and asked them to send me a letter stating if they reject or confirm the info I have given and to inform me by letter.
  8. Hi Gertie It says on the payslips the deductions from the CSA. I thought that maybe my employer had kept the money but in the history of the payments you can see that they deducted a large payment over a period of months at the start to cover the past nonpayment, then they decided that they had taken to much so the weekly amounts went down. After a couple of months the payments became larger and stablized. There seems to be a close involvement with CSA. But why!! after all these years come back to me and say I havn't paid at all.
  9. Thanks for your response The CSA are sure I havn't paid a penny. I sent them copies of some of my pay slips but its made no difference. Its strange they have got in touch with me after all these years, the only conclusion I can come to is that their records are upside down. I suggested this and of course they said they were perfect, its like talking to a brick wall. I have been to the citizens advice and they said there is nothing I can do except maybe take them to court, but there has been no other case of this action brought against them.
  10. I have just had an order from the CSA for money they say is owed. According to their records I havn't paid anything. The money was deducted from my earnings when I was working for a company that has gone out of business, this was in the mid 1990s. I still have pay slips showing CSA deductions but the CSA say that I am still liable for all that is owed. Is this correct?
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