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  1. Take him to court, with all the implications of that, or accept the current situation. Pore yourself a nice beer or make a cup of tea, and accept you have done all you can. Life is for living, and this hoha must be seriously getting you down. Today is lovely, enjoy it as we might not be here tomorrow.
  2. A Tomlin Order is an order of the court staying action on terms agreed by the parties to the order, as set out in the order.So as long as you are happy with the terms of the offer, it should not be a problem for you to sign it.
  3. Yes I have seen this, it's mad, but they are upfront about it so if you want to take the loan at that rate it's down to you.
  4. No that doesn't matter, as you have given them reasonable time to deal with your request for the funds to be returned. It's your timetable.
  5. If you have threatened to take them to court and the 14 days are up you are entitled to just file your claim.
  6. How much was it and what did it say on your statement?
  7. I cannot believe that I have just read this whole thread, starting on 1st August last year, and we are still here today! Please, please take the b*gger to court or just drop the matter. All this hassle cannot be worth £700!!!!!!!
  8. I am quite concerned about my electricity bills at the mo, so would find interesting to make a comparison.
  9. Don't worry. Just try and sort through your finances and work out where to start first. Usually the most expensive and the largest. Just deal with as much as you can at the one time. Deal with the ccj summons first. Any questions, just ask.
  10. He still has to do what the court says, unless he can get an amendment for his monthly amount. I don't know how he goes about that but there must be some avenue through the court system. Hopefully someone more knowledgable will find you an answer.
  11. In that case an IVA would sound the easier option. There are companies on the web who will advise you regarding this and your past probs, but look before you leap.
  12. If there are no arrears on the loan, they should send him a cheque. A loan is not usually repayable on demand so as long as he is up to date there should not be any probs.Insist that a cheque is sent to you.
  13. If you have been missold ppi you can claim the lot, whether you repay the loan or not.
  14. Are you a homeowner with spare equity?
  15. I think the next step is to complain about the lack of response to your cca request and see what comes from that. It is quite possible they are not providing it because they can't. That would be interesting.
  16. Send him a polite letter, saying that this matter is becoming drawn out and you would like to hear from him within the next 10 days. I would post recorded delivery.
  17. The ccj is registered so that will have to be dealt with in due course.I don't understand why it was registered if it was brought up in court that a cca had been requested but the request was ignored. How much is the debt and how much are the chgs?
  18. I think that you will find that the early redemption amount only applies if you repay prior to the full term, June this year. It is probably a good idea to start using an IFA to commence looking for the best mortgage deal available on the market. Although there is still some time until your existing mtg expires, the formalities can drag on, so the sooner you start the better. My IFA and all the questions he received from the new lender took some 5 months to get sorted!!
  19. With regards to chgs being about the same amount as the defaulted acc, you can claim that the default should be removed if the matter comes before a judge. If as usual the claim is settled out of court, it is essential to insist that the bank removes the detrimental info prior to you agreeing to accept the refund of chgs. If you don't do it then, you will find it much harder to remove this info. Most banks argue that they are not required to record manual intervention and therefore are unable to provide this info. There is only a very small amount of manual info as most of the penalty chgs are done by a computer.
  20. Hi Ross. Fire away and someone will be along to help indue course.
  21. Have they defaulted you regarding the loan? A loan is not usually repayable on demand, and if you are not in default, catching up the arrears would certainly help. If you are in default, they would be able to begin the court process. If you are able to come to an agreement to repay the arrears and stick to a repayment program they are unlikey to go down that route, unless you have had a history of problems with them before. How much is actually outstanding on the loan. You have paid for half the term and had your reclaimed chgs put into it also- it can't be a vast sum. It would be very unusal for a court to agree to a charging order for a small sum, especially when you are happy to continue with repayments.
  22. Hi and welcome. I am sure your knowledge re mobile phones will be useful. Look forward to hearing from you.
  23. If you have sent your letter demanding chgs back and you have confirmation of safe receipt, it is your timetable and you should file after the 14 days.
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