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  1. ditto + my MP also had me visciously beaten up and gang raped....same guy that defrauded thousands from the public purse for his duck moat, amongst other things
  2. yep, u spend thousands (if you got it) making place habitable then the anonymous knobheads steal it back/ any thing else you own of value as well and then charge you hundred odd pound an item as a 'clearance fee'.......
  3. i just can't work this out....looked like i was being 'allowed' to post ok again....but my posts ont his thread are only visible to me after i logged in? they're not there when i'm not logged in...so can anybody else see them? also odd i'm not subscribed to any threads......so looks to me like a corrupted user profile or the general 'fascism' thing again....
  4. jeez man, that is pretty poor......on the streets definately looks safer.....what would they do to a private landlord renting that out?
  5. Far worse place than the official prisons they put me in for a while......if you are targetted you have no chance and no hope of rebuilding a life for yourself ever again. My prference was to die on the streets.....so still in a kind of prison now with no possibilty of parole. Constant surveillance, constant pain....trouble even walking far and they refuse medical attention even if i was inclined to accept it.
  6. I wish i could offer soemthing constructive, but they did similar to me and far worse 9 years ago and not been able to recover since. They not only stole my home and sold it to private developers, they stole most of my possessions and all 'papers'. So no bank account. No benefits. Unable to work. They beat me, Dislocated my back and jaw.....and far worse that I won't go into on a public forum here. It's not just construction workers that get blacklisted by the state- and that was just early stages. They've stolen what should have been the best years of my life anyway and i can't even find
  7. fact is, all banks and just about everybody has the clause 'we can secretly vary the agreement and do whatever we like and retrospectively apply it to you even on our secret website' which, apparently, makes whatever they do legal...I don't believe those clauses have ever actually been challenged in Court though- surely such a clause defeats the whole purpose of having a contract? but in practice everybody has it....and people need the services in order to exist, so they get away with it. i had similar probs with graduate loans ten years back. mis sold me an insurance policy- i.e. to
  8. sounds absurd, from what I was always taught to believe...your neighbour employed them, ergo he is liable for what they did. would have thought you would also be entitled to compensation... but it's all a moot point....if you can't prove which employees of which company did what...what can you do? would also have thought the damages of antique table and chairs, if you can replace them, and the rest would put well beyond the remit of small claims court....+ they screw you on the legal fees....they'll force you to employ a solicitor....you run up couple grand bill, then they chang
  9. Getting beyond desperate here. I've written several detailed emails on it to other 'watchdogs' in the hope of getting soemthing done about it, but to no avail. I'll try and give you some brief highlights below but i you want the more detailed ones please just ask! I think part of the problem here is that I am not the house 'owner'. My father is disabled, both parents suffering from cancer. Short version is they received a grant to have the central heating boiler replaced. They completely wrecked the house, did a lot of other damage and the cntral heating still not wo
  10. been my experience that they ignore emails as well....given up trying to deal with, getting debt collectors (possibly/ probably) harassing me and my neighbours, just waiting for them to get violent again....i WILL defend myself and probably will wind up being tortured in a so called 'mental' health institution' for the rest of my life for killing a 'non physical entity'! happens hundreds of time every year this country alone you know...although MSM only reports on abt 20!
  11. Student loan buggers still after me....still refuing to give names or where they got my parents telephone no. from....still calling at house whereing white shirts and black trousers....suspect they may also be officially employed as 'DA POLICE/ **** PEASE' or browncoats or something!!! More recently automated telephone answer messages 5-6 times a day!!! Still on verge of suicide with that and everything else that I'm not allowed to post!!! Probably end in violence again!!!! Please PM me if anybody can help?!!!????
  12. I love sci fi too!!! shame what happened to Farscape-----another casualty of Bush's War!!!! Remake Blakes 7, that's what i say!!!! Would do well in current climate..... Truth is, I have a big story to tell myself.....'cept mods won't let me publish on here!!!! Expecting more violence against me tomorrow or any time soon.....really need a lawyer but i'm not allowed one because I'm homeless, perversely...... If you fancy a good read email me at brotherjacob at yahoo dot com and I'll give youa treat!!!!
  13. Stay away from Trading Standards!!! They just frack you over even more and won't even 'pretend' to help you unless you give them DOB, NINO and Mobile number so they can track you for the rest of your life!!!!!! Obviously won't put anything in writing for legal reasons!!!!!
  14. You had them written off??? that is EXACTLY what i am seeking now........do you have special powers or something? I am not even allowed to take them to court!!! and they refuse to take me to court and i'm expecting door to be kicked in any day now!!!!
  15. Don't write to your MP!!! Tried that one and the pigs had me gang raped and tortured!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! just don't do it man......unless he happens to be Nick Clegg.....his people are a little bit nicer!!! Want my story? Just email me!!! Mods won't allow me to publish!!!!
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