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  1. Hi and thanks again,.......I'm getting the yearly Winterfuelpayment. and a happy Christmas to you and thanks for all the help you provide on this Site. Werner.
  2. Hi,...I'm on longterm Incapacity Benefit ( 4 years) and I'm 63 now , will I get a coldweatherpayment ??I'm not on any other Benefit. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi, ...I lost my Job with the local Council about 16 years ago. At the time I lived in tied housing with my then 8 year old son and wife. It was arranged for me by the council to meet with a H/A guy and we were taken to look at a brand new 2-Bed house locally and within a few days moved in ( no waiting lists , Interviews, etc.)... In the last few years we have spent a lot of money on the house. We couldn't afford this before as my sons education was paramount. I'm 63 now and due to illness have only been able to work partime. My Wife ( 53) works full time. I have been on Incapacit
  4. Hi, a sample of the new Med 3 - 'fitness for work' certificate can be found at: www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/fitnote-employer-guide.pdf Werner M
  5. ......let me wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Werner M.
  6. Hi,......very ,very old Debts !! mine is from 13 years ago and originally was chased by Mackenzie Hall and various other bottomfeeders. Happy Easter , Werner M.
  7. ...Hi all, just a simple question. Would a married couple, he hasn't worked for over 20 years and she has only ever worked for two years, no children (just a cat that recently died) be entited to pension credits? She is in receipt of DLA and he was on Incapacity Benefit until recently when it was stopped. He is just 60 and she is nearly 50. Just curious..... Werner
  8. Hi, There was a report on today's 6 'o' clock news about the amount of people being turned down for benefit by ATOS - DWP. The Citizens Advice Bureau are releasing a report tomorrow regarding their concerns. Watch this space.... PS. The report is available on BBC iplayer until tomorrow. Link is:BBC iPlayer - BBC News at Six: 22/03/2010 You'll have to fast forward until about a third of the way through. Werner M.
  9. .....Hi,.I just wonder how long it generally takes between "medicals"??? 1 year, 2years, 5years???...and does the frequency also depend on age?? Thanks. PS: I've been on IB for the last 4years.
  10. ...I don't know if it's just another IB50 to fill in. or a "medical"....
  11. ....Hi all, I've been on IB since 2006 , had 1 medical in 2007 and passed, I'm 62 now and I wonder if age matters ,as my IB is coming up for review in May?? Werner.
  12. ....3 years ago I went to a "medical", and apart from a desk ,a computer, and a Couch there was NOTHING !!....sorry , I forgot a ceilinglight and wallpaper;.... good Luck, Werner. PS: and he hardly spoke english!!
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