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  1. Hi Alan, Thanks very much for the reply. I will start things moving under the data protection act and keep this thread updated with any good or bad news. Dan
  2. Hi all, I’ve been searching through this forum and MSE but haven’t quite found what I’m looking for, so am after a bit of advice. I am trying to claim back the PPI insurance (as I was self-employed at the time) on a 3 year loan for £6000 that I got from HSBC in March 1999 - I Paid off this loan early in September 2001, but I no longer have the agreement. When I paid of the loan early I received a little bit of the interest back but none of the PPI. I wrote a letter in Oct 2007 and initially tried to claim back the PPI stating that I was self-employed, but HSBC replied in December 2007 saying that I would have been covered by the insurance and turned down my claim. I then asked for a copy of my initial agreement in Dec 2007 and have been told that this is past the 6 year limit and they don’t have the agreement anymore - although that didn't stop them making a decision a month earlier. As the loan was due to finish in Mar 2002 and I would have been covered by the PPI until this date: Am I past the 6 year mark or not? Is this worth pursuing? Should I go down the ‘Data Protection Act’ road? If anyone can give any advice I would be most grateful. Dan
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