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  1. The charging order was an unsecured loan bought by a DCA from Northern Rock last year. I am trying to ascertain the terms of the order. These people have virtually ruined my life and my marriage - with hindsight I can see what their scaremongering really is. I was in such a vunerable position that they fooled me into believing all manner of nonsense. Will find those details of the order and post again - thanks for your help. O
  2. They have been harrassing us and threatening us for months, making personal comments via telephone calls (wish I had them taped!) I have four young children (one with special needs,so I have written back up from all of his medical team) They will not accept payment arrangements instead stating there is no arrangement. I pay them £100 per month all via bankers drafts sent recorded. That is pretty much all I can afford. Even though they say no arrangement is in place, they still cash them !
  3. Hi - What can a DCA legally do if they have a charging order on your property ? They seem to be under the impression that they can bully me into selling to recover the debt ? Any thoughts ? Thanks
  4. Hi Thanks - charges are approx 5k interest so no they do not outnumber the debt
  5. Hello - first post and rather frightened ! In 2001 we took out a Together Mortgage with Northern Rock which consisted of a standard mortgage and an unsecured loan. In 2004 we moved and settled the mortgage but not the loan. In 2007 Northern Rock sold the debt to Fairmile Recoveries LLP. Asset Recoveries were "assigned" to collect the debt - £26k approx (I must add that anyone with a similar experience with these two companies might be interested to note they are both registered and operating from the same floor at the same address in Manchester......) Anyway, We made an arrangement to pay £200 pcm Offer was accepted and husband shortly afterwards was made Bankrupt Then we were told that it would just become part of the Bankruptcy and to wait until the official receiver had determined the terms It seemed that Asset were not happy with waiting and started then to send letters to us make phone calls and putting the pressure on. They would not accept anything but the full payment and threatened to have the house on the market in the same week....... We were trying desperately hard to find the full amount via friends family but it has been impossible so far - we have until Feb 1st to pay up or they will go for an order of sale. The "account manager" I have to say has been somewhat bullying and not minded reducing me to tears - I'm starting to wonder what powers they really have. They have refused payments - if we go up before a judge we will look like non payers and it won't help despite out offers and ability to pay £200 per month. I'm sorry if this is too long ! Any help would be so appreciated ! Thanks
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